Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. Ch. Xanthos Tom Foolery JW SGWC (10/18/1998-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Holly Berry of Burstow:

Bridgers Hermione (11/22/2001-) [5:9]

Out of Baricia All That Glitters JW:

Baricia High Society (1/22/2006-)
Baricia High Light (1/22/2006-)
Baricia High Jinx (1/22/2006-)
Baricia High Hopes (1/22/2006-)
Baricia High Flyer of Brekswood (1/22/2006-) [5:4]

Out of Dawnsgold Allia:

Thomas Of Rigton (3/23/2006-)
Humbug Of Weybridge (3/23/2006-)
Barney Of Cranleigh (3/23/2006-)

Out of Xanthos As Good As Gold:

Without A Care (12/8/2005-)
Sussex Sugar And Spice (12/8/2005-)
Pleased As Punch Of Lewes (12/8/2005-)
Kenmillix Jack The Lad (12/8/2005-)
Kenmillix Golden Sunshine (12/8/2005-)
Hillbourne Happy As Larry (12/8/2005-)
Goldenheart Of Ashcombe (12/8/2005-)
Glamourous Gundreda (12/8/2005-)
Bring Me Sunshine (12/8/2005-)
As Sweet As Pie (12/8/2005-)

Out of Kenmillone Bliss:

Theodore Herzl (3/17/2005-)
Moshe Dayan (3/17/2005-)
Hannah Senesh (3/17/2005-)
Golda Meir (3/17/2005-)
David Ben Gurion (3/17/2005-)
Chaim Weizman (3/17/2005-)
Ahad Ha'am (3/17/2005-)

Out of Honeybury Coco Creme:

Honeybury St George (4/16/2005-)

Out of Xanthos Sariska:

Xanthos Washington (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Vermont (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Oregan (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Nevada (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Nebraksa (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Minnesota (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Louisiana (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Kentucky (7/4/2005-)
Xanthos Arizona (7/4/2005-) [4:12]

Out of Fairfield Fireserenade:

Fairfield Floral Tapestry (2/26/2005-)
Fairfield Floral Rambler (2/26/2005-)
Fairfield Floral Rainbeau (2/26/2005-)
Fairfield Floral Patchwork (2/26/2005-)
Fairfield Floral Mystery At Zenevieva (2/26/2005-) [BVA 3:5]
Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva (2/26/2005-) [BVA - 3:5]
Fairfield Floral Edition (2/26/2005-)
Fairfield Floral Daydream (2/26/2005-)

Out of Tyrocoll Mistress Merry:

Tyrocoll Golden Hope [Hip Score 6:3]

Out of Xanthos Jaipur:

Xanthos Cornflower By Richmal [7:6]
xanthos cest moi
Xanthos Cirrus (6/3/2006-)
Pl & Ro Ch Xanthos Hansard (3/9/2005-1/26/2019) [BVA 8:6]
Xanthos Hallucination (3/9/2005-)
Xanthos Hallelujah (3/9/2005-) [9:8]
Xanthos Hallabaloo of Camestone (3/9/2005-) [8:10]

Out of Putjade Paws For Applause:

Putjade Psychology (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psychic Touch (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psychic Powers (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psychedelic (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psyche (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psephite (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psammophyte (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psamite (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psalmtress (2/2/2005-)
Putjade Psalmodic (2/2/2005-)

Out of Coldnose Apple of my Eye:

Coldnose Rebel Rouser (5/25/2000-11/28/2008) [FCI B/B]

Out of Anno Make Me Smile:

Coldnose The First Noel (12/26/2005-)
Coldnose Silent Night (12/26/2005-4/22/2013)
Coldnose Little Drummer Boy (12/26/2005-)
Coldnose Let It Snow (12/26/2005-)
Coldnose Joy To The World (12/26/2005-)

Out of Sherida Beautiful Dreamer:

Sherida ChaseThat Dream (9/9/2004-) [5 + 7]
Sherida Dream Awhile at Debrics (9/9/2004-) [KC/BVA 10 ; 8]
Sherida Rearguard Action (9/9/2004-) [BVA 12 : 7]

Out of Eastonwood High Falutin of Ramchaine:

Ramchaine Pole Position (3/1/2005-)
Ramchaine Maranello to Villeas (3/1/2005-4/18/2016) [BVA Hip Score 6:6 ]
Ramchaine Chequered Flag (3/1/2005-)
Ramchaine Catalunya of Tiltham (3/1/2005-) [BVA Hip Score 8:6]

Out of Dikeadaze Circle of Light:


Out of Lindjan Rhythm and Blues at Plaza:

Plaza Vanilla Sky (4/1/2002-) [6:6]

Out of Folderslane Pearl Cascade:

Sandylane Little Miss Perfect (6/27/2003-)

Out of Xanthos Tigris:

Stirling Weald (9/11/2005-)
Morning Sunflower (9/11/2005-)
Kentish Girl (9/11/2005-) [4:4]
Kent Boy (9/11/2005-)
Georgia's Gem (9/11/2005-)
Cricket Demon (9/11/2005-)

