Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Topbrass Break'em Up UD OS (11/7/1982-8/26/1993)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Luckytops Chance For Love:

Luckytops Dusty Girl (3/19/1986-) [OFA GR-34745G58F ]

Out of Topbrass Aztec Kovacs CD:

Luckytop's Breezeway CDX (3/16/1986-) [OFA GR-26711G24F]

Out of Rainboend Golden Girl CD:

Tawnytyke Peregrin Madcap CD (12/24/1986-12/11/1999) [OFA GR-30064G29M-T]

Out of Ber-Ridge Lucky Top Of The Line:

Luckytop Molly's A Dream (12/21/1986-) [OFA GR-30680F32F]

Out of Topbrass All In The Family:

Topbrass Jean's Fond Memry (2/5/1993-) [OFA GR-47625G24F ]

Out of Princess Grace Cayenne Kinah CDX:

Top Brass Dirty Birdie Bener (7/3/1991-) [OFA GR-67928G104M]

Out of Amberac's Belgold Somersault Can CD OD:

Can CH Amberac's Silver Shadow Am CD Can CDX (9/24/1987-) [OFA GR-30901F24M-T ]
Can OTCH Amberac'skrista Of Pyepeke (9/24/1987-) [OFA GR-31238F24F-T ]

Out of Can OTCH, U-UD Shiloh's Explosion UD, WC:

U-CDX Off-Shore Spirits N' Soda Am/Can CDX (5/24/1986-1998)
Offshore Chelsea Mornin' (5/24/1986-)

Out of Topbrass Genie:

Topbrass LBT Cody Gumba MX MXJ (7/15/1993-)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Amberac's Ramala Senega Siaga Am./Can. CD:

Amberac Ramala's Shama CD (2/5/1987-) [OFA GR-29291G25F-T ]
Can. Ch. Amberac Ramala Coach's Pick Am./Can. CD (2/5/1987-12/6/2000)
Amberac Ramala Ben Waitin For Ya (2/5/1987-)

Out of Derspinna's Dream Weaver:

Flame 'N Oaks KC'S Suny Boy (4/29/1986-5/27/1999)

Out of Am CH Spicewood's Almond Joy UD WC:

Spicewood's Extravagance JH WC (7/10/1986-9/2/1996)
CH Spicewood Empyreal Tiffany UD JH WC VCX OD Can CDX (7/10/1986-) [OFA GR27715G24F]
Spicewood's Especial Echo CDX JH WCX (7/10/1986-)

Out of Sunbrave's Sophisticate:

Topbrass Misty Topher (8/5/1985-) [OFA GR-26856G32F]
Topbrass Socialite
Topbrass Breaker's Boy Riley CD (8/5/1985-6/3/2001) [OFA GR-26809G32M]
Topbrass Circuit Breaker (8/5/1985-)
Topbrass Raza De Oro CDX (8/5/1985-)
OTCH Topbrass Gorgeous George OBHF (8/5/1985-2/15/1997) [OFA GR-25231F24M]

Out of Topbrass Chandler's Chili:

Topbrass Versatility (3/25/1990-) [OFA GR-39454E26F ]

Out of Can. CH Sherhaven Rimfire Idol Eyes Can. CD, OD:

Gerret Sherhaven Champagne (4/11/1992-)
Gerret Sherhaven Hot Toddy (4/11/1992-7/1997)
Gerret Sherhaven Beaujolais (4/11/1992-)
Gerret Sherhaven Chivas Regal (4/11/1992-)
Can. CH. Gerret Mr. Jones At Blueheron Am./Can. CDX (4/11/1992-1/27/2006) [OVC # AA4520]
Gerret Sherhaven Cognac (4/11/1992-)
Gerret Sherhaven Chablis (4/11/1992-)
Gerret Sherhaven Chardonnay (4/11/1992-)
Can. CH Gerret Sherhaven Cherry Cola Can. CD (4/11/1992-3/10/2004)

Out of Sugarview Amber Joy CDX OD:

Can CH Am OTCH Ambermist Lucky Strike Am UDX (3/24/1987-)

Out of Can OTCH Meadowpond Jasmine Of Dakota Am UD OD:

Dakota Indian Summer UD (8/3/1986-) [OFA GR-28042G25M-T ]
OTCH Dakota Sam (8/3/1986-)
Am/Can CH Dakota's Echo Of Jasmine Am CD Can OD (8/3/1986-) [OFA GR-27972G25F ]

Out of Topbrass Outrageous:

Topbrass Golden Polar Bear (6/23/1991-12/27/2005)
Topbrass Break'n Out In Style (6/23/1991-5/26/2003) [GR-42502G25F]
Topbrass Muddy Merlin CDX TD NAJ OA (6/23/1991-)

Out of Ducat-Lobi's Crown Jewel OD (Am. ptd.):

Gunner A Tangen Goldenez (2/24/1988-)
Goldenz Amazin' Grace CD (2/24/1988-) [OFA GR-32292G24F-T]
Am. CH. Goldenz Angel Of Camelot (2/24/1988-11/10/2000) [OFA GR-32279G24F-T]

Out of Am Ch Daystar Small Craft Warning OD:

Break Water Grand Slam UD (5/7/1990-)
Breakwater Glimmering Ice (1/31/1991-12/18/2004) [OFA GR-46730G44F-T]
Breakwater Chase the Ace CD (5/7/1990-1/12/1999)
Breakwater Topbrass Roulette OD (5/7/1990-) [OFA GR-38579G24F]
Breakwater Fantasy On Ice UD (1/31/1991-) [OFA GR-41206G25M-T]
CH OTCH Breakwater Ice Capade UDX (HIT) (1/31/1991-) [OFA GR-42665F31M]
Breakwater Rainboend Icebrum (1/31/1991-) [OFA GR-40814G24F-T]

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