Golden Retriever

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Offspring of EST & LV & LT & RUS & BALT JCH BALT JW05 Dewmist Silk Spirit (3/27/2004-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of LV & LT & EST & BALT CH Milbu Mariska:

Krispello Korina Korres Sanbukki (2/6/2013-)
LV JCH, LV & EST & RUS & RKF(РКФ) CH Katt Kathew Explorer Sanbukki (2/6/2013-)

Out of Festival's Saint'n Sinner:

Double Flame Joe Shance (7/23/2012-)
Double Flame Jaytron Spirit (7/23/2012-)
Double Flame Jason Shane (7/23/2012-)
Double Flame Jamie Shine (7/23/2012-)

Out of Lt & Lv J Ch Alfeka Siaures Zvaigzde Selene:

La Palma Selene (7/8/2006-) [D/C (2008)]

Out of Gypsy's Soul Gooseberry:

Gypsy's Soul Rowan (5/29/2012-)
Gypsy's Soul Rosbert (5/29/2012-)
Gypsy's Soul Ribosome (5/29/2012-) [FCI A]
Gypsy's Soul Riberry (5/29/2012-)
Gypsy's Soul Raspberry (5/29/2012-)
Gypsy's Soul Roseberry (5/29/2012-) [FCI C]
CIB CIE EST V CH LV CH LT CH BALT CH EST JCH LV JCH LT JCH BALT JCH RUS JCH BLR CH RUS CH HR CH Gypsy's Soul Rambutan Qualified on the field (5/29/2012-) [FCI B/B]
CIE EE CH, LT CH, EE&LV&SI&ME JCH BALT JW13 Gypsy's Soul Rosemary (5/29/2012-) [FCI B]

Out of Siimline's Mysticque:

Siimline's Travolta (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Toblerone (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Tiara (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's This is It (2/15/2007-)
EST JUN CH EST CH EST VET CH TLN VETW16 EST VETW16 Siimline's Theodor (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Theo Dorian James (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Thats Hit (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Tequila (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Tabasco (2/15/2007-)
Siimline's Trick or Treat (2/15/2007-)

Out of Guldfynd's Alexandria Aissele:

Guldfynd's Eucalyptus (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Enrico Ecco (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Enely Elizabeth (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Emporio Enger (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Emmeliine Estee (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Emile Emerson (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Elias Ezzo (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Eivor Edith (7/21/2006-)
Guldfynd's Edward Echo (7/21/2006-)

Out of Forta Herkus:

Gypsy's Soul Justina (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Junior (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Juliet (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Jonatan (2/17/2006-) [OFA GR-96517E30M-PI]
Gypsy's Soul Jojo (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Jewel (2/17/2006-8/12/2009)
Gypsy's Soul Jesper (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Jasper (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Jasmine (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Jaffa (2/17/2006-)
Gypsy's Soul Jackpot (2/17/2006-)

Out of Sel Fantastika:

Gypsy's Soul Knight (2/3/2007-)
Gypsy's Soul Kisses (2/3/2007-)
Gypsy's Soul King (2/3/2007-)
Gypsy's Soul Kenton (2/3/2007-)
Gypsy's Soul Kalista (2/3/2007-)
Gypsy's Soul Ithaca (11/27/2005-)
Gypsy's Soul Isabella (11/27/2005-)
Gypsy's Soul Iggy (11/27/2005-)
Gypsy's Soul Idol (11/27/2005-)
Gypsy's Soul Icarius (11/27/2005-)
Gypsy's Soul Ibiza (11/27/2005-)
Gypsy's Soul Isis (11/27/2005-)

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