Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Gillbryan Joseph's Dream (8/11/2007-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Est & LV & LT & Balt JCH Milbu Hello for Terra Antyda:

EE & LT JCH I'm Terra Antyda Elliott (1/11/2017-) [A1/A1]
I'm Terra Antyda Emily (1/11/2017-)
Int’l CH. I'M Terra Antyda Extraordinaire CA RATN BCAT DM DS CGCA TKN USJ (1/11/2017-) [OFA GR-124558G24M-VPI]
I’m Terra Antyda Endless love (1/11/2017-)
EE & LV & LT & BALT JCH, Nordic JW'17 I'm Terra Antyda Eliza [FCI A1/A1]

Out of Eisapurran Queen Lambada:

Eisapurran King Napoleon (9/7/2010-) [B/B]

Out of SKJGD CH Final Element Host Of Angels:

Mauritania Host Of Angels (4/23/2013-) [FCI HD: B]
SloCH, SloJCH, HrJCH, JWW '14 Mallorca Host of Angels (4/23/2013-) [FCI HD: A]

Out of Dt.JCh, Österr.JCh., DtCh., VDH Ch., Slo Ch., Hr. Ch. Sevenway Chasing Dreams:

Sevenway End of the Rainbow (5/30/2016-) [A2]

Out of C.I.E.,C.I.B., GrandCH, MultiCH Rainox Release Star Shine:

Ayrin From Bohemian Starlight (4/6/2013-) [A/B]
Aragorn From Bohemian Starlight (4/6/2013-)
Augur From Bohemian Starlight (4/6/2013-) [B/B]
Avalanche From Bohemian Starlight (4/6/2013-)
Anabee From Bohemian Starlight (4/6/2013-)

Out of SrbCh, SrbGrandCh, MKSZ HSCH Lively Golden Image the Splendid Past:

Lively Golden Kiss for a Rose (1/9/2015-)
HJCH, HSCH Lively Golden Kitty Girl (1/9/2015-) [FCI B]
Lively Golden Keegan (1/9/2015-)
Lively Golden King's Cross (1/9/2015-) [FCI HD-B]
Lively Golden Keep the Faith (1/9/2015-)
Lively Golden Keltar from Highland Mist (1/9/2015-)
Lively Golden Knot Theory (1/9/2015-)
Lively Golden Keep Frozen in Time (1/9/2015-)

Out of Gina Aurea Solatio z Kostrowego Grodu:

IN ACTION Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-)
I'M THE BEST Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-)
INVISIBLE Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-) [HD A/A]
IN MY MIND Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-) [HD A/A]
IN MY HEART Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-) [FCI A/A]
I'M A SHINING STAR Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-)
INCREDIBLE Bloomingen Gold (4/10/2015-) [HD A/A]

Out of Jellybean of Millroad:

Tinkerbell of Millroad (2/10/2017-) [B1/C1]

Out of Highbend's Lovesong made in Heaven:

Highbend's Rock-A-Bella [B2/C1]
Highbend´s Ruby Tuesday
Highbend's Real McCoy [A2]
highbend´s Rhinestone Cowboy [D1]
Highbend´s Rising Star [A2/B1]
Highbend´s Repeat Offender
highbend´s Rough Diamond
Highbend´s Road less travelled [B2]

Out of pikestar's summer flower:

Pikestar's Free To Run (10/5/2010-) [FCI A/B]

Out of Fun Cup v.d. Beerse Hoeve:

Leonid Lico Host of Angels (12/25/2012-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Pilliklubin Heavens Above:

Pilliklubin Cool Traveler (7/22/2010-) [A/A]
Pilliklubin Cool Myspace (7/22/2010-) [FCI A/A]

Out of JCh CZ Explosive Love Famous Gold:

I'm Golden Cheer of Famous Gold (1/11/2013-) [2/1]
I'm Your Heart Famous Gold (11/1/2013-) [A/A]

Out of Black Magic Dagchells:

Ch. Escape to Paradise Dagchells (6/13/2013-) [0/0]
Exactly like me Dagchells (6/13/2013-) [0/0]
Easy to Please Dagchells (6/13/2013-)
Easy come easy go Dagchells (6/13/2013-)
Express to Orient Dagchells (6/13/2013-)
Ch. Every Beat of Heart Dagchells (6/13/2013-) [FCI A]
East coast Dagchells (6/13/2013-) [0/0]
Eyes on the Prize Dagchells (6/13/2013-)

Out of Meiepere Footprints In The Sand (1*CC):

Meiepere Mahogany (1*CC) (6/1/2012-) [B/C (2013)]

Out of FI CH Terra Antyda Sani New Princess Of Heart:

Daily Rays Rising Star (1/15/2010-)
CIB CIE FI SE(U) EE LV CH Daily Rays Charming Star JV-10 BALTJV-10 LVJV-11 LVV-12 TLNW-13 (1/15/2010-) [B/B]
CH CZ, CH SK, JCH CZ Daily Rays Dream Maker (Club Winner '13, '14) (12/24/2011-) [FCI A/B]
IT VET CH Daily Rays Joyful Dream (12/24/2011-) [5:5]
Daily Rays Catch the Dream (12/24/2011-)
Daily Rays December Dream (12/24/2011-) [B/B (2013)]
Daily Rays Sweet Dream (12/24/2011-) [B1]
Daily Rays Lucky Star (1/15/2010-) [FCI A/A (2011)]
Daily Rays Starry Sky (1/15/2010-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Springlove's X-mas Magic:

Springlove's Snow Ice (4/10/2009-)
Springlove's Touch of Yesnaby (4/15/2011-) [B2]
Springlove's Touch of Love (4/15/2011-)
Springlove's Touch of Angel (4/15/2011-) [B/B]
Springlove's Touch of Queen (4/15/2011-) [C/C]
Springlove's Touch to Magic (4/15/2011-)
Springlove's Touch of Dream (4/15/2011-) [FCI B/C]
Springlove's Touch to Royal Silk (4/15/2011-) [A/A]
Springlove's Touch of Ice (4/15/2011-) [B/B]
Springlove's Touch of Life (4/15/2011-) [B/B]
Springlove's Touch of You (4/15/2011-) [C/C]

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