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Offspring of CH PL SK Mallorn's Chocomania (10/30/2002-4/27/2014)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of CH PL SK Mallorn's Chocomania:

A Proud Choco Boy Optimus Canis

Out of Nigra Umbra Zelda:

Nazgul Ren Black Chocolate

Out of Zgrabna Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow:

Non'stop Kociokwik

Out of AMANDA Megi Meza:

ORINOSUKE Szczenięce Marzenia

Out of Dipsi Atlantida Okeanas:

Ch Gabi Okeanas (6/25/2006-) [FCI B]

Out of Fin CH Mallorn's Cinnamon:

RUS & LT & BY & MKD & BGR & BALCAN CH Mallorn's Sienna FT Duck II (9/6/2005-)

Out of Amanda Sitkowski Bor:

Dkny Sitkowski Bor (4/27/2008-)

Out of Cameswon Agreed on Everything:

Ch O'Brian Best of Discovery JW (4/23/2010-) [A]

Out of Whisky Dzemojady:

Capronca Easy Rider (5/17/2008-) [A]
Capronca Extra (5/17/2008-)
Capronca Esmeralda (5/17/2008-) [A]

Out of Pl. Ch Night Night Optimus Canis:

Amazing Poppy Optimus Canis

Out of EST CH LV CH Mallorn's Rosabrandy:

EST Ch My Brand Incorporated (12/1/2007-) [B]

Out of Doda Lualaba:

April Della [A2/B1]

Out of Ges Pepper's Sable Blues:

X'clusiv Nimbus Sable Blues (1/9/2009-) [A]

Out of Ch Delightfull Lolita:

Holstep's Adisson-Braun (3/31/2006-)
Ch Holstep's Adventure (3/31/2006-)
Ch Holstep's April Smile (3/31/2006-) [A/A]

Out of Pol. Ch. Maya Duma Labradoru:

Choco Catalina Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury (6/19/2008-) [A]

Out of ChRus, ChMol, ChUa Stenveyz Taste of Chocolate:

Stenveyz Comes Easy (5/22/2004-) [A/A]
Rus Ch Stenveyz Crossword (5/22/2004-) [A]
Ch BLR, LAT, RUS, GrCh RUS, Ch CLUB Stenveyz Corn Flakes (5/22/2004-) [A]

Out of Dolbia Real Mc Coy:

Homer Pod Jablonia (10/7/2009-) [A]

Out of First Lady Aldamity:

Eya z Choce

Out of Sure Shot Aim To Please:

Sureshot Drycreek Rain Cloud (11/21/2004-) [OFA LR-177406E45F-VPI]

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