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Offspring of IE CH - IB CH- VDH CH -LUX CH -B CH-SCH CH - IS CH Top Gun de Ria Vela Elite A Trialer Etalon recommande (10/25/2004-8/21/2014)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Adorable folie du Gel d'Aja:

Call me Chips du Gel d'Aja

Out of Abigail of Spicy Meadow:

Ernest Henrik von der Linzer Höhe (7/31/2010-) [A1]
Especially Maja von der Linzer Höhe (7/31/2010-) [C2]
Easy Rider von der Linzer Höhe (7/31/2010-) [B1]
Enjoy Emile von der Linzer Höhe (7/31/2010-) [A2]
Emily von der Linzer Höhe (7/31/2010-) [B1]

Out of Awai du Domaine de la Bricinesse:

Delhi du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Dana du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Dyrisse du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Derick du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Diabolo du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Dallas du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Dapy du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)
Don Diego du Domaine de la Bricinesse (9/15/2008-)

Out of Duncan Mac Leod's Interesting Girl Sinah:

My Magic Golden Fellow Anthony (9/27/2008-) [A2/A2]
My Magic Golden Fellow Admiral Tom (9/27/2008-) [B1/B1]
My Magic Golden Fellow Angel Simon (9/27/2008-) [A2/A2]
My Magic Golden Fellow Amigoh (9/27/2008-) [B1/B1]
My Magic Golden Fellow Agent Buddy (9/27/2008-) [A2/A2]
My Magic Golden Fellow Aaron (9/27/2008-) [A2/C1]
My Magic Golden Fellow Amelie (9/27/2008-) [A2/A2]

Out of Sweet Loving Heart Baby Joyce:

Sweet Loving Heart Ebene Oriental's Eyes (4/20/2009-)
Sweet Loving Heart Eyes to Eyes (4/20/2009-)
Sweet Loving Heart Eyes On Fire (4/20/2009-)
Sweet Loving Heart Eden's Eyes (4/20/2009-)
Sweet Loving Heart Easter's Eyes (4/20/2009-)
Sweet Loving Heart Eyes Just For Mum (4/20/2009-) [C0/C0]

Out of Dt. Jgd. CH Heartwarming Beaquoy of Graceful Delight:

TQ Gill of Garth (2/21/2011-) [C]

Out of German Vet.Ch. (GRC) Cappuccino & Creme A Midnight Kiss For Meallan:

Meallan Ard Glencoe (6/17/2011-5/2/2019) [A2]
Meallan Annochie Moss (6/17/2011-) [A2]
Meallan Ard Jackton (6/17/2011-) [A2/B1]
Meallan Ard Leosavay (6/17/2011-) [C2]
Meallan Ard Leonach (6/17/2011-) [A2]
Meallan Ard Chesters (6/17/2011-) [A1]
GER JCH., GER CH. (VDH) Meallan Allanmore Crufts-qualified '16, 1xBOB, 1xBOS, 2xCACIB (6/17/2011-) [FCI A2]
Meallan Ard Lenie (6/17/2011-) [A2]
Meallan A'Fivepenny (6/17/2011-) [B2/C2]

Out of Violine Des Flots Du Vieux Ru:

Chrystale Des Flots Du Vieux Ru (4/9/2007-)
C'Okeah Des Flots Du Vieux Ru (9/4/2007-) [A0/B0]

Out of Flames of Paradise:

Dietinger's Rhapsody (1/16/2008-) [A0/A0]

Out of English-French Field Trial CH- SUISSE CH - Feelgood Lazaryzou Billie Jean Ourale Best of lice recommandée, ELITE A TRIALER:

Feelgood Lazaryzou Glorious Heartbreaker Ezio (10/4/2011-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Go and Heal the World (10/4/2011-) [FCI C/C]
Feelgood Lazaryzou God's Heaven Can't Wait (10/4/2011-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Golden Rockin 'Robin (10/4/2011-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Got to be There (10/4/2011-)
Lice Recommandée Feelgood Lazaryzou Greatest Show on Earth (10/4/2011-) [FCI A/A]
Lice recommandée Trialer Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Angel (5/26/2008-) [fFCI B/B]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Legend (5/26/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Paradise (5/26/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Diam. Baron Diablo (5/26/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Star (5/26/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Dream (5/26/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Diva (5/26/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Della Scalla Symphony (5/26/2008-) [B/B]

