Golden Retriever

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Offspring of WW'09'11, EW'07'08, JEW'05, Int CH, Multi CH Dewmist Silk Screen Working Test, Middle European Winner 2006 (3/27/2004-8/28/2018)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Int.Ch.HRCh.RoCh.SKCh.HCh.HSCh.HJCh.Lux.JCh. Burning Hot of The Famous Family:

Pearl of Hunters Stormy Summer (7/17/2013-) [OFA GR-114784E27F-VPI]
C.I.B.,C.I.E.,RoJCh,HJCh,SRJCh,HRJCh,BGCH,ROCH,HRCH,SRBCH,HCH Pearl of Hunters Stormy Sky (7/17/2013-) [FCI A/A (2014)]
HCh,Srb Ch,RoCH,RoGRCH Pearl of Hunters Stormy Love (7/17/2013-) [A/A]

Out of KBHV-13, SE U(U)CH, DKUCH Endicott Pearl Of Pearls:

SE CH Dewmist Storm From Above (10/31/2012-)
Dewmist Storm On The Moon (10/31/2012-) [BVA 7/4 ]
Dewmist Storm Legacy (10/31/2012-)

Out of 3 CACIB, EXC au Championnat de France Divine Beauty du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre:

Gabana de la Cite des Etangs (12/13/2011-) [B/B]
GUAPISIMO de la Cite des Etangs (2011-) [FCI A/B (France)]
RUS/RKF/NAT. RETRIEVER CLUB CH Galaxy Energy de la Cite des Etangs (12/13/2011-) [AA]

Out of H.JCh,Hr.JCh Messano Goes To Sunnyfields:

UCI Nat & Int JR CH Sunnyfields Goldens Euphoria (8/18/2011-)
Tr CH , Tr JCh Sunnyfield's Goldens Eclipse (8/18/2011-)
UCI Nat CH, UCI Nat JR CH, UCI Int. & Nat.Baby CH Sunnyfields Goldens Escada (8/18/2011-)
Sunnyfields Goldens Egoist (8/18/2011-)
Sunnyfield's Goldens Efendi (8/18/2011-)

Out of Break Of Dawn Sunshine Of My Life:

Int Nat (USA) CH Break Of Dawn Taken By Storm (2/24/2010-) [OFA GR-106575G27M-VPI]
Int'l, Nat'l, Jr CH Break Of Dawn Snowstorm (2/24/2010-)
Break of Dawn Sweet Little Mystery (2/24/2010-) [A hips 2784356]
Break of Dawn Sweet Mystery Of Life (2/24/2010-) [A hips 2784357]
Int'l Nat'l Jr CH Break Of Dawn Serendipity (2/24/2010-) [Unknown Prelim, 16 mo Good]

Out of Galans Melange:

Galans Rubint (9/28/2006-)
Galans Rapli (9/28/2006-) [FCI A (2008)]

Out of HJCH, HCH Cosmona's Keepsake Club winner:

C.I.B. , GrChSK, ChSK, ChPL, ChRO Cinderella of the Famous Family (11/2/2010-) [A/A]
RoJCH, RoCH Caruso Of The Famous Family Derby Winner (2/11/2010-) [FCI A/A (2013) MKOE]
ISShCh Allways on My Mind of Famous Family (3/29/2008-)
RUSCH,JCHRUS,4xCHNKP,CHRKF All My Dream in Famous Family (3/29/2008-) [HD A ]
HJCH All Need in Famous Family (3/29/2008-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Zampanzar Dream:

Pannon Terra Perfect Driver (6/25/2007-)

Out of Ro JCH, CHRo Blues Star Music of Glen Sheallag:

JCHRo Picture Perfect Of Clear Passion (2/4/2011-) [B]
Jr.Int CH Peace In The Storm Of Clear Passion (2/4/2011-)
Pure Class Of Clear Passion (2/4/2011-)

Out of Inassicas Water Primula:

Apple GR From Babelsbergi (3/4/2008-) [OFA GR-107880G41F-VPI]
Astra G.R. From Babelsbergi (3/4/2008-)
Can. CH Amadeus G.R. From Babelsbergi (3/4/2008-) [OFA GR-102666G35M-VPI]
CanCH Angel G.R. from Babelsbergi (3/4/2008-)

Out of JEW'05, HCh., HJCh. Shamrock Duchess of Shangri-La:

