Golden Retriever

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Offspring of CH PL, MNE, Bulgaria, Macedonia YOSARIAN Oligarchia (9/20/2008-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Cherry Prazsky klenot:

Olivia Prazsky klenot (4/15/2016-)
Oskar Prazsky klenot (4/15/2016-) [B]
Ozzy Prazsky klenot (4/15/2016-)

Out of Della Angel Shadow:

Aura Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Angie Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Allan Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Alli Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Alex Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Amy Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Annie Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Argo Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Aurra Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Atis Jozucita (12/26/2014-)
Andy Jozucita (12/26/2014-)

Out of Alysha Sweet Albipolis:

Blondie Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Bianca Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Beatrix Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Billy Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Benjamin Star Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Barney Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Bastien Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Bandit Sweet Sun Agarios (7/1/2015-)
Aura Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)
Arwen Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)
Agnes Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)
Aragorn Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)
Atrey Star Agarios (3/10/2014-) [HD A/A]
Angel Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)
Amadeus Star Agarios (3/10/2014-) [0/0]
Artush Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)
Archibald Star Agarios (3/10/2014-)

Out of PINIA Rozmachany Ogon:

CLYDE Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-)
CORSAR Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-)
CLAY Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-) [HD A (DKK 0/0)]
CASPER Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-) [Unknown HD C/C ( DKK 2/2)]
COLLETTE CARAMEL Bohemian Starlight (2016-)
CELESTA Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-) [A/A]
COOPER Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-)
CRYSTAL Bohemian Starlight (2/23/2016-) [B/B]

Out of Dream of Victory Astral Sky:

Quality and Love Astral Sky

Out of HJCh Sequins Sceptre:

Ace From Riverisland (4/14/2016-)
Arwen a New Hope from Riverisland (4/14/2016-) [FCI A/A]

Out of CH CZ, SK, PL Dutch Destiny Estrella de Oro:

Charivari Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-) [HD A/A]
Charlotte Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-)
Chipper Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-)
Chilli Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-)
Chester Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-)
Chess Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-)
Charlie Estrella de Oro (5/1/2018-) [HD C/C]

Out of Celest Estrella de Oro:

Amalka Bella Zlate prekvapeni (4/6/2016-)
Annabella Zlate prekvapeni (4/6/2016-)
Audrey Nella Zlate prekvapeni (4/6/2016-)
Alan Zlate prekvapeni (4/6/2016-)
Arny Zlate prekvapeni (4/6/2016-)

Out of Clea Prazsky klenot:

Missis Prazsky klenot (6/20/2015-)
Mary Prazsky klenot (6/20/2015-)
Mavis Prazsky klenot (6/20/2015-)
Mona Lisa Prazsky klenot (6/20/2015-)
Myckey Prazsky klenot (6/20/2015-)
Merlin Prazsky Klenot (6/20/2015-)

Out of Bibianka Zlatá kudrnka:

Elias Zlata kudrnka (5/29/2011-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Emma Zlata kudrnka (5/29/2011-) [DKK 2/2 (HD C/C)]
Edie Zlata kudrnka (5/29/2011-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Elsa Zlatá kudrnka (5/29/2011-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Endie Zlata kudrnka (5/29/2011-)
Enzo Zlata kudrnka (5/29/2011-)
Endy Zlata kudrnka (5/29/2011-) [DKK 1/1 (HD B/B)]

Out of Antonia Estrella de Oro:

Anabel Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Aggi Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-) [DKK 1/0 (HD B/A)]
Aida Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Adonis Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Armis Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Aras Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Aran Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Arny Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Arson Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)
Andi Star of Rotstein (4/6/2014-)

Out of Bianca Prazsky klenot:

Floyd Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Fargo Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Fredie Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Fletcher Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Falco Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Fabien Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Fidorka Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Francis Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)
Fleur Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Feith Prazsky klenot (4/8/2011-)

Out of Fatima z Droužkova:

Bumr Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
Bazilišek Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
Brokát Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
Broskvička Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
Bríza Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
ChCZ, ChPl,ChSK, čekatel ChHR Barkasa Barking Love (10/20/2013-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Baileys Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
Bacon Barking Love (10/18/2013-)
Alfons Barking Love (7/2012-)

Out of Cintia Famous Gold:

Bye Bye Baby Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Buona Sera Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-)
Bubble Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-)
Believe Me Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Balance Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-)
Bond James Bond Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Basic Instinct Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-) [DKK 0/0 (HD A/A)]
Banjo Boy Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-) [DKK 1/1 (HD B/B)]
Bandit Estrella de Oro (11/10/2010-) [DKK 1/1 (HD B/B)]

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