Golden Retriever

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Offspring of ICH, MCH, MJCH, CZ Club CH, NordJW 2007 Pinkerly Quien Sabe Club winner, Club Junior win., Winner of Spec.sh. (10/18/2006-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Honey Angel od Světlovského potůčku:

Keissie od Sv
Keissie od Světlovského potůčku

Out of Evidog Time for Team Play:

Ch CZ Kristian od Hradu Veveri (7/17/2016-) [FCI A/B]
Kelvin od Hradu Veveri (7/17/2016-)
Kristin od Hradu Veveri (7/17/2016-) [Bva 9:9]

Out of Jarve z Vlcích luk:

Vet CH CZ, SK, PL April z Karpentne (12/29/2008-) [B/B]

Out of Zita z Vojirovské myslivny:

Andreas Evigold (6/14/2011-) [FCI A/B]

Out of Lively Golden Joy of a Future Dancer HJCH, MKSZ HJCH, HSCH, Srb Ch, SrbGrandCh, MkszSCh, RoCh, BIHGrandCh:

Lively Golden Mistral's Kiss (6/24/2017-)
Lively Golden Music of the Night (6/24/2017-)
Lively Golden Moment of Truth (6/24/2017-)
Lively Golden Midnight's Daughter (6/24/2017-)
Lively Golden Mine to Possess (6/24/2017-)
Lively Golden Magic Green Elf (6/24/2017-)
Lively Golden Morrigan's Faith (6/24/2017-)

Out of Quanti Est Sapere Adsum:

Cassiopeia Adsum (2/3/2016-) [A/A]
Cepheus Adsum (2/3/2016-)

Out of Fleur z Liblických rákosin:

Harley z Liblických rákosin (1/24/2015-)
Hubert z Liblických rákosin (1/24/2015-) [FCI AA]
Honey z Liblických rákosin (1/24/2015-) [FCI AA]
Hilda z Liblických rákosin (1/24/2015-) [FCI AA]
Henrick z Liblických rákosin (1/24/2015-) [FCI AA]
Homer z Liblických rákosin (1/24/2015-) [FCI AA]

Out of Tennessee Waltz Av Vervik:

Noble Star's International Love (8/20/2012-)
Noble Star's Hotter Than Fire (8/20/2012-)

Out of JCh CZ Ch CZ Ussuria Chlupate stesti:

Jezinka Chlupate stesti (7/9/2014-) [0/0]

Out of Ch CZ Bonett Chlupate stesti:

Christine Chlupate stesti (11/22/2013-)
Cherry Chlupaté štěstí (11/22/2013-) [A-A]
Chip Chlupate Stesti (11/22/2013-) [A/A]

Out of Baghira-Joya of Golden Dreamland:

Elly of Golden Dreamland (4/12/2010-) [A/A]
Ebony of Golden Dreamland (4/12/2010-) [B/B]

Out of Zita z Vojirovske Myslivny:

Alisha Evigold (6/14/2011-) [0/0]

Out of Dixi Gerix:

Kayla Gold Rebecca (4/22/2009-) [C/C]
Kessie Gold Rebecca (4/22/2009-)
Kirk Gold Rebecca (2009-)

Out of Ask for Naomi of Carolin's Cottage:

Pink Elephant's Eyes of Fire (8/10/2012-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Cerryen Lady Castagnara:

Amy Magic Snowflake (6/9/2010-) [A/A]
Betty Bianca Magic Snowflake
Baileys White Magic Snowflake (5/29/2012-) [FCI A/A]
Brenda Magic Snowflake (5/29/2012-) [A/A]

Out of Italian Ch. Pinkerly Mrs. Jones:

Pinkerly Touche Jones (4/18/2010-)
Pinkerly Scarlett Jones (4/18/2010-)
Pinkerly Grace Jones (4/18/2010-)
Pinkerly Bridget Jones (4/18/2010-)
It.- CIE CH. TOP DOG 2014 Pinkerly Tom Jones (4/18/2010-) [BVA 8:7]

Out of Bronze sunset Dagchells:

Cerry Dagchells [FCI 0]

Out of POL.CH. NICE DAISY Gwiazda Dawida:

Malibu Cherry Cooler Filimou (2/3/2011-)
Mohito Starburst Filimou (2/3/2011-)
Martini Pink Panther Filimou (2/3/2011-)
Milano Lime Matador Filimou (2/3/2011-)

Out of Broock Caritin Sen:

Bradley Scott Broock's Angel (3/29/2012-)
Bella Blanche Broock's Angel (3/29/2012-)
Atrey Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)
Ashley Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)
Aisha Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)
Arwen Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)
Alisha Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)
Aree Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)
Aragorn Broock's Angel (5/6/2010-)

Out of Zirja Goldenpack Marty:

Feria z Mokré Hory (7/24/2009-)
Fergie z Mokré hory (7/24/2009-)
Fergie z Mokre hory (7/2009-) [1/1]

Out of CH PL Lenda Moura Soul "U":

Dita z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/B]
Doris z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/B]
Dora z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/A]
Donata z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/A]
Dina z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/B]
CH CZ & PL Diana z Botičských Meandrů "U" (6/6/2010-) [B/A]
Dante Z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/A]
Diego Z Botičských Meandrů (6/6/2010-) [A/A]

Out of Denisse Dynasty Anah:

Fredy Dynasty Anah (6/18/2011-)
Francis Dynasty Anah (6/18/2011-)

Out of CH PL, JCH PL, ICH Britney Saltus Club Junior winner:

ChRus, NRC, RKF Expert of Danako (12/10/2008-) [A/B(20??)]
CH Extra Bonus Danako (12/10/2008-) [0/0]
CH.PL.,JCH.PL. Extra Prima Danako (12/10/2008-) [0:0]
Eastwood Clint Danako (12/10/2008-6/11/2011)
Eddie of Danako (12/10/2008-)
Elect of Danako (12/10/2008-)
Erick of Danako (12/10/2008-)
Ch RUS Extra Britney Danako (12/10/2008-)
Empress of Danako (12/10/2008-)

Out of Aimee Bismillahi:

Eliot Bismillahi (6/29/2009-) [1/1]

Out of Ch CZ Ch SK Athylla z Liblickych rakosin "U":

Craig z Liblických rákosin (11/2/2009-) [0/0]
Coral z Liblickych rakosin (11/2/2009-) [0/0]
Cedrick z Liblickych rakosin (11/2/2009-) [0/3]

Out of Abby Caritin sen:

Aron Via Lattea (11/25/2009-) [0/0]
Arny Via Lattea (11/25/2009-) [0/2]
Ch CZ Aimee Via Lattea (11/25/2009-) [A/C]

Out of Amanda Caritin sen:

Arnold od Chvalske tvrze (2/18/2009-)
Archibald od Chvalske tvrze (2/18/2009-)

Out of Beverly z Boticskych meandru:

Caspian z Boticskych meandru (8/19/2009-)
Corbi z Boticskych meandru (8/19/2009-)
Cody z Boticskych meandru (8/19/2009-)
Cayra z Boticskych meandru (8/19/2009-)

Out of CH CZ Hessy z Drazovskeho hajku:

Isis Ammy z Drazovskeho hajku (2008-)
Jasmina z Drazovskeho hajku (6/15/2009-) [0/0]
Jenny z Drazovskeho hajku (6/15/2009-)
Jessica z Drazovskeho hajku (6/15/2009-)
Izabela Gina z Drazovskeho hajku (8/26/2008-)
Image z Drazovskeho hajku (8/26/2008-) [FCI B/D]
Ianine z Drazovskeho hajku (8/26/2008-)
Ida z Drazovskeho hajku (8/26/2008-)
Irin z Drazovskeho hajku (8/26/2008-)

Out of Carita Scandinavia Finland:

Connie Caritin Sen (6/25/2009-)
Cindy Caritin Sen (6/25/2009-)
Cameron Caritin Sen (6/25/2009-)
Claudia Caritin Sen (6/25/2009-)
Cleo Caritin Sen (6/25/2009-)
Conery Caritin Sen (6/25/2009-)
Clark Caritin sen (6/25/2009-)

