Golden Retriever

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Offspring of WW-00 EuW-00 FinW-99 ITW-00 PLW-00 C.I.B. Fi Ch Lorinford Harlequin Top Winning Golden 1999&2000 in Finland (7/16/1992-5/21/2005)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Amanda (SF32227/93):

Pilliklubin Kullan Komia (5/27/1997-8/21/2008) [A/A1999]

Out of Gillbryan Pennsheelin:

Gillbryan Suosikki With Pearlbarn [10:10]
Gillbryan Ringmaster (4/7/2010-) [13:15]
Gillbryan Trivelino JW (7/4/2010-) [6:3]
Gillbryan Columbine (7/4/2010-)

Out of Ch Rus Cantrygold Krasotka Lady:

Ch RUS, NKP, UA, BY Cantrygold Laplandia (11/12/2006-) [A0]

Out of Carneval's Moment of Magic:

Fin Ch Carneval's Tell My Why (4/20/2000-) [B/B (9.10.2002)]

Out of Can Ch Tashora To Boldly Go:

Can.CH. Tashora Golden Goal (3/9/2010-) [OVC 0044383/OFA GR-105354G24M-VPI]
Can. Ch. Tashora I Believe (3/9/2010-) [OFA GR-105979G26F-VPI]

Out of Fin Ch Karvin Tirlittan:

Flavens Michelle (2/6/2000-) [A/A (2002)]
Flavens Meredith (6/2/2000-) [A/A (2002)]
Flavens Madeleine (6/2/2000-) [A/B (2001)]

Out of Jaranda Here Comes Sun:

Jaranda New Fashion (4/25/2000-) [A0]

Out of Int&Fin&Est Ch EstW-01 NordW-01 Sartsa's Amanda:

Creamline Cosmopolitan (4/7/2000-) [C/C0]
Int&Fin & S (u) & Lv & DK Ch LvW-05 Bh Creamline Cherry Lady (4/7/2000-) [A/A (2001)]

Out of Pépite d'or du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

Teddy Bear du P'tit Coin de Paradis (1/19/2002-)

Out of Dt.Ch. Kerrin of Graceful Delight:

Tracy Chapman of Graceful-Delight (5/13/2001-) [B2]
Think Twice of Graceful-Delight (5/13/2001-) [B2]
Tequila Sunrise of Graceful-Delight (5/13/2001-)
Tom Petty of Graceful-Delight (5/13/2001-)
Dt.Ch. Tangerine Dream of Graceful Delight (5/13/2001-) [B2]
DKCH Toto Of Graceful Delight (5/13/2001-) [A1]
Deutscher Champion DRC Club u.VDH Travis of Graceful Delight Dt.CH mit Arbeitsprüfung,Luxemburgischer CH (5/13/2001-12/13/2015) [B1]

Out of Royal Crest Gold-n What the Hell:

Double Willow Sunlight
Double Willow Sunrise (7/2/2003-) [FCI B]

Out of Tyrnikarin Fatima:

Tyrnikarin Nellie (8/19/1996-) [A/A (1997)]
Tyrnikarin Napoleon (8/19/1996-) [A/A (1997)]
Tyrnikarin Pakkaspatricia (12/11/1997-) [A/A (1999)]

Out of BALT RUS BLR JCH LTU CL JW''05 BALT BLR CH Rogerwiek Charming Cinderella FT Duck:

Rogerwiek Iceman (12/11/2007-)
Rogerwiek Icecool (12/11/2007-)
Rogerwiek Icedream (12/11/2007-)
Rogerwiek Iceprincess (12/11/2007-)
Rogerwiek Iceflower (12/11/2007-)
Rogerwiek Iceberg (12/11/2007-)
EST JW09 EST & LV & LT & BALT & BLR JCH LT CH Rogerwiek Icecream (12/11/2007-) [C/D cert 2009]
EST & LV JCH Rogerwiek Icequeen (12/11/2007-1/27/2019) [A/A 2009]

Out of Int&Fin&Est Ch Dinky Ina-Isidora:

FIN & EST Ch Woodchuck's Alpine Rose (7/31/1998-) [A0/A0 (1999)]

Out of Häämörin Sirkuballerina:

