Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int. Sh. Ch , Int. Ch , Lux/Dk/Dt-VDH/Swiss/Fr. Ch Ashbury Angel Heart (3/25/2005-11/17/2017)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Magic Dream's Beverly Hills:

Gino my Golden Passion (2011-) [B1/A2]

Out of Believe In Your Star du Ravin Des Arcs:

Gibson du Ravin Des Arcs (2/22/2011-) [B/B]
Gwen du ravin des arcs (2/26/2011-) [C/C]

Out of Comet (daughter of romanza del sogno antico):

Creme Caramel Dei Golden Dell’Abate [B]
Creme Brulée dei Golden dell'Abate (9/18/2009-) [A]

Out of Int.CH, Int.ShCH, HGCH, HCH, HSCH, HJCH, CROCH Happiness Bringer Bounty:

Always On My Mind From Bountyland (11/24/2013-)

Out of Multi Ch, Multi Jr Ch, BISS Lislone Garbank Loch Affric SLO Club Winner, WW Puppy Bitch 2013:

Angels Dance In Beauly Highland for Ardorgold (4/5/2015-) [Unknown Prelim Good per Burns, South Mesa, FC CO]
Acting Crazy Beauly Highland (4/5/2015-)
Amarillo Sky Beauly Highland (4/5/2015-)
CAN CH. Azzuro Skies of Beauly Highland (4/5/2015-)
Asti Spumante Beauly Highland (4/5/2015-) [OFA GR-119438G26M-VPI]
Act Naturally Beauly Highland with Corsemaul (4/5/2015-) [7:6]
Alphonso Beauly Highland (4/5/2015-)
Amazing Aky Beauly Highland (4/5/2015-)

Out of Lucky Blighter Impossible Funny Girl:

Lucky Blighter Nice to meet Tara [A2/A2]

Out of JCH Ashbury Gloria Dei:

Ashbury Infinity (11/7/2013-11/18/2017) [BVA 5:6]
Ch Rus, ChLT, ChCZ, JCH Rus,GR Club Champion Ashbury Imperial Count (7/11/2013-) [A/A]

Out of JCH. SRB CH. SRB Lady In Red Derby Winner 2010, Clubwinner 2012:

Multi.CH Int.CH Angel Dreams BALKAN WINNER 2012 (1/19/2011-) [FCI A / A]
Ch of Serbia Absolute Champion (1/19/2011-) [FCI A/A]
Ch. Asheart Love (1/19/2011-) [A / A]

Out of INT CH Thevenet Frutica Picada:

Thevenet Principe de Los Carpantos CGC (3/21/2013-) [FCI A-1]
Thevenet Ringmaster's Mystical Dreams (3/21/2013-) [OFA GR-113168G24F-VPI]
BE, Lux JCH Thevenet Enamorada (3/21/2013-) [HD_B]
Thevenet Todo Llega En Esta Vida (3/21/2013-) [BVA 7/3]
Int'l CH Thevenet Piedra Preciosa (3/21/2013-)
Thevenet Brisa Mediterranea (3/21/2013-) [AVEPA B]
Thevenet Caricatura Inolvidable (3/21/2013-) [FCI A]
Thevenet Teddy Bear (3/21/2013-)
Thevenet Destino Incierto (3/21/2013-)
Thevenet Confianza Ciega (3/21/2013-)
Thevenet Can't Take My Eyes (3/21/2013-)
Thevenet Diamant en Brut (3/21/2013-) [FCI A/A]
Thevenet Memorias De Alsacia (3/21/2013-) [A/A]
Thevent Blind Trust

Out of WW'13, INT CH, RUS/EE CH Cheremuha iz Sokolinogo Gnezda:

VDH-Junior Champion Utrish iz Sokolinogo Gnezda Herbst-Jugend Sieger 2013/ Frühjarssieger 2014/ Sieger Meisdorf 2017. (6/20/2012-) [FCI HD-A]
Uliana iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (6/20/2012-)
Jun.Ch.Rus,JCh NRC,Ch.Rus,Ch NRC Uteha iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (6/20/2012-) [A/A]
Utrennyaya Zvezda Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (6/20/2012-) [FCI HD-B]
Jun.Ch.Rus,Ch.Rus Unika Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (6/20/2012-) [HD-A]
Uglich iz sokolinogo gnezda (6/20/2012-) [FCI HD/BB]
JChRussia, JCh Club , ChRussia, Club Ch,ChRKF, Ch Uslada Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (6/20/2012-) [A/A]

Out of Aenny a sunshine of the night:

Join Alive Basha (7/28/2009-) [FCI A1]

Out of ChBg,Ukr,Cyp,Mon,GrandCh,BalkCh Piece Of Gold ABBA's Angeleyes JCHBg,Geo,JGrCh,JBalkCh, 2 Crufts Qualifications:

Ch.Bg,GrandCh,BalkanCh,JChBg,JGrandChBg,JBaklanCh Piece Of Gold Queen's Made In Heaven (11/17/2013-) [АА]
JChBg. Piece Of Gold Queen's Don't Stop Me Now (11/17/2013-)
JCh. ChBg. GrandCh.Bg Piece Of Gold Queen's Somebody To Love (11/17/2013-)
Ch. Bg Piece Of Gold Queen's A Kind Of Magic (11/17/2013-) [AA]

Out of Ashbury First Lady:

Hot or Not des Fields de Ora (11/21/2012-) [FCI A/A]
Hortense des Fields de Ora (11/21/2012-)
Holly Winter Beauty Des Fields de Ora (11/21/2012-) [A/B]
ChRo, ChHu, JrChRo, JrChHu, JrChSer Hard Rock For Goldset Of Des Fields De Ora WC (11/21/2012-) [FCI HD A FREE]

Out of Brisab de La Corraliza:

V- EW´13 , INT. CH. , PT / MOR / GBZ / SPA. CH. From A Rose Del Valle de Pielagos (12/16/2009-) [FCI A/A (2011)]
Spain CH. SE U(U)CH. DK. CH(U)NOCH NORDCH. (CH.CIE.) First Come Del Valle De Pielagos (12/16/2009-) [FCI B]
INT.CH. Flower Girl del Valle de Pielagos (12/16/2009-) [A/A (2011)]
Full Moon del Valle de Pielagos (12/16/2009-) [FCI A-A]
Fortune Cookie del Valle de Pielagos

Out of CH PL Honey EVIDOG:

Dantes z Beskydskeho Kopecka (9/17/2014-)
CH PL Delices z Beskydskeho kopecka (9/17/2014-) [0/0]

Out of Gillbryan Pennsheelin:

Pilliklubin Finlynn (12/8/2011-) [FCI B/B]

Out of JEW'10 / HR,SLO JCH Billie Jean Host Of Angels:

Forrest Gump Of Host Angels at Of Golden Duck (3/6/2011-) [A/A]
INT CH, NAT CH, Honors CH Forrest Gump Host Of Angels (3/6/2011-) [FCI A]
UCI Nat. & Int. JR Champion Funny Face Host of Angels (3/6/2011-) [FCI B/B]
SKJGD CH Final Element Host Of Angels

Out of Florence du Bois de la Rayère:

Deutscher Champion VDH + DRC, Bundessieger 2013, Wild Pepper Elixir D'amour (3/6/2012-) [A2/A2]
JCH Wild Pepper En Route (3/6/2012-)
Deutscher Champion Club + VDH, Wild Pepper Egoiste (3/6/2012-) [A2/A2]
Wild Pepper Edition Spéciale (3/6/2012-) [A2/A2]
Wild Pepper Étoile Filante (3/6/2012-) [A2/A2]
Wild Pepper Esprit (3/6/2012-) [A ]
Wild Pepper Et Toi (3/6/2012-) [B1/A2]

Out of PT CH Kowalski Esther:

Kowalski Manolete (10/12/2009-) [A]
Kowalski Soraya

Out of Divine Beauty du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre:

In love de la Cité des Etangs (9/23/2013-) [FCI A/A]
I'm a Flower de la Cité des Etangs (9/23/2013-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Jakira vom Hallerstein:

Hadiya Angel of Millroad (11/16/2009-) [B2 / B2]
Hazel Nugget of Millroad (11/16/2009-) [C1/C1]

Out of Lulea van de Golden Angels:

Vanquish van de Golden Angels (8/15/2006-) [HD A/A(20??)]

