Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Major Gregory of High Farms OS (11/7/1965-1975)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Golden Meadow's Mandy:

Lance of Gold II (10/18/1968-)

Out of Golden Mermaid:

Golden Sea Nymph (1/17/1968-)
Golden Sea Horse (1/17/1968-)

Out of Penelope Of Marshall Ridge:

Pumpkin Of Tab Hill (4/19/1969-)
Glenraven's Lord Barrington (4/19/1969-)

Out of Cinnamon Brandy:

High Farms Butterwick Maid (7/2/1969-)
Lady Windemere Of High Farms (7/2/1969-)

Out of High Farms Golden Success:

Major's Masterpiece (3/7/1967-)

Out of Brandy's Golden Georgy Girl:

Springtime's Golden Poppy CD (3/24/1971-)

Out of Tasha Aronie:

Joshua Of Onaway (2/17/1971-)

Out of High Farms Columbia:

High Farms Melody (4/2/1967-)

Out of Westview's Bonnie Jo:

Major Love Bug (9/20/1967-)

Out of Jubilee's Cherry Blossom:

Totoket's Lady Jane Grey (4/24/1971-)

Out of High Farms Champagne Vintage:

High Farms Golden K.C. (8/28/1967-)
Joshua Of Lyme (8/14/1969-)
High Farms Colleen (8/14/1969-)
High Farms Squire Tecumseh (8/28/1967-)
High Farms Molly (8/28/1967-)

Out of Sunset's Sandy Of Torne Mt.:

Ginger Of Logan Billiou (12/4/1970-)

Out of Lady Joyce:

Van Dijk's Lucky Goldust (12/2/1968-)
My Fair Rubia (4/22/1968-)
Hidden Lake's Copper (4/22/1968-)
Princess Melcratod II (12/2/1968-)

Out of Chickasaw's Christy Bell:

CH Sage Of Woodland CD (2/20/1973-)

Out of Duchess Of Brandywine (SA409057):

Lover Duck's Jack Daniels (5/17/1968-)
Lover Duck's Snap-E-Tom (5/17/1968-) [OFA GR935]

Out of Jessica for Prime Reasons:

Abigail For Prime Reasons (11/24/1973-)

Out of Orevenir's Early Autumn:

Orevenir's Raising Cain (12/28/1969-)

Out of Ritzy Jewel CD:

Norton's Golden Armagnac UD WCX (7/16/1972-) [OFA GR-2792]
Lady Amber Tokay CD (7/16/1972-)

Out of High Farms Natasha Smirnoff:

Lover Duck's High Farms Gimlet
Chucklebrook Jingle (12/22/1972-) [OFA GR-2949]
Sundancer (12/22/1972-)
High Farms Golden Braid (12/22/1972-) [OFA GR-4111]

Out of Chucklebrook Waggedy Anne:

Chucklebrook Brass Holiday CD (3/18/1973-)

Out of High Farms Ginger Beau:

Sweet Kasha of High Farms (2/3/1972-)

Out of High Farms Jo-Dees Sherpa:

High Farms Miss Muffet (12/3/1966-2/11/1970)

Out of High Farms Jill's Beau Joy:

High Farms Robert Gregory (6/6/1975-) [OFA GR-6213]

Out of Mike's Caramel Candy:

Major General Baffin (12/2/1971-)

Out of Chickasaw's Golden Girl:

High Farms Apricot Brandy (8/22/1972-) [OFA GR-6883]
High Farms Meadow Mist (4/8/1973-) [OFA GR 3498]

Out of Tove (SA717279):

CH Major Winthrop Pooh (11/21/1970-)
Anna Keranina (SB007799) (11/21/1970-)
Sweet Penny (11/21/1970-)
Captain Gus (11/21/1970-)

Out of Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Copy Girl:

Winchester's Sweet Heather (1/22/1973-)

Out of Feather Fetch Marcia Belle:

Feather Fetch Rhoda (10/30/1968-)
Feather Fetch Tammy Girl (10/30/1968-)

Out of La Bella Golden Tinka:

Katy's Bittersweet Irish Mist (4/26/1970-)
Major Gregory's Golden Honey (4/26/1970-)

Out of Star Princess of Paulshar:

Golden Star Of Joji Hill (10/14/1968-)
Am. CH. High Farms Lady Guinevere CD (10/14/1968-)

Out of P J's Copper Penny:

Ch High Farms Jill O'Lantern (9/13/1968-)
Duntuick's Mighty Prancer (8/30/1967-)

Out of Am. CH High Farms Miss Carnaby:

Capricorn Princess Margaret (5/4/1971-)

Out of High Farms Delight CD:

High Farms Chiquita (5/24/1968-)
Torne Mt's Amber Delight (3/1/1967-)
Torne Mt's Sheba (3/1/1967-)
Torne Mountain's Charisma (5/24/1968-)
Am. CH. High Farms Shasta Dawn (3/1/1967-)