Häämörin Kultakaivos (5/30/2001-)
Häämörin Kultamyrsky (5/30/2001-) [C/C (1/29/2003 )]
Häämörin Kultakimpale (5/30/2001-) [C/D (1/29/2003)]
Häämörin Kultaharkko (5/30/2001-)
Häämörin Kultakuume (5/30/2001-) [C/B (5/29/2003)]
Häämörin Kultasiru (5/30/2001-)
Häämörin Kultasiipi (5/30/2001-)
Häämörin Kultakoru (5/30/2001-)
Häämörin Kultakutri (5/30/2001-)

Out of Windows Jasmine:

Daily Rays Eternal Love (5/22/1995-)

Out of Waterloo's Xerantheme Cheveu d'Or:

Kokiksen Allstars Nancy (6/7/2001-)
Kokiksen Allstars Vicky (6/7/2001-) [A/A (8/21/2002)]
Kokiksen Allstars Hayley (6/7/2001-) [A/A (9/30/2002)]
Kokiksen Allstars Kelly (6/7/2001-) [A/A (8/21/2002)]
Kokiksen Allstars Dana (6/7/2001-)
Kokiksen Allstars Cassie (6/7/2001-) [B/A (9/30/2002)]

Out of Birdcherrys The Way Old Friends Do:

Honey Queen's Amarena (5/17/2002-)
Honey Queen's Agnetzia (5/17/2002-)
Honey Queen's Angelique (5/17/2002-)
EST VET W'10 Honey Queen's Amaretto (3*CC) (5/17/2002-) [B/B (2004)]
Honey Queen's Armani (5/17/2002-)
Honey Queen's Apollo (5/17/2002-)

Out of Guldruschen's Conquest of Society:

Guldruschen's Taste of Pure Luxury (10/11/2000-) [HD A (9/10/2000)]
Guldruschen's Classic Confection (10/11/2000-) [HD B (3/18/2002)]
Guldruschen's Romance Of Vienna (10/11/2000-) [HD C (10/25/2001)]

Out of Waterloo's Tetrisine:

Waterloo's On The Road Again (9/28/2000-) [HD C (10/25/2001)]

Out of Fairquest Ocean Symphony:

Pikestar's Sweet Shake (9/13/2001-) [A/A (2/21/2003)]
Pikestar's Sweet Supreme (9/13/2001-)
Pikestar's Sweet Story (9/13/2001-) [A/A (4/16/2003)]
Pikestar's Sweet Stream (9/13/2001-) [C/C (6/18/2003)]
Pikestar's Sweet Sublime (9/13/2001-)
Pikestar's Sweet Salsa (9/13/2001-) [C/C (10/30/2002)]
Pikestar's Sweet Sunset (9/13/2001-) [D/C (5/19/2003)]
Pikestar's Sweet Sonata (9/13/2001-) [A/A (6/11/2003)]
Pikestar's Sweet Luxury (9/13/2001-) [HD A (9/23/2002)]
Pikestar's Sweet Future (9/13/2001-) [C/C (10/30/2002)]

Out of Makuuni Darla:

Makuuni Maestro (3/6/2002-)
Makuuni Mirhami (3/6/2002-) [A/B (3/19/2003)]
Makuuni Meirami (3/6/2002-)

Out of INT CH, CZ/SK CH, CZ/SK JCH Dora Scandinavia Finland:

Big Irmandino Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-)
Int'l CH Basic Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-)
Bebita Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-) [0]
CH SK, Grand CH SK Bren Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-2012) [0/0]
Bianca Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-12/23/2004) [1/0]
Bara Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-) [HDD 0/2]
CZ + SK Ch, JCh SK Beauty Queen Scandinavia Finland Best bitch 2003, 2004, Club Junior winner (2/8/2002-) [2/2]
ChPL,JrChPL,ClubWinnerPL2004 BARBO Scandinavia Finland (2/8/2002-) [A (2005)]

Out of Est & Lv Ch Majik Greensleeves:

Terra Antyda Sani Atlanta (11/6/2002-) [A/A (2003)]
Terra Antyda Sani Arizona (11/6/2002-)
Terra Antyda Sani Arctica (11/6/2002-)
Terra Antyda Sani Ally (11/6/2002-)
Terra Antyda Sani Arrow (11/6/2002-)
Terra Antyda Sani Arabesque (11/6/2002-) [B/B0]
Terra Antyda Sani Alex (3*CC) (11/6/2002-) [B/B0]
INT & EST & FIN & LV CH, BALT JCH Terra Antyda Sani Alabama Est W-10, Eur W-06, Balt W-04, LvJW-04,Balt JW-03 (11/6/2002-12/19/2015) [B0/B0]