Out of Ashbury Betty Boop:

Ashbury Golden Angel [B/C]
Ashbury High Spirit (11/19/2012-)
Ashbury Hope n'Glory (11/19/2012-)

Out of CIE, MultCh Nenuoramos Wings of Dream LT-LV-EE-BALT-PL-RUS JCH:

Nat/Int Ju.A Ch., Nat. JA Ch. Nenuoramos Always Be My Hope (10/1/2010-) [OFA GR-106888G24M-VPI]
BALT JCH,BALT CH, LVW'14 Nenuoramos Always Be Angel Dream (10/1/2010-) [C0 (cert2012)]
Jr Nat'l & Int'l Ch Nenuoramos Always Be Beloved (10/1/2010-) [BVA 3:3]
Jr Nat'l & Int'l Ch Nenuoramos Always Be Charming (10/1/2010-) [OFA GR-107445F27F-PI]
MultiCh, GrChMol, ChUa, Mol, Cypr, Mont, Bye Nenuoramos Always Be Lucky (10/1/2010-) [HD A(2011)]
UCI Int CH Nenuoramos Always Be Happy (10/1/2010-) [A/A(2012)]
Nenuoramos Always Be Wise

Out of Giddygold Match Marilyn Monroe:

Giddygold Guardian Angel (8/27/2010-) [OFA GR-107068E26M-VPI]
Giddygold Angel Rose (8/27/2010-)

Out of Zampanzar Ciao Bella:

Aupa Midnight Express (3/23/2010-) [BVA 4-4]
Aupa Wild Strawberries (3/23/2010-) [BVA 6:8]
CIE, HR, SLO, IT CH. Aupa Blue Velvet (3/23/2010-) [BVA 5:3]

Out of Ashbury Deep Temptation:

Ashbury In A Heartbeat (5/20/2013-) [OFA GR-113982G25F-VPI]

Out of Seruilia Society Gossip At Eldersfield:

Eldersfield Latisha [4:6]
Eldersfield Lucky Strike [3:3]

Out of Look Your Eyes de Zelkova:

French CanCan de Zelkova
Belle Epoque de Zelkova (7/31/2009-)
Caprice De Dieu de Zelkova (7/31/2009-)
Claire De Lune De Zelkova (7/31/2009-)
La Vie en Rose De Zelkova (7/31/2009-) [OFA GR-104480F27F-VPI]

Out of SE U(U)CH DK UCH Festival's Sing'n Smile:

CIE, German CH, German CH VDH, DK(u)CH Snowjar's Chelles EJS'10 (3/14/2009-) [FCI A]
Snowjar's Chamonix (3/14/2009-) [2010-03-23 HD grad A]
SE U(U)CH Snowjar's Champagne (3/14/2009-)
Snowjar's Croix (3/14/2009-) [2010-03-24 HD grad A]

Out of INT CH Terra Keltica Light My Fire:

Shakira de Valdelesabeyes (9/6/2010-)
Shaelyn de Valdelesabeyes (9/6/2010-) [A]
Shayan de Valdeleasabeyes (9/20/2010-) [A]

Out of PL Ch. Your Majesty Oligarchia PL Vet. Ch.:

Ch. C'EST LA VIE Oligarchia (5/10/2013-) [FCI A/A]
C.I.E., Pl Jun.Ch, Pl Ch., Ro Ch., UA Ch. COMMENT CA VA Oligarchia (5/10/2013-) [FCI HD A]
Ca Va Bien Oligarchia (5/10/2013-) [HD A]
Int Ch. (C.I.B.), Int. Show Ch. (C.I.E.), JEW 2014, Multi Ch. Cherchez La Femme Oligarchia Eurasia Champion 2014 (5/10/2013-) [FCI HD A]
Ch. C'est Moi Oligarchia (5/10/2013-) [FCI HD A (03.2015)]
C'est L'Amour Oligarchia (5/10/2013-) [FCI A/A]

