Golden Retriever

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Offspring of WW''90,MultiCh, ChNeth,Ger,Lux Jamescroft Squire (6/18/1987-1/24/2001)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Baltic Golden Millicent:

Diana vom Ilmenautal

Out of Feelin Groovy's Scotch Home Made:

Feelin Groovy's song for Lady

Out of Amira the Queen of Quaxsus:

Flying Zwaantje of Quaxsus (4/12/1995-)
Following Jago of Quaxsus (4/12/1995-) [B1]

Out of Carola vom Habichtsfang:

Cicely von Tobi´s golden Lana (5/15/1995-) [C1]
Camilla von Tobi´s golden Lana (5/15/1995-) [B2]
Charlotte von Tobi´s golden Lana (5/15/1995-7/1/2006) [D1]
Carlsson von Tobi´s golden Lana (5/15/1995-) [B1/2]
Cajus von Tobi´s golden Lana (5/15/1995-) [A1]
Caspar von Tobi´s golden Lana (5/15/1995-) [A1/2]
Bernadette Cäcilie von Tobi´s golden Lana (9/1/1994-) [A1/2]
Benedikta von Tobi's golden Lana (9/1/1994-) [D1]
Beatrix Lisa von Tobi's golden Lana (9/1/1994-7/7/2006) [A1/2]
Blanda von Tobi´s golden Lana (9/1/1994-) [A2]
Bastian von Tobi´s golden Lana (9/1/1994-) [A1/2]
Benjamin von Tobi´s golden Lana (9/1/1994-) [A1]
Brian von Tobi´s golden Lana (9/1/1994-)
Brigid Frida von Tobi's golden Lana (1/9/1994-4/11/2005) [A2]

Out of Dt/VDH CH. Brenda Keider's Flirt of Quaxsus:

Eleventh Fairy Laura of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [A2]
Enchantress Miss Emma of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [B1]
Enroy James of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [B2]
Eternal Luck of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [A2]
Ensign Robin of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [A2]
Evening Glow Sammy of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [B1]
Everyday with Rencko of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-)
Endless Love to Shelley of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [A2]
Pl. Ch. Especial Elaine of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-2/25/2005) [B1]
Extremely Happy Tracy of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-) [B1]
English Lady Grace of Quaxsus (8/5/1994-8/4/2008) [A2]

Out of Leslie of Glen Sheallag:

Husty du Plateau des Abeilles
Havanille et Framboise du P'tit Coin de Paradis

Out of Karah du Bon Prince:

Quible du Bon Prince

Out of Deborah Count of Rhoeden:

Sebastiaan v.h.Seringenland (7/10/1991-)

Out of Megan of Glen Sheallag:

IB CH. Rackham of Glen Sheallag

Out of Lancelot van de Hallemolen:


Out of Nikita van Artesendal:

Pipa van Artesendal [A1/A1]

Out of Eleven Nyncke Fan It Nei Begjin:

Diamond Jubilee Fan It Nei Begjin (4/7/1994-4/7/2008)

Out of My-Shadow Of Glen Sheallag:

Limestone of Glensheallag (9/9/1995-) [ 7 / 6 = 13]
Pepper of Glen Sheallag
Oberon of Glen Sheallag (4/10/1990-1/1/2000) [B1]
Plover of Glen Sheallag
Bel./IB/Lux./Fr. CH & Trialer Puzzle Of Glen Sheallag [FCI A/A]
CH IB Trialer Oliver-Twist of Glen Sheallag (4/10/1990-4/13/2001) [FCI A/A]
WW'95, MultCh, JChLux Orange-Juice of Glen Sheallag Belg/Fr/Lux/Nor/Den/Swed Ch (10/4/1990-) [HD B (199?)]

Out of Tenfield Rambling Runaway Res CC:

Tenfield All At Sea SGWC (4/27/1994-3/17/2008) [KC/BVA 5:7]

Out of Rosenjay April Starlight:

JEW'95, Dutch/Ger./VDH./Polish CH. Sequins Starlight Simply Sirius Dutch Top Golden Retriever 1996 (1994-2007)

Out of Dutch/Ger./VDH/Lux. Ch. Mabella v. d. Beerse Hoeve Winster Amsterdam 91, Bundessieger 90, 91:

Mabella Desiree v.d. Beerse Hoeve [C]
Mabella Sigourney v.d. Beerse Hoeve [HD B1B2]
Dutch Ch., Ger. Ch., VDH Ch., Lux. Ch. Mabella James v.d. Beerse Hoeve (12/1/1989-) [HD B1B2]

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