Out of Am. CH. Jo-Dee's Golden Sun Spray CD:

Jo-Dee's Golden Jason
Jo-Dee's October Haze (10/13/1969-)
Jo-Dee's Winter Frolic (10/13/1969-)
Jo-Dee's October Twister (10/13/1969-)

Out of Brazen Bonnie:

Bittersweet Charisma (5/19/1969-)
Am. CH. High Farms Michael (5/19/1969-)

Out of Spun Gold Duchess/Soun Gold Duchess:

Christie's Golden Emerald (3/17/1969-)
Patrick Gregory Of Surry (3/17/1969-)

Out of Tigathoe's Pandora:

Princess Dorado (7/31/1970-)
High Farms Gay Katrinka WC (7/31/1970-) [OFA GR-1161]

Out of Shadowbrook Fancy Free:

Can. CH. High Farms Laska

Out of Am. CH High Farms Honkey Dory:

Am. CH High Farms Dandy of Wildwood (10/16/1970-)

Out of High Farms Brassy Lucy Locket:

Missy Clancy (2/17/1968-)

Out of Darlington Del-Beth Rochelle OD:

Franklin Moreland Webster (11/18/1971-)
Moreland's Golden Quest (11/18/1971-) [OFA GR-2985]
Moreland's Golden Penny (11/18/1971-)
Goldie Moreland Gibbon (11/20/1970-)
Moreland's Golden Lancer CDX (11/18/1971-)
Am. CH. Amber Tory Of Moreland (11/20/1970-) [OFA GR-1402]
Moreland's Golden Fuzzball (11/20/1970-) [OFA GR-1401 ]
AmCH Moreland's Golden Bonnie (11/20/1970-) [OFA GR-1403]
Am.Ch. Moreland's Major Sam CD OS SDHF (11/20/1970-) [OFA GR-2258]

Out of Amberly Of RR Mills:

Tawny Rascal CD (7/18/1970-)

Out of Am. CH. High Farms Golden Virgo:

High Farms Golden Rima (11/20/1967-)
High Farms Bonnie (5/5/1969-)
High Farms Pago Pago (5/5/1969-)
High Farms Tirzah CD (11/20/1967-)
Am. CH. High Farms Virgo's Pumpkin (11/20/1967-)
High Farms Moon Orbit (5/5/1969-) [OFA GR-2027]

Out of Am. CH. Copper Kettle Cinnamon Glory CD * OD:

Copper Kettle's Mayflower (11/27/1968-)
Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Pilgrim Pride CD * (11/27/1968-)
Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Wishbone CD * (11/27/1968-)
Copper Kettle's Kris Miss Wish (12/15/1970-)
Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Pfeffernusse (12/15/1970-)
Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Glory's Gobler CD WC (11/27/1968-)

Out of Am. CH. Tammy Of Railroad Mills OD:

R R Mills' Tam's Pride And Joy (7/21/1969-)
Am. CH. Moonlight Diana (7/21/1969-) [OFA GR-813]
AmCH Railroad Mills Tam's Finale (7/21/1969-) [OFA GR-1393]

Out of AmCH Golden Pine's Down Payment OD:

Golden Pine High Farms Repeat CD (1/4/1968-)
Golden Pine's Tiny Tim OS (1/4/1968-5/16/1979) [OFA GR283]

Out of Am. CH. Golden Pine's Finale Miss OD:

Finale Farm's Jeb Stuart (1/13/1970-)
Am CH Finale Farm's Jubal Early CD (1/13/1970-) [OFA GR-1294]

Out of High Farms Golden Satinwood **:

High Farms Whipped Cream (9/23/1966-)
High Farms Plucky (9/23/1966-)

Out of Am. CH. Tigathoe's Gold Digger CD OD:

Belle Mount Digs Wiggin (4/20/1971-)
Am/Can CH Belle Mount Digs Lady Jane (4/20/1971-)

Out of Am. CH. High Farms Botacita:

High Farms True Grit (4/12/1970-) [OFA GR-1099]

Out of Am. CH. Laurell's Amiable Caboose OD:

Laurell's Erica CD (1/16/1971-9/25/1986)
Laurell's Edited Edition (1/16/1971-)
Am. CH. Laurell's Extra Extra CDX TD * (1/16/1971-)
Laurell's Etego Catawba CD (1/16/1971-)
Am./Can. CH. Laurell's Especial Jason Am./Can. UDT WC OS SDHF (1/16/1971-3/31/1984) [OFA GR-1320]

Out of High Farms Sagittarius CDX WC:

High Farms Peppermint Patty (5/26/1967-)
Am./Can./Bda. CH. High Farms Charlie Brown CD OS (2/26/1967-) [GR-364]

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