Out of CIE Darwen van 't Canisvliet:

L'Amour la Vie My Love of Splendour (4/24/2011-)
Tu Est ma Vie My love of Splendour (4/24/2011-)
Tu Est Mon Amour My Love Of Splendour
La Vie est belle my Love of Splendour

Out of Can Ch Woodriver Thistledown Sneakin Sally Thru The Alley:

Southern Cross Thistledown Tout a Vous (6/5/2011-)
Southern Cross Thistledown Monsieur Magnifique (6/5/2011-)
Southern Cross Thistledown Mon Ami Bentley (6/5/2011-)
Thistledown Southern Cross Bonne Liaison (6/5/2011-5/16/2013)

Out of Vive la Vie du Crepuscule des Etangs:

Dior j'Adore du crepuscule des Etangs [A/A]
Dolce Vita du Crepuscule des Etangs [A/A]

Out of CH Tendre Passion du Crepuscule des Etangs:

Dt-VDH, Sui & Int Ch. Commedia dell'Arte du Crépuscule des Etangs (9/1/2007-) [HD A/A]
Coco Chanel du Crépuscule des Etangs (9/1/2007-)
Ch.Int. / Lu. / Dt-VDH. Come-Prima du Crépuscule des Etangs (9/1/2007-)
Com-On-Baby du Crépuscule des Etangs (9/1/2007-)
Cheyenne l'Indien du Crepuscule des Etangs (1/9/2007-) [A/A]

Out of Unity Yaris Golden Angels of Oberach:

Dt. JCH, Dt. CH-VDH, Dt. Vet. CH Prince of Goldenlove (3/18/2007-) [A1]
Pany of Goldenlove (3/18/2007-) [BIB]

Out of Aezhenn des Cimes Etoilées:

Drake of Heaven Koad ar Galon (6/16/2008-) [Unknown HD A/B(20??)]

Out of SU(U)CH, NUCH, SE VW 2014 Dewmist Star Of Africa:

Swe Ch, Danish Ch, NordJV-11 Dewmist Glamourizer (6/18/2010-) [HD grad A (20110920)]
Dewmist Dramatizer (6/18/2010-)
SE(U)CH Dewmist Crystallizer (6/18/2010-) [B/C]

Out of Zaphier Lina Golden Angels of Oberach:

L. A. Rechardon's Déjà Vu Maya (10/9/2008-) [HD A/B(20??)]

Out of Elana of oh Carolina:

Jill of Oh Carolina

Out of Inter,Rus,RKF,CLUB,Blr,Est,Lt,Lv,Balt Ch. Mon Solei Larush Feeri:

C.I.B.,Rus,Blr,Lv,Lt,Club,RKF Riera Holy Hope (4/24/2013-) [FCI A]
JCh.Rus,Blr,Mne,Mde Riera Happiness For My Life (4/24/2013-)
MBISS.CIB.CIE.Ch RU/BY/CZ Riera Harisma Of Leader (4/24/2013-)
Ch.Rus,Blr,Club,Grand JCh.Rus,Est Riera Harmony In The Soul (4/24/2013-) [FCI B]
Riera History And Love (4/24/2013-)
JCh.Rus,Club Riera Highest World Star (4/24/2013-)
JCh.Rus,Club Riera Holiday Of My Dream (4/24/2013-)
JCh.Rus Riera Handsome Hunter For Glory (4/24/2013-)
Riera Heat On My Heart (4/24/2013-)

Out of Inter,Rus,Blr,Lt,Lv,Est,Baltic,RKF,Club Ch, GrCh Rus,Blr Strong Stael Regina Playmate:

CIB,CIE,Rus,Club,RKF,Cz,Ukr,Lt,Fin,Grand Ch Riera Byron Bay (10/30/2009-) [FCI A1/A1]
CIB,CIE,Rus,Cz,Lt,Lv,Ukr,Blr,RKF,Club,Grand Ch Riera Buena Vista (10/30/2009-) [FCI A1/A1]
Rus Ch, Rus J.Ch Riera Bora Bora (10/30/2009-)

Out of Lilla Flickan of the Morning Valley:

Intl' CH Break Of Dawn Ruby Tuesday (3/3/2007-) [OFA GR-99197G30M-VPI]
CH. Break of Dawn Could This Be Love (3/3/2007-) [A/A hips 2008]
BREAK OF DAWN UNCHAIN MY HEART (3/3/2007-) [Unknown A/A hips 2008]
Break Of Dawn I Have A Dream (3/3/2007-) [OFA GR-98556G27M-VPI]

Out of Vice-JWW'06, J. It Ch, J. Slo Ch Infinity Jambo-ree Victoria Towel Garden:

venetian spirit don't forget
venetian spirit dreams of water [A/A]
Venetian Spirit Seven Swans

Out of A Great Love of Golden Dream Team:

Bohemian Rhapsody of Golden Dream Team (10/5/2008-) [A2/A2]
Bohemian Rhapsodie of Golden Dream Team (10/5/2008-)
Bohemian Queen of Golden Dream Team (5/10/2008-) [B2]

Out of Ch.PL Kathleen Josephine Staszel:

JPL CH, JRUS CH Souvenir VENUS (3/17/2012-)
JPL CH, CH.Pl Souvenir VALETA (3/17/2012-) [HDA]

Out of WW'12. HSCH. HJCh. Dewmist Star Of The Blue Hope:

CIE. Ch. Best Wishes of the Famous Family (11/8/2008-) [A]
MultCh, ChUA, ChMOL, ChBYE, ChRUS, JChUa Big Boss of the Famous Family (11/8/2008-) [A/A(2011)]
Belissima of the Famous Family (2008-) [A/A]
JChRus, JCh NRC,ChRus,ChNRC,ChRKF,CACIB Bungee Jumping of the Famous Family (11/8/2008-) [FCI HD-A]
JunChRus, ChRus, JunChNkp, ChNkp, ChRKF Ballerina of the Famous Family (11/8/2008-) [HD A (2009)]
HJCH Born Wild of the Famous Family (8/11/2008-) [A]
Int.Ch.HRCh.RoCh.SKCh.HCh.HSCh.HJCh.Lux.JCh. Burning Hot of The Famous Family (11/8/2008-) [A/A (2010)]

Out of Lovely Lady de Zelkova:

BIS, IND GCH, IND CH Especially Made de Zelkova (3/15/2010-)
AmGCH CanCH Scandal Lover De Zelkova CGC (3/15/2010-) [BVA 3/5]
Chica Chic De Zelkova (3/15/2010-) [BVA 6:4]
Spanish Lady de Zelkova (2/26/2011-)
Crazy Lover de Zelkova (2/26/2011-) [B/B]
Miss French De Zelkova (2/26/2011-)
Eternal dreamer de zelkova (2/26/2011-)

Out of Senna (daughter of Quinty v. Mardi's Dreams):

The Golden Challenge Angel Amor (12/29/2006-) [Unknown A hips 314219]

Out of Victim Of Love de la Tribu Dorée:

Burning Love de la Tribu Dorée [A/A]

Out of Unicite du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre:

Baby Dole du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre (2006-) [FCI HD-A]
Baby Foot du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre (2006-)

Out of Baïka du Domaine du Vexin:

Isis Les Bidochons (1/12/2008-) [C/C]

Out of Body Talk vom Hallerstein:

Cha cha cha of Millroad (5/3/2008-) [A2]
Cherilynn of Millroad (3/6/2008-) [B2/B2]
Cheerful of Millroad (6/3/2008-) [C1/C1]

Out of V-EW'09, INT/SPA/PT CH Nativegold Diamond Forever to Ria Vela:

INT/SPA/PT/DK/GBZ/SWE/NOR CH, PT GR CH, GBZ JCH. Mad About You de Ria Vela CC & BOS at Crufts 2013, LW'11'12, OW'13, NW'12 (5/4/2008-) [BVA 6-3]
JEW´09, CIE, SP, SLO & PT CH Mon Cheri de Ria Vela (4/5/2008-) [Unknown B1]
Midnight Music at Ria Vela
Moon Shadow de Ria Vela (5/4/2008-) [BVA 5 - 3]
MIAMI GLOW DE RIA VELA (5/4/2008-) [BVA 4-3 ]

Out of My Precious of the morning valley:

Prince Anston Of The Morning Valley (7/12/2006-)
Pitt Stop of the morning valley (12/7/2006-)
Pretty In Pink Of The Morning Valley (7/12/2006-) [OFA GR-96202E24F-VPI]
Platinum Ice Of The Morning Valley (7/12/2006-)
Paisley Moon Of The Morning Valley (7/12/2006-)
Pebbles Of The Morning Valley (7/12/2006-)

Out of Fin JW`05, NordW 07, Ch Dewmist Sunsprite:

Heatwave Spirit Of Northern Skies (8/20/2011-)
Heatwave Spirit of Northern Light (8/20/2011-) [0:1]

Out of A Sweet Music Of Lanson Fields:

fergal dream (8/20/2008-) [B]

Out of Thuaidh Shape of my Heart:

Thuaidh My Foolish Heart (8/24/2007-) [Unknown A]

Out of Trouble In Paradise de Ria Vela:

HCh. SKCh. PlCh. Tiffany Yellow de Ria Vela Slovakian Club Winner '08 (6/15/2006-) [A/A (2007)]
Black Orlov de Ria Vela
Darya I Nur de Ria Vela (4/15/2006-)
SPA VCH Heart Of Eternity de Ria Vela (6/16/2006-) [BVA 5:5]

Out of Moondust Jolie Mome:

Baby june de la tribu dorée [A/B]

Out of It. Ch. KeasTailWind:

RollinsinAnyshade (LO0880056) (7/9/2007-) [BVA 3:4]
Chris Connor (7/9/2007-)
Ella Fitzgerald (7/9/2007-)
Gypsy Tailjazz (7/9/2007-)

Out of Jako's Ashbury Jewel:

Ashbury Believe In Love [A/A (2007)]
Ashbury Bubble Gum (7/8/2006-) [A/A (A1) ]
NUCH NV-09 Ashbury Back With Love to Jako's (7/8/2006-) [A1]

Out of Swanavly Silver Jenny:

Silver Passion A Day to Remember (8/27/2007-) [BVA B2]
SilverPassion A French Affair (8/27/2007-)
Silver Passion A Heart of Angel (8/27/2007-)
Silver Passion A Purple Rain (8/27/2007-)
Silver Passion A Star is Born (8/27/2007-)
Int.Sh.Ch.SerCh.CroCh.Gr.Ch.Mac.Ch.Mne.Ch.Bg.Ch.SerJCh. MakJCh. Silver Passion A Memory of Love Ger.V.Club.Ch.Hu.VCh (8/27/2007-) [A1 B1]
SilverPassion At the End of the Night (8/27/2007-) [B1/B1]

Out of Intern.Show CH,ÖJCH,SloJCH,ÖCH,SloCH,HRCH,CZCH Very Hot Shot du Pays de Boheme Austrian Show Winner 2007, ÖKV SuperChamp 2007:

Respectable´s Charmeuse (5/12/2010-) [A/A (2011)]
Respectable's Coeur de Lion (5/12/2010-) [A/A (2011)]
Respectable's Coeur d'Or (5/12/2010-)
Respectable's C'est la Vie (5/12/2010-)
Respectable's Charmeur (5/12/2010-)
Respectable's Chevalier (5/12/2010-)
Respectable's Caprice de Dieu (5/12/2010-)
Respectable's Cri du Coeur (5/12/2010-)
Respectable's Chanson d'Amour (5/12/2010-) [A/A (2011)]

