Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Lux./VDH./Ger./Dutch Ch. Ritzilyn Man About Town Brussels Winner 1999 (10/2/1993-7/20/2003)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Havanille et Framboise du plateau des abeilles:

CHIB et Trialer Pepite dor du p'tit coin de paradis [FCI A]

Out of Ned. Veteranenkampioen Quincy Chevanne Jeanton:

Amasing Jenga v. d. Loopakker (8/29/1998-)

Out of Soella van't Nindehof:

Xarie van't Nindehof

Out of Pepper Noroy du Plessy:

Violette Noroy du Plessy

Out of Last Dance of Glen Sheallag:

News in brief of Glen Sheallag

Out of Roxy van Artesendal:

Xandres van Inedal [FCI HD/A]
Xanthos van Inedal

Out of Lorette du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

Napoleon IV du P'tit Coin de Paradis
Nougatine du P'tit Coin de Paradis (12/4/1997-) [B1]

Out of Labelle du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

Pollux du P'tit Coin de Paradis (1/2/1999-1/9/2010)

Out of Havanille et Framboise du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

Pépite d'or du P'tit Coin de Paradis


Panchrysia Victoria

Out of Rudledgers Dance into the light:

Rudledgers Gently Dusty (9/12/2001-) [C2]

Out of blooming hill's bonnad bellefleur:

Blooming Hill's Osiana Fame (1996-) [B1/B2]

Out of Sophaisy A Dream Come True:

Kathy Goldoni Dell Arte of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [E1]
Kindness Okina Timna Valley of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [C1]
Keep My Soul Lena of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [B1]
Knick Knacks Linus of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [A1]
King of Kings Pepjano of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [B2]
Kooka Burra Monty of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [A1]
Krackerjack Kimani of Quaxsus (9/8/1999-) [A1]

Out of Dt/VDH CH. Brenda Keider's Flirt of Quaxsus:

Interestinggirl Jenny of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-) [A2]
Island Queen Lilly of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-)
Imogen Sunny Girl of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-) [A1]
Ivette Moments In The Rain of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-)
Ingalisa Deep In My Soul of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-) [A2]
I Am The Greatest Dustin of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-) [B2]
Isidoros Kindly Charly of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-) [A2]
I'm Your Soft Shadow of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-) [A2]
Irish Sweet Sandie of Quaxsus (11/17/1997-8/11/2007) [A1]

Out of Kerrien Phillipa:

Thuaidh Meg (12/3/1998-)
Thuaidh Margot (12/3/1998-)

Out of Middle For Diddle v.d. Beerse Hoeve:

Prima Donna v. d. Beerse Hoeve
Penny Whistle v.d. Beerse Hoeve [BVA 4:6]
Dutch Ch., German Ch. CW 2002 Private Collection v.d. Beerse Hoeve Top Golden 2002, 2004, Belgium Winner 2004 (4/14/2000-7/31/2013) [BVA Hip Score 5:6 / B (Belg)]

Out of Glenmoray Norfolk Gypsy of Ritzilyn:

Ritzilyn Hello Handsome
Ritzilyn High Falutin [9:8]
Ritzilyn Heir Apparent of Ruffitwood
Ritzilyn High Society (9/12/2001-) [E1E2]
Ritzilyn Hemingway at Chrisper (9/12/2001-) [BVA 5:4]

Out of Pl.Ch.,Pl.Jug.Ch. Styal Statonice:

Dt.Ch(VDH),Dt.Ch.Club,Poln.Ch.,Dt.Vet.Ch. Catch the Wind Eternity (3/20/2000-7/12/2014) [A1]
Catch the Wind Emotion [A1/A1]

Out of Trewater Trouvaille:

Moorfield Morning Al Capone (10/22/1996-) [A1]
Ö-Bundessieger Moorfield Morning Archibald (10/22/1996-4/29/2010) [A1]

Out of Ö. CH. Trewater Trelula:

Exotic Flower of Sweetwater Creek (10/24/1998-)

Out of Whispering Glenrose's Lovely Lumel:

Whispering Glenrose's Spring Magic (2/16/1999-)

Out of JCh. Baronessa of Blue Erinor:

Ice Rock Golden Erinor [1/1]
CH.PL. Ice Bead Golden Erinor
Immense Golden Erinor (11/26/2001-) [1/2]
CZ CH Ice Queen Golden Erinor (11/26/2001-) [0/1]

Out of CH CZ Annabella (CLP/GR/501/96) Club winner:

Handy Imp of Golden Erinor (4/19/2000-)
Hennessy Golden Erinor (4/19/2000-) [HDD 1/2]
Happy Lady Golden Erinor (4/19/2000-) [HDD 2/1]
Hannah Golden Erinor (4/19/2000-) [HDD 0/1]
High Rival Golden Erinor (4/19/2000-7/25/2008) [0/0]
J.Ch.Pl. J.W.CL.Pl.,Ch.Pl,3x CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB HARDY ALWIN Golden Erinor (10/4/2000-) [FCI HD-A1]

Out of Ricci Noroy Du Plessy:

Yoshi Noroy Du Plessy (4/10/1999-)
Yara Noroy du Plessy
Lux. Champion Victor Noroy du Plessy (11/18/1997-)

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