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Offspring of UK FTCh Stratfieldsaye Beinnmhor Lomond (4/22/1969-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Bradenham Abbey:

Ch FT Bramlands Alexander

Out of Bradenham Abby:

Bramlands Augustus Rex

Out of Genburnie Swift:

Glenburnie Rubber Bullet (6/19/1978-)

Out of Glenburnie Swift:

Glenburnie Heatwave (6/19/1978-)
Glenburnie Firefly (6/19/1978-)
Glenburnie Limited Edition (6/19/1978-)

Out of Lochinch Luce:

Lochinch Ferdinand

Out of Bedinghamhall Bridget:

Mirk of Heatherburn (4/16/1973-)

Out of Essendene Rapid:

Essendene Canna
Essendene Barra (6/25/1973-)
Essendene Vaila

Out of Heatherburn Beat:

Knocker of Trentlock
Dusk Dawn

Out of Ft.Ch. Fenfarm Flora:

Fenfarm Lucinda

Out of GB FTW Alreoch Allison:

Sansaw Dina
Sansaw James
Sansaw Wisbey

Out of Whiteflood Jess:

Whiteflood Windhover (9/8/1972-)
Whiteflood Willow

Out of FTCh Palgrave Swinbrook Fern:

Palgrave Grant of Habra (5/22/1973-)
Palgrave Gale (1973-)

Out of Ciddyhayfield Tansy:

Stratfieldsaye Dew
Stratfield Saye Demon (1974-)
Stratfieldsaye Daisy
UK FTCh Stratfieldsaye Dipper (5/13/1974-) [BVA 0-0]
Stratfieldsaye Gyrfalcon (1974-)

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