Out of Chaveni's Willy Nilly:

Giddygold Heart of Heaven (4/28/2008-) [0/0]
Giddygold Golden Spirit In My Heart (4/28/2008-) [BVA 1:1 = 2]
Giddygold Harmony In My Heart (4/28/2008-)
Jch Rus, Ch Rus,Ch Cz, Ch Lit, Ch Lt, Ch BCU, GR Ch RUS, GRCh BCU, Ch CW Giddygold Heart of Love (4/28/2008-) [HD - A ]

Out of Lux. JCh String of Pearls Cinderella:

String of Pearls Fleurette (12/26/2006-) [A1]
String of Pearls Fair-Haired Boy (12/26/2006-)
String of Pearls Finnbar (12/26/2006-)
String of Pearls Fourwheeldrive (12/26/2006-) [A1]
String of Pearls Frou-Frou (12/26/2006-) [A1]
String of Pearls Fleur-de-Lis (12/26/2006-)
String of Pearls Fizzy Lemonade (12/26/2006-)
String of Pearls Flower Power (12/26/2006-) [A1]

Out of Ashbury Together For Ever:

INT CH, WW-10 Ashbury Conan Doyle (Selectif A) (6/3/2007-) [A1]
EST & LV & LTU & PL JCH, BALT JCH Ashbury Call Me Luis (6/3/2007-) [A/A (2008)]
CIB.CIE. SK-H-GrdCh. SK-H-Srb.Ch. SK-H.JCh. Ashbury Deep In My Heart (World Junior Clubwinner 2009) (5/29/2008-) [A/A ]
Ashbury Devoted Twinckle (5/29/2008-) [BVA 7:5]
Int.Sh.Ch,Dt.Vdh.Ch, Swe.Ch, Lux & Dt.VDH JCH, Ashbury Deep Impact Liepzig VDH Sieger,Brandenburg Jugendsieger 2009 (5/29/2008-) [A (2009.06.23) - Nederland]
Ashbury Cassiopea (6/3/2007-) [A/A]
Ashbury Deep Purple (5/29/2008-) [BVA 4:3 (FCI:A)]
Ashbury Dancing Queen

Out of JCH & CH Aireen Brdske Zlato ''U'':

Crazy Heart of Brdské Zlato (5/19/2007-) [OFA GR-101070G36M-VPI BVA 6:10]
Crazy About You Brdské Zlato (5/19/2007-) [Unknown B1 (2008)]
Crazy Sammy Brdske zlato (5/19/2007-) [B1 (2008)]
Crazy Sugar Sun Brdske zlato (5/19/2007-) [FCI C/C]
CH CZ & PL Crazy Corazon Brdske zlato (5/19/2007-5/10/2014) [FCI AA (2008)]
Crazy Loving Daisy Brdske zlato (5/19/2007-) [BVA 4:6]

Out of NL CH Dutch Consolidation Newsflash CW'12:

ENG SH CH, NL/LUX/DE/VDH CH Dutch Consolidation Galaxy JW '11, W'11 (11/11/2010-) [FCI A]
Dutch Consolidation Gala (11/11/2010-1/30/2012) [Unknown C 2011]
Dutch Consolidation Pioneer [FCI A]

Out of Ganwales Charming Choice:

Beautyfull Princess Casy vom Schwandedörfli (9/12/2008-)
Brain-Barney vom Schwandedörfli (9/12/2008-)
Brian vom Schwandedörfli [FCI B/C]
Schweizer Jugend-Schönheits-Champion Brian-Barney vom Schwandedörfli (9/12/2008-) [B/C]

Out of DUTCH VETERAN CHAMPION English Rose Of The Morning Valley Veteran Winster 2010:

Break Of Dawn Sunshine Of My Life (11/27/2007-) [Unknown 313395 A hips]
Break of Dawn Solid as a Rock (11/27/2007-) [313400 A hips]
Break Of Dawn Sweet Surrender (11/27/2007-) [OFA GR-99701G24F-NOPI]

