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Offspring of BIS BISS GCHG Am/Can Ch. Venture's Boys N Toys SDHF, OS, BISS (4/12/2007-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of CH Ventures Tight Fittin Jeans:

Am Ch Splendid N Osprey's Never Land Pirates (5/24/2017-) [OFA GR-126377F25F-VPI]
Splendid's Donut Be Jealous (12/12/2017-)
CH Splendid's Bismark (12/12/2017-)

Out of CH Regency It All Adds Up RN:

CH Regency Swtbrz’s Spirit In The Sky CGC (8/14/2017-) [OFA GR-126806G24M-VPI]
Regency Midnight Sky (8/14/2017-) [OFA GR-12819G29F-VPI]

Out of AM GCH Harmony's Designed To The Nines:

MBPISS Splendid's Luminary (9/9/2017-) [OFA GR-127698G26M-PI]

Out of Ironwood's Berried Treasure DS, CA, RATO, BISS:

Ironwood's Oh The Places You'll Go (7/17/2016-)
MACH Ironwood's I'Ll Teach A Duck To Sing TD MXS MJB TKN (7/17/2016-)

Out of GCHB CH Emery's Talk That Talk:

Paragon Contigo's Talk This Way (2/2/2017-)


Kayenna's Precious Dreams (4/30/2013-)
CanCH Kayenna's Dream Destiny TT (4/30/2013-)

Out of 24KT Stonecrest Ripley's Believe It Or Not:

Stonecrest-24KT Pretty As A Picture (8/31/2014-) [OFA GR-117364G24F-VPI]

Out of Am CH Venture's Negotiator:

Venture’s Katon Grace Under Fire (6/29/2015-) [OFA GR124175G40G-PI]

Out of AmGCH CH Colonial's Grand March:

UKC CH. Colonial's Let's Do This (7/2/2014-) [OFA GR-117068G25F-VPI]
UKC CH Colonial's Are You Ready For This (7/2/2014-) [OFA GR-117069F25F-VPI]
Colonial's This Wish (7/2/2014-) [OFA GR-117051G25F-VPI]
Colonial's She's Got This (7/2/2014-)

Out of GCHB CH Amica Berry Merry Vixen OD BPISS BISS BOSS:

GCH CH Amica Venture Perfect Etch BPISS (7/26/2016-) [OFA GR-123536G25F-VPI]
Amica Venture Perfect Sketch (7/26/2016-)

Out of Colorbooks Sunburst Moonstone:

CAN CH Sunburst The Fairest of Them All CGC TKN NW1 (3/26/2013-) [OFA GR-115086F32F-VPI]
Sunburst Fair N Square CD BN RA SEN CGC TKP (3/26/2013-1/11/2021) [OFA GR-113685G26M-VPI]
Sunburst Black Tie Affair (3/26/2013-) [OFA GR-113683G26M-VPI]
Sunburst The Fair Haired One (3/26/2013-) [OFA GR-113684G26M-VPI]

Out of GCH CH Harborview Sweeter Than 'Shine At PoeticGold CGC:

PoeticGold's Bright Eyes Full Heart CGC (4/11/2014-)
PoeticGold's Bright Golden Haze On The Meadow TKN CGC (4/11/2014-)
PoeticGold Turn Around Bright Eyes CGCA CGC (4/11/2014-)
Poeticgold's Bright Side Of Life At Damiano'S CGCA CGCU (4/11/2014-) [OFA GR-116031G24F-VPI]
PoeticGold's Bright Blue Sky (4/11/2014-5/30/2020)
Am CH PoeticGold Bright Lights Big City@Strawberryfields (4/11/2014-) [OFA GR-116059G24F-VPI]

Out of AM CH/Multi BIS BBX INT'L CH/UKC CH Wildfire's Diggin' Up Dirt CGC:

UKC CH/Multi BBX BIS INT'L CH Wildfire's Firing On All Cylinders (6/30/2015-) [OFA GR-119588G24F-VPI]
Wildfire's Piping Hot Fireflyte To Promise (6/30/2015-)

Out of Redog's Charlotte:

Snyder's Tonka's Little Truck (10/31/2010-)
Snyder's Partying Patrick (10/31/2010-)

Out of Summerwind's First Holliewood Star:

Summerwind's Autumn Splendor (10/3/2014-) [OFA Normal-Good]

Out of Sonora's Chaos Spree At Xanadu:

Xanadu's Pistol Packing Moma (5/19/2011-) [OFA GR-108727F25F-VPI]
CH Xanadu's Have Gun Will Travel CGC (5/19/2011-) [OFA GR-109809F30M-VPI]

Out of Am. CH Ridgeview Once Upon a Summer:

Buttercup's Ice Cream At Tea Time (8/15/2013-)

Out of Tangleburr's Something Special:

Tangleburr's Last Tango II (5/8/2009-) [OFA GR-104407G29F-VPI]

