Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. FT. CH. Rossmhor of Clancallum (6/27/1988-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Oriule Quintila Of Tamanique:

Tamanique Wizardry At Large

Out of Lonelinar Rascalian at Chywoon:

Lonelinar Delisa

Out of Shaded Rose:

Twig Leaf

Out of Bednall Mandy:

Bednall Alexa
Bednall Finlay

Out of Standerwick Dennista:

Leerambler Bramble [2:6]

Out of Ashleygold Western Sunset:

Ashleygold Copernicus [13:17]
Ashleygold Neptune (5/25/1994-6/6/2006)

Out of Hyndford Horizon:

Hyndford Hostess (7/29/1996-)

Out of Kessgold Trixie FTW:

Kessgold Skipper (4/21/1995-) [BVA 13/9]
Kessgold Cleo (4/21/1995-) [BVA 24/26]

Out of Clancallum Tummel:

Clancallum Tomatin (3/27/2000-)
Clancallum Tamdhu (3/27/2000-) [BVA 8/20 = 28 (06/07/2001)]
Clancallum Fiddich (3/27/2000-) [BVA 11/11]
Clancallum Glen Morangie (3/7/2000-) [BVA 15/29]
Clancallum Murray (6/4/1998-) [BVA 4:4]
Clancallum Fletcher (6/4/1998-) [BVA 3:3]
Clancallum Fergus Mhor (6/4/1998-) [BVA 3:3]
Clancallum Glen Allachie (3/27/2000-)
INT FT CH Clancallum Barclay Vierri (6/4/1998-) [B1]

Out of Bembrook Fern FTW:

Bembrook Jasmin (1994-) [5/4]
Bembrook Spruce FTW (1994-) [5/7]
Bembrook Jouette [5/5]

Out of Besstock Cassie:

Dunnock of Beeston (7/10/1994-)
Tender of Alster (7/10/1994-)
SJCH Tatmore Snipe (7/10/1994-) [A1]
Seamas Mhor of Clancallum (7/10/1994-4/18/2008) [UA 1996-01-16]

Out of Kentee Almond:

Vantets Victoria (4/18/1996-)
Margorie Versaille af Windfields (4/18/1996-)
Lyon Valor (4/18/1996-) [A1]
F.T.W Whinhams Reeves (4/13/1996-) [A1/A1]

Out of Robenda Clary Of Millrythe:

Millrythe Ibiza
DK FTW Millrythe Trooper af Go Wild (6/9/1995-) [Unknown B1]
Millrythe Mondeo (9/6/1995-)

Out of Highland Linda:

Gaeltic Intro

Out of F.T.W Endrickbank Lass:

Endrickbank Copper (2/9/1995-)
Endrickbank Cedar (2/9/1995-)
Endrickbank Caper (2/9/1995-)
Ft Ch Endrickbank Celt (2/9/1995-) [BVA 3:3]
Endrickbank Charmer (2/9/1995-1/4/2008) [B1/B1]
DKJCH Endrickbank Clover (2/9/1995-1/29/2007) [B2]
Endrickbank Contender (2/9/1995-1/1/2010) [A2]

Out of Oriule Pride:

Oriule Spice Girl (4/20/1998-) [12:8]

Out of Laurelorien Cherokee of Catcombe:

Catcombe Crawford (12/6/1996-)
Catcombe Colleen (12/6/1996-)
Catcombe Cawdor (12/6/1996-)
Catcombe Carry (12/6/1996-)
Catcombe Carrick of Amifield (12/6/1996-) [BVA 8:4]
Catcombe Calloona (6/12/1996-) [BVA 5:3]
Catcombe Conn of Clancallum (12/6/1996-) [BVA 6:12]

Out of Holway Moss:

Featherquest Bramble [4/5]
Featherquest Holly (6/4/1995-)

Out of FTW Bencruan Belle:

Haremire Grebe of Clancallum [ 7/8 = 15 (15/04/1993)]
Haremire Donna (3/20/1992-) [29:30]
FTW Haremire Denna [BVA Hip Score 7:6]

Out of Sheward Trailing Rose:

Hudson Bowhill Consolidator
Lowly Amber (8/18/1994-) [BVA 6:3]
Cockpit Wager (8/18/1994-)
Ft.Ch. Werrington Rory of Clancallum (8/18/1994-5/13/2007) [BVA HS 4:3 / B1]

Out of FTW Deadcraft Dona of Leeglen:

Leeglen Thunder Of Clancallum (4/12/1993-) [BVA 3/5]
Leeglen Flash (4/12/1993-) [BVA 7/7]
Leeglen Peregrine Of Benscliffe (8/15/1995-) [BVA 7/6]
Leeglen Kestrel Of Clancallum (8/15/1995-) [BVA 7/4]
Leeglen Harrier Of Clancallum (8/15/1995-) [BVA 5/5]
Canburne Sage Of Benscliffe (7/1/1997-) [BVA 6/6]
Leeglen Gyr (8/15/1995-) [BVA 6/5]
Leeglen Spark
Leeglen Nora Of Haremire (4/12/1993-) [BVA 4/6]
Leeglen Montagu Of Canburne (8/15/1995-) [BVA 5/3]
FTW Canburne Fennel of Lafayette (7/1/1997-) [BVA 12/9]
Leeglen Storm (4/12/1993-) [BVA 7/12]
Canburne Sorrel (7/1/1997-) [BVA 5/4]
FTW Leeglen Milo (4/12/1993-) [BVA 6/7]
Leeglen Lightening
Leeglen Tornado of Tauvechan (4/12/1993-) [BVA 8:5]

Out of FTW Abnalls Heidi Of Ruadth:

Ruadth sonnet
Ruadth Sauna
Ruadth Shauna

Out of Besstock Chorum:

Besstock Duce [C1]
Besstock Duke (1993-2006) [A (1994)]
Besstock Deal (7/9/1993-) [HD-B2]
Int. FT. CH. Besstock Dee Of Clancallum (7/9/1993-) [A1]

Out of Eng. FT. CH. Redhorns Miss Ellie:

Haresmead Iolanthe (6/2/1997-)
Haresmead Isolda (6/2/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 4:5]
F.T.CH. Haresmead Isidore (6/2/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 9:4]
Haresmead Iolo (6/2/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 21:23]
Haresmead Idonea (6/2/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 8:17]

Out of Gorgous Goldie:

Eng. FT. CH. Ben Of Codicote (2/15/1993-) [BVA BVA 6/10]

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