Out of CH CZ Aura z Kvasinskych strani:

Chester od Hradu Veveri (5/25/2009-)
Chunny od Hradu Veveri (5/25/2009-)
Charleen od Hradu Veveri (5/25/2009-)
Cherryl od Hradu Veveri (5/25/2009-)
Chelsea od Hradu Veveri (5/25/2009-)
PL CH Chess od Hradu Veveri (5/25/2009-)

Out of A Good Woman Del Piccolo Agrifoglio:

Angel Eyes - Edivi (2/22/2010-) [FCI A]
A Woman in Love (2/22/2010-)
Italian CH All That she Wants (2/22/2010-) [BVA 4:5]
IT. Ch / Slo Ch. / HR Ch. Another One Bites the Dust (2/22/2010-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Multi CH CIE & CIB Bossa Nova de Ria Vela Working BIS, res.Working BIS:

Bonett Bride Blue Berry (10/8/2009-) [PH 80TH %]
Bonett Bride Beeangee Jumping (10/8/2009-)
Bonett Bride British Flame (10/8/2009-) [BVA 6:3 B/A]
H JCH, HR JCH, CRO JCH, Multi CH CIE & CIB Bonett Bride Blue Moon (8/10/2009-) [BVA 3:7 FCI A/B]

Out of BALT W'13,INT CH EST & BALT& BLR & RUS CH FT Duck Rogerwiek My Fair Lady:

EST & LT JCH Rogerwiek Outstanding Olivia (4/26/2010-) [A/A (cert 2011)]
Rogerwiek Original Ophelia (4/26/2010-) [A/A (cert 2011)]
Rogerwiek Optimistic Orabelle (4/26/2010-)
Rogerwiek Obstinate Oligarch (4/26/2010-)
Rogerwiek Observant Odie (4/26/2010-) [B/C]
Rogerwiek Obliging Odella (4/26/2010-) [FCI A/A]
Rogerwiek Obedient Obelia (4/26/2010-)
EST & LT JCH Rogerwiek O'Pinkerly Otto (4/26/2010-) [A/A (cert 2011)]

Out of JCH CZ, FTCh CZ Benedictine Vetcare Bohemia National winner:

C.I.E, C.I.B, Ch CZ, SK, PL, Austria, GCh CZ ROZARKA CHLUPATE STESTI (2/10/2009-9/16/2018) [0/0]

Out of Ch.Pl, Ch.Cz, J.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl.Wet POEZJA Golden Gaj:

DOMINIKANA Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)
DON DIEGO Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)
Ch.Pl DESNA Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-) [HD-A1]
J.Ch.Pl DEVON Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)
DOCENT Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)
DAKAR Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-) [HD-A1]
DONNA DIANA Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)
DANTE Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)
DIOR Golden Gaj (9/7/2008-)

Out of Argiana Gentle Bohemia Angel:

Betty Citarwen (5/21/2011-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Anastasia Vetcare Bohemia:

Bret Ensy the Golden Bracken
Bellis the Golden Bracken
Bentley the Golden Bracken
Bon Bon the Golden Bracken
Bo Wonder the Golden Bracken
Bara the Golden Bracken

Out of Auril Godd Augury:

Boca z Jiriho zahrady (4/29/2009-) [0/0]
Bella z Jiriho zahrady (2009-)
Brita z Jiriho zahrady (2009-)

Out of Amy-Bett Brdske Zlato:

Aladin Libosovska blata
Angie Libosovska blata
Agatha Libosovska blata (9/23/2008-)

Out of LT JCH, LT CH, RUS CH Berenike Korifejus:

Solo Charlie Berenike (12/2/2009-1/29/2019)
LT, RUS JCH, LT, RUS CH Sambuca Berenike (12/2/2009-8/9/2018) [C]
Starka Berenike (2/12/2009-)
Scotch Whisky Berenike (2/12/2009-)
Sangria Berenike (2/12/2009-)

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