Out of Highmark's Lark Ascending OD:

Highmark Ariell's Jonquil (2/14/2011-)
GCH Highmark Braveheart (2/14/2011-) [OFA GR-109387G32M-VPI]
CH Highmark's Tootie Frutie Oh Rudy (2/14/2011-) [OFA GR-107904G25M-VPI]

Out of Stormy Point Goldenwind Hot Gossip:

Goldenwind Just Do It (1/24/2010-)
Goldenwind Vulcan's Blazing Light (1/23/2010-)

Out of Denali Of Hidden Treasure:

KatMar's Rose Bowl Parade (1/1/2010-)
Katmar's Simply Adorabowl CA (1/1/2010-) [OFA GR-106291G30F-VPI]
KatMar's Sugar Bowl Game On (1/1/2010-)

Out of GCH Pulali's You're Still The One At Parkwood:

CH Pulali N Parkwood Dont Want No Drama OD (6/10/2009-) [OFA GR-104218G27F-VPI ]
Int. CH Pulali's Lazy LR Whatever Lola Wants CCA (6/10/2009-2/1/2019) [OFA GR-104377G28F-VPI]
GCH Pulali's I Want More...Goldenale (6/10/2009-) [OFA GR-103841/G24F-VPI]

Out of Wallwood's Peaceful Easy Feeln:

CH Wallwood's Take It Easy (4/2/2010-) [OFA GR-106014G25F-VPI]

Out of GCH CH Sunbeam'N Belmont Attention Getter:

GCh Belmont's You Make My Heart Sing TDI,CGC,NTD (4/27/2013-) [OFA GR-113371F24F-VPI]
Belmont's Mixed Blessing (4/27/2013-) [OFA GR-117305G40F-VPI]

Out of Wildfire's Annie Oakley:

UKC CH Wildfire's Cat Ballou (2/1/2011-) [OFA GR-107828G25F-VPI ]
Wildfire's Lillie Langtry (2/1/2011-)

Out of Osprey's Honey I'm Home NA THD CCA CGC:

Osprey's Friendly Persuasion (8/26/2011-)
Osprey's Let's Be Friends (8/30/2011-)

Out of BOSS CH Xcelerate Double Your Pleasure BVSS:

Trailsend I'm Going Home (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend Fortunate Son (7/16/2009-)
PACH Trailsend Lookout At Woodstock CCA, CGC, RN, MXP3, MJP3, MFP, T2BP (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend Summertime (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend Born on the Bayou (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend What's That Spell (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend Santana (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend Summer of Love (7/16/2009-)
Trailsend Sweet Chariot (7/16/2009-)

Out of Gold-Rush Marquis:

Gold-Rush Ramblin' Rose (8/6/2010-8/21/2020)

Out of CH Happy Hour Twist and Shout:

CH Happy Hour's Ben To Toyland CGC CCA (12/6/2009-) [OFA GR-104966G25M-VPI ]
Happy Hour's Helen of Toy (12/6/2009-) [OFA GR-104927G25F-VPI]
Happy Hour Toyin' With Your Affections (12/6/2009-) [OFA GR-108684G38F-VPI]
Happy Hour's Babe In Toyland CD BN RE TKN CGC (12/6/2009-)

Out of Am CH Scion Fringe Benefit CD RE OA OAJ OD:

BISS Am GCH Tamarack Call Me Buttercup RE OD BISS (2/13/2012-) [OFA GR-110467G25F-VPI]
Tamarack N April's Who Knew (2/13/2012-) [OFA GR-110293G24F-VPI]

Out of Chatham's Ginger Snap:

Quail Run Chatham's Rhinestone Cowgirl (4/12/2010-) [OFA GR-105891E24F-VPI]

Out of Can CH Redog Venture's Sheer Elegance:

Gold-Rush Venture of Redog (2/20/2010-) [OFA GR-106359F25F-VPI]
Redog's Ella (2/20/2010-) [OFA GR-105208G24F-VPI]

Out of Am Ch Redog-River's Pink Pajamas OD:

GCH Am Ch River-Flyways Real Men Wear Pink RN (7/26/2009-) [OFA GR-103794G24M-VPI]
River-Tanagold's Pink Skye At Sunset (7/26/2009-) [OFA GR-104051E24F-VPI]

Out of Azzaro's PrairieWyn On Fire CD:

Prairiewyn's LiveR Long and Prosper (12/25/2009-)
PrairieWyn's LiveR for the Night (12/25/2009-)
PrairieWyn's Special De Liver E (12/25/2009-)

Out of Am Ch Endeavors River Sodapopshebop CD:

River's Vanilla Spiced Chai (11/7/2009-) [OFA GR-104512G24F-VPI]
River Redog's Boston Tea Party (11/7/2009-) [OFA GR-105059G26F-VPI]

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