Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am Can Ch Goldwing Bearly Canadian Can WC OS (1/21/1986-10/28/1994)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can CH Delaur's Hottsy-Tottsy:

Delaur's Newcoast Razzmatazz (8/23/1991-) [OFA GR-43486F27F]

Out of Can.Ch. Taffy's Maroon Beret:

Taffy's Salute To Verdoro (5/5/2005-)
Taffy's Military Salute (5/5/2005-)

Out of CanCH Goldwing Image of Verdoro CanCD WC:

Verdoro's Murphy's Law (10/21/1991-)

Out of CanCH Remington's Sierra Madre:

Remington's Marianne Faithful (7/12/1989-)
CanCH Remington's Hans Solo CanCDX (10/14/1987-) [OFA GR-32302F29M-T]
CanCH Remington's Olympic Anthem (5/30/1988-) [OFA GR-33221F25F-T]
Can CH Remington's Olympic Spirit (5/30/1988-)

Out of Can.Ch Oriana Kinda Nice of Gaybry Can.CD:

Can CH Gaybry's Brio (5/1/1992-)
Grybry's Born To Please (5/1/1992-)

Out of Seabreeze's Brnzleaf Bonanza:

Seabreeze's Truly Terrific (11/4/1990-) [OFA GR-40447G26M]
Can CH SeaBreeze's Trek To Verdoro (11/4/1990-)

Out of Can CH Verdoro's Apricot Zing:

CanCH Tasmara's Sureshot

Out of CanCH OTCH Verdoro's Preakness:

Topgun's Jastreb (4/13/1989-)
Can CH Topgun's Major Mission Can CDX (4/13/1989-)

Out of CanCH Verdoro's Little Rosebud:

Verdoro's Traumhafter Tansy (6/30/1987-)
CanCH Verdoro's Rock Jasmine (6/30/1987-)
CanCH Verdoro's Sweet Cicely (6/30/1987-)
CanCH Verdoro's Woolly Gromwell (6/30/1987-)

Out of Can CH OTCH Elbeagolden's Alberta Rose OD WC:

Can CH Goldenmoment's Alberta Spring
Can CH Goldenmoment's Maxwell Smart (4/8/1989-)
Can CH Goldenmoment's Top Gunn (4/8/1989-)

Out of Glynspur Cardium Chalcedony OD:

CanCH Cardium's Amber Attraction (7/11/1992-)
CanCH Cardium's Opal At Mainlyne CanCD (7/11/1992-) [OFA GR-47028G28F-T]
Cardium's Sparkles Of Gold (8/13/1994-) [OFA GR-54894G28F]
Can. CH Cardium's Babe Ruth (8/13/1994-) [OFA GR-54008F25F-T]

Out of Can Ch Verdoro's Ice'n On The Cake:

CanCH Verdoro's Mello Yello

Out of Can.Ch Braemal's Corporate Takeover:

CanCH Braemal's Canadian Colours

Out of CAN CH Verdoro's Star Sapphire CAN WC OD:

CanCH Cherren's Head Bashful Bear
CanCH Cherren's Heading For Verdoro

Out of Can CH Tasmara's Pollyanna:

Can CH Bowbank's Addition To Tasmara (5/9/1993-) [OFA GR-49106F24F-T]

Out of Can. CH Goldsmith's Golden Opportunity OD:

CanCH Verdoro's Aureus Heartbeats On CanWC (10/9/1992-) [OFA GR-46665G24F-T ]
CanCH Verdoro's Hold On My Heart (10/9/1992-) [OFA GR-46812G24F-T ]
Verdoro's Hearts Afire (10/9/1992-) [OFA GR-55120F50F ]

Out of Can Ch Verdoro's Atocha Gold:

Am Can Ch Verdoro's Atocha's Treasure OD (11/20/1990-12/2000) [OFA GR-43385G35F-T]
Verdoro's Tantramar Travis (10/3/1989-)

Out of Can Ch Verdoro's Truly Gold Can CD OD:

Can CH Verdoro's Anne of Green Gables (9/22/1991-)
Verdoro's Canada Savings Bond
Verdoro's Canada Post (9/22/1991-)
Verdoro's Truly Canadian Fance (9/22/1991-) [OFA GR-43940F28F-T]
Verdoro's Canadian Prince (9/22/1991-) [OFA GR-49053F44M]

Out of Can Ch & OTCH Golden Jenny XI TT Am CD OD:

CanCH Verdoro's Le Moyne D'Iberville CD WC (2/19/1988-11/1995)
CanCH Verdoro's Lord Selkirk

Out of Can CH Mandalaro My Little Duce Coupe Cdn OD:

Am Can Ch Verdoro's Miserlou OD (12/20/1988-4/1995)
Can CH Verdoro's I Get Around (12/20/1988-)
Can CH Verdoro's Jeszcze Raz Can CD (9/29/1989-)
CanCH Verdoro's Kokomo
CanCH Verdoro's Practise Makes Perfect CanCD (9/29/1989-) [OFA GR-40934G40M-T]
CanCH Verdoro's Precious Encore
CanCH Verdoro's Repeat Performance (9/29/1989-)
Can Ch. Verdoro's Deja Vu Can CD OD (9/29/1989-10/2/1999) [OFA GR-36970G26F-T]

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