Out of Eglantine Of Grindstone Valley Lice Recommandée:

Amberdust Globetrotter (9/29/2011-)
Amberdust Glamour Spirit (9/29/2011-)
Amberdust Greenfield Runner (9/29/2011-)
Amberdust Great Emotion (9/29/2011-)
Amberdust Golden Fleece (9/29/2011-)
Amberdust Gust of Tenderness (TAN) (9/29/2011-)
Amberdust Gracefull Wild Rose (TAN) (9/29/2011-)

Out of Ashbury Secret Harmony:

Sweet Loving Heart Elixir from Valenciana (10/24/2009-0/0/0)
Sweet Loving Heart Elixir from Castilla (10/24/2009-)
Sweet Loving Heart Elixir from Andalucia (10/24/2009-)

Out of Feelgood Lazaryzou Viena Volga:

Chips Cosmos from Viena Volga (3/4/2007-) [A0]

Out of RECOMMANDE TRIALER Feelgood Lazaryzou Sweet Dream:

feelgood lazaryzou dreaming dara for sweet (3/11/2008-)
feelgood lazaryzou dreamdiamond in sweet heart (3/11/2008-)
feelgood lazaryzou Daydreamer in sweet's life (3/11/2008-)
feelgood lazaryzou Dreamdancer of Sweet's life (3/11/2008-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Blissful Melody (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Blissful Heaven (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Blissful Fantasy (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Blissful Dream (12/14/2006-) [A0/A0]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Braveheart Knight (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Braveheart Commander (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Braveheart Lord (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood lazaryzou Braveheart Cavalier (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Braveheart Prince (12/14/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Braveheart King (12/14/2006-)

Out of VDH CH & Switzerland CH Feelgood Lazaryzou Vanilla Sky Lice Recommandée:

Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Sweet Memories (7/14/2007-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Caju Amigo VDH CHAMPION VETERAN (7/14/2007-) [FCI A/A]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Dolce Vita (7/14/2007-) [FCI A/A]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Blue Lagoon (7/14/2007-) [FCI A/A]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Cosmopolitan (7/14/2007-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Tequila Bang Bang (7/14/2007-) [A0/A0]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Chapman (7/14/2007-) [FCI A2/A2]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Coconuts Kiss (7/14/2007-)
VDH CH & Switzerland CH & lice recommandée Feelgood Lazaryzou Cocktail Coconuts Dream (7/14/2007-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Feelgood Lazaryzou Simply The Best trialer recommande:

feelgood lazaryzou ex fan des Sixties petite Simp (4/2/2009-)
feelgood lazaryzou Evidemment par Simply the Best (4/2/2009-)
feelgood lazaryzou Etoile des Neiges ma Simply (4/2/2009-)
Feelgood lazaryzou Et Si Tu n'Existais pas Simply (4/2/2009-)
feelgood lazaryzou Et Moi Et Moi Et simply (4/2/2009-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Et Des Baisers pour Simply (4/2/2009-)
Feelgood lazaryzou Embrasse moi L'elu de simply (4/2/2009-) [A2/A2]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Ella Elle L'A Simply the best (4/2/2009-)
VDH CH -LUX CH -Trialer - Etalon Recommandé Feelgood lazaryzou EN APESANTEUR AVEC SIMPLY (4/2/2009-) [FCI A/A]
Feelgood Lazaryzou C'Est la Vie (7/11/2007-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Clair de Jour (7/11/2007-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Chopard Casmir (7/11/2007-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Bridget Jones (9/15/2006-) [FCI B/A]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Belluci Monica (9/15/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Bullock Sandra (9/15/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Bree Vandecamp (9/15/2006-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Bauer Jack (9/15/2006-)
ETALON RECOMMANDE Feelgood Lazaryzou Banderas Antonio (9/15/2006-) [FCI A0]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Ben Affleck (9/15/2006-) [B0/A0]

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