Out of Lux Jr Ch Celtic Rose of the Morning Valley:

Razzle Dazzle of the Morning Valley (11/3/2008-)
Royal Diamond Of The Morning Valley (11/3/2008-) [OFA GR-102083F24F-VPI]
Rebel Yell of the Morning Valley (11/3/2008-) [A2/A2]
Int. Ch. Royal Flush Of The Morning Valley (11/3/2008-) [OFA GR-105209G36M-VPI]

Out of Champion Bul. Java-Script De Ducado De Espinosa:

Aust Ch.Jnr Ch Montenegro. VDH Jgdsgr JCH,JW´09 RAYNOX HEARTBREAKER VDH Rheinland-Jugendsieger Friedrichshafen 2009 (7/18/2008-) [BVA 5/6]
CanCH, JCh Mk RAYNOX Heart of Gold (7/18/2008-) [OFA GR-102397E29M-VPI FCI A/A]
RAYNOX Hold the Line (7/18/2008-)
RAYNOX Heaven's On Fire (7/18/2008-)
RAYNOX High Voltage (7/18/2008-)

Out of Stonedale Celestial Blue:

Imperium Salonae Cleopatra (2007-) [FCI A]

Out of Kildespring Puzzle of my Heart:

Kildespring Owner Of My Heart [B/C 2008]
Kildespring Billie Jean [A/A]

Out of Ashbury Sweet Summer Night:

Ashbury Easy Lover (6/23/2009-) [A2 / A2]
Ashbury Extra-Point (6/23/2009-)

Out of Marcella of the Hellacious Acres:

Stanwell Da Cabo (3/5/2007-) [A2]

Out of Dancroft A Little Violet's Return:

Little Violet's Jil Sander (12/25/2007-)
Little Violet's Johnny Deep (12/25/2007-) [HD C1]
Little Violet's Jean Paul Gaultier (12/25/2007-) [HD A1]
Little Violet's Jumpin' Jack Flash (12/25/2007-) [HD A1]
Little Violet's Jingle Bells (12/25/2007-) [HD A1]

Out of Int.Ch, Pl & Rus & Sk & Cz & Ro & Hu Ch, Pl.JCh Summertime of the Hellacious Acres:

I Love You Alter Idem (3/12/2008-)
Pl.Ch. I'm Your Man Alter Idem (3/12/2008-4/15/2019) [A/A ( 17.09.2009)]
I Dream Of You Alter Idem (3/12/2008-6/30/2012)

Out of MCH DualCH Delibes's Golden Marian:

Be My Angel Chaser Brdske zlato (12/15/2006-) [OFA GR-99998G36M-VPI]
Be My Dream Brdske zlato (12/15/2006-) [BB (2008)]
Be My Heart Brdske zlato (12/15/2006-) [AA (2008)]
Fi & Est CH Be My X-mas Star Brdske zlato (12/15/2006-) [BB (2008)]
Be My Sky Brdske zlato (12/15/2006-) [CD (2008)]
JCH SK Be My X-mas Angel Brdske zlato (12/15/2006-) [FCI AA (2008)]

Out of Limaro's Golden Anais-Shari:

Limaro's Golden Gorgeous Blueprint (11/10/2007-) [A/A]
Limaro's Golden Gospel meets Soul (11/10/2007-)
Limaros Golden Genious Mind (10/11/2007-) [FCI A/A]
Limaro's Golden Gracile Beaute (11/10/2007-) [A/A]

Out of Dutch/German Ch. Moondust Emma:

Moondust Sugarbush (4/24/2007-)
Moondust Shakespeare (4/24/2007-)
MultCh, ChRus, Mol, Bye, RKF, NRC, JChRus&Mol&NRC Moondust Sherlock (4/24/2007-) [HD B(200?)]
Moondust Swing Swing (4/24/2007-) [A/A]
Moondust Solomon (4/24/2007-) [FCI A/A]

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