Out of Int,Rus,Ger,VDH Ch. / Rus. JCh. Xanthos Orinoco:

Rus.Ch.,Jun.Rus.Ch., Trialer Ambergold GK Knight of Fortune (5/7/2005-) [A/A]
Ambergold GK Kind Regards (5/6/2005-)
Grand CH UKR, CH UKR, CH RUS, JCH RUS, Trialer Ambergold GK Keen Pleasure (5/7/2005-)
JEW'06 , INT CH, RUS/EE/FIN CH, RUS JCH Ambergold GK Keep Cool (5/7/2005-) [B-B (2006)]
Ambergold GK Kindly Yours (7/5/2005-) [B/C (2006)]
Inter.,Rus.,Est.,3xClub Ch.,Trialer Ambergold GK Kiss By Kiss (5/7/2005-) [A/A]

Out of Coppermead Tickled Pink:

Kenmillen Montemerano (6/15/2000-)

Out of Midelney Charlotte Russe:

Mansuetus Third Time Lucky (12/24/2000-)

Out of Glenmoray Norfolk Gypsy of Ritzilyn:

Ritzilyn Cider with Rosie [9:13]
Lux.Be.Bundessieger Ritzilyn Class Act (4/14/2000-) [B 1]

Out of putjade pocahontas:

Putjade Pretty Penny (2/14/2004-) [00]
putjade polly pocket (2/14/2004-) [6:11]

Out of Rainscourt Celebrity At Lornabbel:

Lornabbel Mr Tom by Rainscourt [6:4]

Out of Sandicliffe Jemima:

Sandicliffe Sweeney Todd (10/29/2002-)
Sandicliffe Ruby Murray JW SGWC [BVA 7:4]

Out of Scarholme Peppermint:

Scarholme Cowboy Magic (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Cowboy Dream (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Come Dancing (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Columbine (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Classic Cream (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Cinnamon (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Capercaille (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme California Dream (12/4/2004-)
Scarholme Cameo (12/4/2004-)

Out of Ch. Rip. Xanthos Fiddle Dee Dee Ch.:

BillyElliot (LO0241045) (7/23/2001-)
Barry Lindon (7/23/2001-11/18/2012) [3:4 BVA]
Vice-WW'04, It.Ch.- Lux Ch - Austrian Ch. Breakfast at Tiffany's (7/23/2001-6/19/2013) [3:4 BVA]
IT. /San Marino/Austrian/ Lux. CH. Barbarella (LOI 02/41047) Young Ch. S. Marino (7/23/2001-6/26/2013) [5:5 (BVA)]

Out of Xanthos Purple Patch:

Xanthos Chiming Bells [A1]

Out of Xanthos Lochniamh:

Poundmeadow Strawbry Fool

Out of Golmas Guns A'Poppin:

Golmas Glimmer of Hope for Rosegrove (12/20/1999-9/13/2010) [BVA/KC Hip Score 4:11]
Golmas Governess At Arkathia (12/20/1999-) [16:17]
Golmas Gold 'N Silver (12/20/1999-)
Golmas Gold 'N' Dodger (12/20/1999-)
Golmas Gold 'N Brocade (12/20/1999-)
Golmas Giancarlo (12/20/1999-)
Golmas Giancarla (12/20/1999-)

Out of German Ch Xanthos Lah Di Dah SGWC:

Xanthos Burning Bright (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Brazen Hussy (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Box Clever (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Bold As Brass (5/21/2000-)
International, Slovenian, Croatian Champion Xanthos Blaze Of Glory Club Junior winner (5/21/2000-2/16/2011) [HD A1]
Xanthos Bird Song (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Bee In My Bonnet (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Be Mine At Boxheath (5/21/2000-) [BVA/KC Hip Score 25:13]
Xanthos Be Bop A Lula At Pinellas (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Barley Corn (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Baby Bunting (5/21/2000-)
Xanthos Beaumaris Maid (5/21/2000-) [OFA GR-76192G24F-PI]

Out of Messano Eager Beaver:

Messano Hornet (11/16/1999-)
Messano Highflyer (11/16/1999-)
Messano High Spirits (11/16/1999-)
Messano High Society (11/16/1999-)
Messano High Jinx (11/16/1999-)
Messano High Fashion (11/16/1999-)
Messano High Falutin At Redrift (11/16/1999-) [BVA/KC Hip Score 5:5]
Messano Hepplewhite (11/16/1999-)
Messano Heirloom (11/16/1999-)
Messano Harrier (11/16/1999-)
Messano Humdinger (11/16/1999-)

Out of Willowlawn The Gypsy Queen:

Willowlawn Clairvoyant (7/14/2000-) [5:6]
Willowlawn Fortune Teller of Bellemount JW (7/14/2000-) [22:19]
Aust. Ch. Willowlawn Cast A Spell (7/14/2000-) [2:5]

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