Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. SH. CH. Lorinford Lancelot (12/17/1982-9/7/1995)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Guella Desiree Of Braconcott:

Braconcott Fantasy [3:4]

Out of Kynyaf Kuckoo Kallimay Of Breckfield:

Breckfield Wagtail [3:3]
Breckfield Cuckoo [2:2]

Out of Bramhills Maid Marian At Leora:

Leora Harvey Moon [8:4]

Out of Lady Lacey Of Wennington:

Jansdew Pride And Joy [4:4]

Out of Delcott Laurabel:

Seaprince Tornado [11:11]

Out of Cracksavon Charming Coral:

Tallowood Troubadour [3:5]

Out of Christabelle Tenaj's:

Jansdew Dawn Brilliance [5:6]

Out of Jessica Golden Dreamer:

Jansdew Poppets Delight [12:17]
Jansdew Golden Gift [7:4]

Out of Lucky's Shepherdess Abiline:

Shep's Samuel Peeps [5:5]

Out of Purdey Ladylove:

Liberty Ladylove [10:13]

Out of Penita Carlotta:

Penita Daisy-May [16:15]

Out of Penita Jasmine:

Enshield Jack Snipe [29:18]

Out of Pearlbarn Sweet Sophie Goldenbonus:

Goldenbonus Joy Of Spring [6:6]

Out of Summer Mist (daughter of Simon Of Rivermoor):

Kenar Ivory Rose [3:3]

Out of Easwrith Chantilly Lace:

Easwrith Midnight Lace [9:8]

Out of Brelica Daiquiri Blossom:

Brelica Henrietta [5:5]

Out of Saxonlodge Pirate Gold:

Saxonlodge Morgan Le Fey [10:9]

Out of Honey Jewel Of Beaulahland:

Beaulahland Opaque Opal [8:8]
Beaulahland Golden Girl [7:6]
Beaulahland Duchess Lady [46:47]

Out of Starshine Cassandra:

So-Called Sophistication [7:7]

Out of Brinwell Tango:

Solosterne Jester [5:4]

Out of Levali Leanna:

Levali Lacey [7:7]

Out of Barklands Jewel In The Crown:

Barklands Arabecka [24:20]
Barklands Amaryllis [5:5]

Out of Gillbryan Kerrygold:

Gillbryan Chamomile At Venquest [8:12]
Bonnie Lass of Pond's End

Out of Lindjan In Love With Gatchells:

Gatchells Going For Gold [16:7]

Out of Siatham Virginnia:

Siatham Olympia [9:9]
Siatham Oonagh

Out of Carangil Amber:

Carangil Boson

Out of Mystical Miss Muffet Of Mycida:

Mycida Muffin Man [4:4]
Mycida Myrrh Maid [9:7]
Mycida Mystique
Mycida Merry Gentleman of Medulla
Mycida Mister Moonlight
Mycida Morning Glory of Carastene

Out of Pearlbarn Golden Melody of Clagold:

Clagold Emerald Lady [36:36]
Clagold Trouble In Store [7:5]

Out of Rosiante Monique:

Rosiante Reminiscence [5:5]
Rosiante Revisited By Sokenlea [5:6]

Out of Jamescroft Flaxen Dreamer:

Caristone Sir Lancelot [8:7]
Caristone Sir Mordred [5:5]
Caristone Lady Morgan Le Fay [7:7]

Out of Cherrimar Beau Bella:

Cherrimar Miss Emmy [9:9]
Cherrimar Midnight Moss [12:12]
Cherrimar Clover [30:26]
Cherrimar Max-A-Million [5:3]
Cherrimar Molly Coddle

Out of Buttevant by Gaslight of shambourne:

Shambourne Xmas Holly (1988-)

Out of Ritzilyn June Romance of Glenlomond:

Glenlomond Katerina [3:4]
Glenlomond Kerina [7:6]

Out of Sandicliffe Dorinda at Lorinford:

Lorinford Krusader [5:5]
Lorinford Korlita At Crewella [11:8]
Lorinford Kyleigh [7:7]

Out of Misty Dawn Arrival at Sonodora:

Sonodora Lady Laseraleen of Curreen
Sonodora Lady Aravis

Out of Valemma Hesperide:

Galenco Ariadne
Galenco Arcadia
Galenco Othello of Remington
Galenco Cleopatra of Sokenlea

Out of Pearlbarn Golden Tarantais:

Beachsgolden Viceroy Vinny
Beachsgolden Gold Nickel CH Port

Out of Amber Tabanul:

Tabanul Gold Nugget [9:7]

Out of Raykander Rare Rebecca:

Raykander Amoshe With Kandelite [8:7]
Raykander Angus At Petabeck [6:7]

Out of Lorinford Isabella:

Pearlbarn Sweet Leilani [4:4]

Out of Kimwhany Karosell Of Arunmore:

Arunmore Zeus (3/28/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 4:8]
Arunmore Aphrodite (3/28/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 5:12]


Annie Of Highlands (4/5/1985-)

Out of Bramblewoods Ballerina Of Aesco:

Aesco Waltzing Matilda (9/22/1989-) [9:8]
Aesco Triton (9/22/1989-)
Aesco Coppelia (9/22/1989-)
Aesco Isadora (9/22/1989-) [BVA Hip Score 6:4]

Out of Contemporary Angel:

Contemporary Willow

Out of Davern Tamsinella:

Davern Wood Fern At Lochmist [24:24]
Davern Will-O-The Wisp [17:20]

Out of Kynyaf Rosevean Bryher Of Rosiante:

Rosiante Sweet Pepi
Rosiante Arraminta of Sokenlea
Rosiante Rustina (2/9/1986-)

Out of Tolgarth Gooloogong Of Gladwag:

Gladwag Happy-Go-Lucky

Out of Penita Imogen:

Penita Morwenna [12:14]

Out of Gillbryan Emerald:

Gillbryan Tiffy Lace
Gillbryan Tarantella of Lorinford (2/1/1986-) [3:5]
Gillbryan Tico Of Lorinford (2/1/1986-)

Out of Newavon Elsa:

Newavon Just George [9:10]

Out of Gillbryan Madailein:

Martha Maid [4:3]
Marguerite Maid Of Gillbryan (10/23/1986-)
Menna Maid of Gillbryan (10/23/1986-)
Merry Nuala of Brensham (10/23/1986-)
Marquis Lad of Gillbryan (12/23/1986-) [BVA Hip Score 12:7]

Out of Pearlbarn Confused With Purbarn:

Purbarn Whotta Smarty Paws [7:7]

Out of Pearlbarn Betwix at Lorinford:

Pearlbarn Spring Fever [11:11]
Pearlbarn Paloma [8:6]
Pearlbarn Pushover to Lorinford [9:7]

Out of Sandicliffe Diamanta:

Devizes Daisy [19:11]

Out of Newavon Fancy Free at Maurfield:

Maurfield Shady Lady [6:6]
Maurfield Shogun At Lorinford (6/13/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 10:7]
Maurfield Sunshine (6/13/1992-) [16:15]
Maurfield Sherbet Lemon (6/13/1992-) [21:21]

Out of Alphinbrook Nancy:

Alphinbrook Yvette (3/6/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 8:9]
Alphinbrook Ysolde (3/6/1992-)
Alphinbrook Ysanne (3/6/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Alphinbrook Yolanda (3/6/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 7:8]
Alphinbrook Vanilla of Saintcloud (6/16/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 4:4]
Alphinbrook Ysabelle (3/6/1992-) [34:36]

Out of Rojillair Annalicia:

Rojillair Rebecca Of Levali
Rojillair Ragamuffin (1990-)

Out of Lawnwoods Naughty Nancy:

Lawnwood's Lovesong of Pendorric
Aust CH. Lawnwoods Love A Lot (2/17/1987-) [6/5]

Out of Rosiante Ragamuffin of Lorinford:

Lorinford Chiquita At Sokenlea [6:13]
Lorinford Casimir (5/21/1990-) [Sweden HD U (5/23/1991)]
Lorinford Anastasia (11/24/1988-) [6:4]

Out of Croombrand Fame:

Croombrand Knight of Fame [4:4]
Croombrand Lady of Fame

Out of Motlaisa Madonna:

Motlaisa Caprice Solitaire [4:9]
Motlaisa Choiristers Dream [BVA Hip Score 6:5]
Motlaisa Chalice Of Gold JW [BVA Hip Score 4:4]

Out of Lorinford Lovestory:

Lorinford Leona (11/20/1993-) [BVA Hip Score 14:13]
Lorinford Halfpenny At Hydanthe (7/16/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 3:6]
Lorinford Holly Hobble (7/16/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 7:3]
WW-00 EuW-00 FinW-99 ITW-00 PLW-00 C.I.B. Fi Ch Lorinford Harlequin Top Winning Golden 1999&2000 in Finland (7/16/1992-5/21/2005) [B/B (3/11/1994)]

Out of Westrose Ymarienah:

Westrose Mariettah (9/11/1989-) [OFA GR-37279G27F]

Out of Lawnwoods Calamity Jane Of Bracebridge:

Bracebridge Beau Ranger

Out of Delcott Jessica:

Delcott Royal Topaz of Sungold (7/2/1989-)
Delcott Royal Sovereign [3:3]
Delcott Royal Sapphire

Out of Bracebridge Dawnmaker:

Narside New Beginning (7/15/1986-) [BVA Hip Score 2:4]

Out of Purbarn Fiona SGWC:

Purbarn Kizzie Ina Tizzie
Purbarn Keri Gold Too At Goldnorton JW (2/5/1987-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Kidston Linnet:

Kidston Daiquiri JW (10/13/1987-) [BVA Hip Score 6:7]

Out of Spadale Sincerity At Pandreft:

Pandreft Bedevere Of Highcourt [3:3]

Out of Rolica Rosaline Of Willowlawn:

Eng. CH. Willowlawn Lady Isolde (4/19/1988-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Rojillair Solita:

Rojillair Sachiko Pearl
Rojillair Sanyo Pearl Of Wiselandhill

Out of Cream Toffee At Shadbrook:

Shadbrook Barley Wine Of Braconcott (4/4/1986-) [BVA Hip Score 7:3]

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