Out of Am./Cdn. CH. Crystal Glen Worth Waiting For CD:

Legerity's Amazing Grace CCA, CGC, TDI (3/18/2003-)
Legerity's Finlandia CCA (3/18/2003-) [OFA GR-93482G52M-PI]

Out of FIN CH Lilldale's Marshmallow:

Lilldale's Ultramarine (6/12/2000-)
Lilldale's Ultimate Moon (6/12/2000-)
Lilldale's Ultimate Ice (6/12/2000-)
Lilldale's Ultra Bra (6/12/2000-) [B1/C1]
Lilldale's Ultima Thule (6/12/2000-) [B1]
Lilldale's Ultra Modern (6/12/2000-) [A/B (2002)]

Out of 2xCAC, R.CAC Tottelina Orchid In Snow:

Tottelina Song Of Joy (5/25/2002-) [A/A (7/23/2003)]
Tottelina Snowman (5/25/2002-)
Tottelina Sea Symphony (5/25/2002-) [A/A (6/18/2003)]
Tottelina Sea Serenade (5/25/2002-) [A/A (6/11/2003)]
Tottelina Sunshine Reggae (5/25/2002-)
Tottelina Seabreeze (5/25/2002-) [A/A (6/11/2003)]
Tottelina Sandy Sunflower (5/25/2002-)

Out of december morning of the crow valley:

beta sardegna (1/1/2001-)

Out of Ashbury Oh Pretty Girl:

Ashbury Secret Dream
Ashbury Secret Romance (12/2/2001-) [3:3]
Ashbury Secret Harmony (12/2/2001-) [A1]
Ashbury Secret Story
Ashbury Seventh Sky (12/2/1999-)
Ashbury Sweet Summer Night (2/12/2001-) [Unknown C1]
Ashbury Snow Storm [A1]

Out of Fin&Lv Ch Fin Track.Ch Bammelohren Dear Lady Twist:

Gladtail Faithful Twist (12/15/2000-) [A/A (6/18/2003 )]
Gladtail Fancy Twist (12/15/2000-) [A/C (11/27/2002)]
Gladtail Funny Twist (12/15/2000-)
Gladtail Famous Twist (12/15/2000-) [B/B (3/22/2002 )]
Gladtail Fantastic Twist (12/15/2000-) [A/A (7/31/2002)]
Gladtail Friendly Twist (12/15/2000-) [B/A (10/2/2002 )]
Gladtail Fabulous Twist (12/15/2000-) [A/A (6/19/2002 )]
Gladtail Fortune Twist (12/15/2000-) [C/C (2/27/2002)]

Out of Dewmist Cardanella:

Daily Rays Snow Storm (12/3/2000-) [A/A (1.5.2002)]
Daily Rays Snow Drop (12/3/2000-) [A/B (20.2.2002)]
Daily Rays Snow Berry (12/3/2000-) [B1/C1]
Daily Rays Aston Martin (6/11/2002-) [A1]
Daily Rays Snow Crystal (3/12/2000-) [A/A (2002)]
Daily Rays Snow Flake (12/3/2000-) [A/A (9.1.2002)]

Out of Dewmist Daisydelle:

Merridew Delacroy (10/12/2002-)
Merridew Damocles (10/12/2002-)
Merridew Dalloway (10/12/2002-)
Merridew Debonair (10/12/2002-)

Out of Usvalaakson Meirami:

Bellmint's Lovely Romeo (6/2/1995-)

Out of Manor's Diamonds Are Forever OD:

Manor's Percival (4/5/2004-) [OFA GR-89488G24M-PI BVA 4:3]
Manor's Lancelot CD JH RAE BN CCA (4/5/2004-) [OFA GR-89487G24M-PI BVA 5:4]
AM CH - UCH Manor's Galahad CD RA CGC ASCA CD (4/5/2004-11/1/2007)

Out of Vice-WW'01 Royal Crest Gold-n Seven Bar Seven with Lorinford:

royal crest gold-n limited edition
Royal Crest Gold-N Special Edition
Royal Crest Gold-N Luxury Edition Cum Lorinford [6-5]

Out of FinW-06 Lorinford Hesperides:

Daily Rays Vivid Spring (3/11/2004-)
Daily Rays Spring of Love (3/11/2004-) [HD: 4:5 (BVA)]
Daily Rays Spring Honey (3/11/2004-) [C/C (200x)]
Daily Rays Dulcet Spring (3/11/2004-)
Fin. Ch.;Dt.Ch.VDH;Dt.Ch.mit Arbeitsprüfung Daily Rays Charming Spring (3/11/2004-12/5/2016) [FCI A1 2005]
Daily Rays Run With Wind (10/29/2001-) [A/A (11/27/2002)]
Daily Rays Story Of Wind (10/29/2001-) [A/B (5/7/2003)]
Daily Rays Song Of Wind (10/29/2001-) [A/A (12/18/2002)]
Daily Rays Sound Of Wind (10/29/2001-) [A/A (2002)]
Daily Rays Midnight Prince (10/21/2002-4/30/2011) [A0/B0]
Daily Rays Midnight Star (10/21/2002-) [B/B 15/9/04]
Daily Rays Midnight Queen (10/21/2002-) [A/A (200x)]
Daily Rays Midnight Sun (10/21/2002-11/28/2015) [Unknown B2]
VDH Europasieger 2005 Daily Rays Catch The Wind (10/29/2001-1/2/2008) [A/A (2002?)]
Swiss Veteran CH Daily Rays Whisper of Wind (10/29/2001-10/25/2013) [B/B]
Daily Rays Like the Wind (10/29/2001-) [B1/B1]

Out of Xanthos Ruby Murray:

Enjoy your Lance of Golden Fall (11/30/2001-) [A1:A1]

Out of Spiritlodge What A Little Gem:

Spiritlodge Lord Lochinvar CCA (12/4/2001-11/5/2011) [OFA GR-81362G24M-PI]
Spiritlodge HoneyKyst Finnish (12/4/2001-) [OFA GR-82129G26F-PI]
Can CH Spiritlodge Lyrical Finnish (12/4/2001-9/18/2012) [OFA GR-81932G26F-PI]
Spiritlodge Fascinatin'Finnish (12/4/2001-)

Out of Can. CH. Tashora Ranchosiera Moonstruck GRCC OD:

Can Ch Tashora Major Majong CGN (11/17/2003-7/21/2018) [OFA GR-88431G25M-PI]
Can Ch Tashora The Odds Are At Kyon OS (11/17/2003-1/20/2012) [OFA GR-93756G55M]
Tashora Four Leaf Clover (11/17/2003-) [OVC 0028404]

Out of Majik Edna Everidge:

Clifftop's Wanderer (4/27/2001-) [B/B (4/2/2003 )]
Clifftop's Wizard (4/27/2001-) [B/B (2/10/2003 )]
Clifftop's Winner Take All (4/27/2001-)
Clifftop's Wind Of Change (4/27/2001-) [D/D (10/23/2002 )]
Clifftop's Weathergirl (4/27/2001-)

Out of BISS CH HoneyKyst Butterfly Kisses:

HoneyKyst Thxs Foreign'Dulging Me (1/21/2004-)
HoneyKyst Foreign'Spiration (1/21/2004-)
HoneyKyst Foreign Liaisons (1/21/2004-)

Out of Fin Ch Usvalaakson Minttu:

Bellmint's Wonderful Fine (8/26/1996-)

Out of Ce-mint Carita:

Bandolero`s Eye Catcher (5/24/1997-) [B/B (1998)]
Bandolero's Catjuska (8/26/1994-) [B/A (1996)]
Bandolero's Calamity Jane (8/26/1994-) [A/A (3/12/1996 )]

Out of FIN CH Bellmint's Sweet Snow Ice:

Pikestar's Wheels On Fire (9/2/1998-) [B/A (11/1/1999)]
Pikestar's Shine So Bright (5/7/1997-) [C/C (8/26/1998)]
Pikestar's Soul By Style (5/7/1997-) [A/A (10/8/1998)]

Out of Goldensmile Exept The Best:

Goldensmile Kiss Of Love (4/24/1998-)

Out of Am Ch Hunts Echo Of Malagold:

Malagold Overlook A Faraway Echo (3/23/2003-3/29/2018) [OFA GR-86803E27F-PI]
Malagold's Foxfire (3/23/2003-)

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