Shamrock Stormy Love (3/11/2008-)
Shamrock Stormy Sea (3/11/2008-)
IntCh. HCh. CroCh. SkCh. SrbCh. MacCh. SrbJCh. Shamrock Stormy Skies (3/11/2008-) [FCI B]


Call Me Irresistable Of Clear Passion [FCI HD A]
Cover Girl Of Clear Passion (7/14/2010-)
RomJCH Chase The Storm Of Clear Passion (7/14/2010-) [OFA GR-107630G30M-PI]
Celebrate the Day of Clear Passion (7/14/2010-6/21/2018) [OFA GR-106362E24M-VPI]

Out of MultCh, GrChBul, ChBul, Ua, Bye, Mol, Mak, Bal Victoria's Secret Rococo:

INDIAN ch Victorias secret extraordinario feliz (1/1/2010-)
Victoria's Secret Ella Es Obra Maestra
InterCh, MultiCh Victoria's Secret El Estilo De La Reina
BIS.Ind.Ch Victorias Secret Extradordinario Feliz
MultCh, ChUa, Ch Mg, Az, Cy, Md, Mac Victoria's Secret El Cazador Autentico JChUa
Victoria's Secret Elusive Magic Wind (7/31/2009-)

Out of INTCh.HJCh.HCh.HGCh.HSCh Kalocsahazi Ursula:

Kalocsahazi Zako
Kalocsaházi Zúzmara (10/31/2007-)
Kalocsahazi Zenit (10/31/2007-)
Kalocsahazi Zuzmara (10/31/2007-) [HD:0/0]
Kalocsahazi Zapor (10/31/2007-)

Out of VWW'13. HVCH. HSCh. HJCh. Sunnyfield's All My Lovin' Clubwinner 2009 + BOB +R.BIS:

Wind Lovin' Brilliant Baby (1/30/2008-) [A]
Wind Lovin' Beach Bum (1/30/2008-)
Wind Lovin' Beauty Queen (1/30/2008-)
Wind Lovin' Blueberry Cake (1/30/2008-)
Wind Lovin' Bounty Island (1/30/2008-)
Wind Lovin' Baby Lollipop (1/30/2008-) [A]
Wind Lovin' Be My Love (1/30/2008-)
Wind Lovin' Butterfly Kisses (1/30/2008-)
HJCh. HSCh. Wind Lovin' Bliss Blossom Clubwinner'11+BIS (1/30/2008-) [A]
HSCH. HCH. HGRCH. SRBCH. SRBGRCH. CIB Wind Lovin Bright Spirit (1/30/2008-12/11/2013) [A]

Out of Italian- San Marino CH. Pinkerly Jackie Brown Young Ch. S. Marino:

Marybel Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (10/1/2009-) [BVA BVA 3:3]
Marybel Star Storm (LO1020319) (10/1/2009-) [BVA 3:3]
Int.Ch. Marybel Star Stream TAN, Selectif A and B (10/1/2009-) [A/A 2010]
Marybel Starry Night (10/1/2009-) [BVA 5:3 (FCI=A2)]

Out of Shamrock Saphire:

Swiftwit Delightful Surprise (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Inspiration (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Success (6/28/2007-) [HD:A2]
Swiftwit Delightful Dream (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Mission (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Secret (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Discovery (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Hope (6/28/2007-)
Swiftwit Delightful Vision (6/28/2007-)

Out of ICH,SCG.CH,Ro.Ch,Hch,HSHCH,HGCh,MKSZ.HCH-HGCH Erdoskerti Quixotic Ability Test, Working Test, Breed Exhibition:

Fly Away From Mariannehouse (5/3/2008-)
Fresh Sex From Mariannehouse (5/3/2008-) [OFA GR-105177F44F-VPI (FCI: B)]
C.I.B,SRB-BG.-Mont.-Mac.Ch, Mac.-Bul.Jun.Ch Felicity Queen from Mariannehouse Junior Clubwinner 2009, Working Trial: Res. CACT (3/5/2008-) [HD:B(2009)]
Int.Ch (USA) Future Breeze from Mariannehouse (3/5/2008-) [BVA 4:6]
SRB.Ch,Ro.Ch,UA.Ch, 2*HJCH,Derby Win 09' Full O'Fan from Mariannehouse Ability&Wesen Test,Working test-1.prize(100/80) (5/3/2008-) [A (2010.06.01) - Hungary]
INT.Ch,INT.Sh.Ch, Multi Ch. Face to Face from Mariannehouse 2010 Top Golden-Retriever in Hungary (5/3/2008-) [A(2009.05.28)]

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