Golden Retriever

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Offspring of NORDUCH INTUCH Mjaerumhogda's Classic Sound (4/8/1983-2000)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Boubig?rdens Kajsa Kavat:

SE LCH LP SE JCH Boubigårdens Jeppe (3/18/1990-)

Out of Mjaerumhogda's Oyensten:

Mjaerumhogda's Legacy

Out of NUCH Fab Four's F?dt P? Fest:

NUCH Fab Four's Classic Edition (11/29/2004-) [A/A]

Out of Merrybrook's Mistletoe:

Merrybrook's Master William (5/7/1984-)

Out of Oxundas Unbelievable Ursula:

Grain of Gold's Primogenit Afrodite (7/23/1986-)

Out of Tobyg?rdens Josephine:

Tobyg?rdens Filippa (9/12/1985-)

Out of Pennygirls Aurora:

Pennygirls Classic's Cr?me Fraiche (1/1/1988-)

Out of Linchael Romance:

Glendale Classic Romance (8/22/1987-)

Out of Graceline's Potpurri:

Merrybrook's Jack Maddox (3/13/1993-)

Out of Roxanne Marilyn French:

Roxanne Florentina (7/29/1993-) [UA (8/25/1994)]

Out of NUCH Mjaerumhogda's Moonbeam:

NUCH Mjaerumhogda's Double Classic (2/12/2000-) [HD A]
NUCH Mjaerumhogda's Design (2/12/2000-) [A1]

Out of Inassicas Marie Rouge:

Inassicas Chairman

Out of Mjaerumhogda's Golden Look:

Friendship Good Luck Charm (5/26/1985-)
Friendship Gentle Carol

Out of Delicat's Evita:

Delicat's Nickolina

Out of Kardinalen Salve Mitzie:

Gleaming Stephanie (4/9/1988-)

Out of Nipdalens Fiona:

Nipdalens Robin (12/19/1987-) [UA (1989)]
Nipdalens Ronja (12/19/1987-)

Out of N UCH Zenana's Ayah Affection:

NUCH Zenanas Gay Delight and Friendship (7/25/1984-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]
Zenana's Graceful Alsace (7/25/1984-)

Out of FIN CH Karvin Queen Secreto:

FIN CH Karvin Classic Cosmona (1/20/1988-) [A0/A0 (17.5.1989)]

Out of Sandemars Daniella:

Hazelgilt Jounty-Jill (1/18/1988-)

Out of Stenbury Water Jasmine:

Inassicas Water Lily (4/1/1994-) [HD UA = A1]

Out of Friendship Mathilda:

Friendship Cassowary (3/18/1994-3/19/2008) [0Belgium HD B]
Friendship Merriwagga (3/17/1994-5/13/2004) [HD fri Norden (199?)]

Out of Beaver's Rafaela:

Beaver's Rapid Glenn (6/1/1988-)

Out of Merrybrook's Scarlet O'Hara:

Merrybrook's Scarlet Knight (2/27/1985-) [UA (4/10/1986)]

Out of Birdcherrys Goldie:

Birdcherrys Miracle Moonbeam (11/9/1984-)

Out of Dewmist Donshella:

Donshellas Admire for Daisy (12/17/1986-) [Sweden HD U(1/14/1988)]

Out of Goldsand's Daring Dream:

Goldsand's Cream of Dream
DK CH Goldsand's Dream Conqueror (5/21/1990-) [HD B1]
Goldsand's Chin-Chin Dream (5/21/1990-) [u.a.]

Out of Tobygardens Jinglerose:

Tobygardens Anton (10/14/1984-) [A1 / HD UA (10/24/1985)]
Tobygardens Athene
Tobygardens Amorine [A/A (ua)]
Tobygardens Angelina [2 (D)]

Out of NUCH Sv-90 Dewmist Syretta:

Okej's Classic Shadow (8/2/1989-)

Out of Dasty Sallybrass:

Swed CH Dasty Of Indian Knoll CDX (8/18/1985-) [OFA GR-26249G30M]

Out of Dainty's What About Music:

Goldsand's Music Maestro
Goldsand's Music Again (6/10/1990-) [Sweden HD U (6/13/1991)]

Out of Dewmist String Of Pearls:

Swiss CH. Dewmist Surprise Venture (10/4/1994-)

Out of NUCH Floprym Home Made Hotdog:

Floprym Primadonna (7/25/1993-) [Sweden UA (1994)]

Out of Nor. CH Flopryms Kalops:

Floprym Oscean Racer (7/15/1993-) [OFA GR-50001G25M]

Out of Norw. CH Dewmist Deirdre Dee:

LPI Dewmist Dark'n Divine (4/28/1993-10/30/2006) [UA (6/8/1994)]
Dewmist Dennis The Menice (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (6/8/1994)]
Dewmist Down By The Sea (S35678/93) (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (7/1994)]
Dewmist Devil's Disciple (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (6/8/1994)]
Dewmist Dark As Dungeon (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (5/1994)]
Dewmist Dribs'n Drabs (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (6/8/1994)]
Dewmist Dancing in The Dark (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD prel UA (1/20/1994)]
Dewmist Dance With A Dolly (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (5/10/1994)]
Dewmist Deep in My Heart (4/28/1993-) [Sweden HD UA (6/8/1994)]

Out of NUCH Perrimay Fadilla:

Friendship Classic Fanfare (2/25/1993-) [HD UA (2/28/1994)]
Friendship Classic Tattoo (2/25/1993-2003) [A2]
NUCH Stenbury Sea Chieftain (6/15/1994-) [HD A(14/06/1995)]

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