Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Goldwood Pluto *** OS (12/2/1936-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Victoria (A781892):

Peggy of Minnesota (7/3/1944-)

Out of Bushaway Banty:

Ten-Ho Tanya (9/12/1945-)
Ten-Ho Sonya (9/12/1945-)
Ten-Ho Misha (9/12/1945-)
Ten-Ho Liev (9/12/1945-)
Ten-Ho Varva (9/12/1945-)
Ten-Ho Bora (9/12/1945-)

Out of Judy of Willow Lake:

Kingdale's Ladygold (4/16/1943-)

Out of Penelope of Willow Loch:

Victoria (A781892) (9/10/1942-)
Goldwood Michael UD OBHF (9/10/1942-1956)

Out of Goldwood Cantonette:

Lynn Of Goldwood (1/7/1951-)
Gip Of Goldwood (1/7/1951-)
Goldwood Nod (2/16/1948-)
Goldwood Blynken (2/16/1948-)
Goldwood Wynken (2/16/1948-)

Out of Vic Of Willow Loch:

Goldwood Count Of Dellwood (9/15/1945-)
Don Of Garfield (9/15/1945-)
Ve-Day Of Willow Loch (3/9/1945-)
Goldwood Eric (3/9/1945-)
Goldwood Blitzen (3/9/1945-)
Evergold Toby (3/9/1945-)
Evergold Lucky Flicka (3/9/1945-)
Evergold Lady Veta (3/9/1945-)
Evergold Elmer (9/15/1945-)
Evergold Silken Floss (9/15/1945-)
Evergold Danny (9/15/1945-)
Rusty II (9/15/1945-)
Evergold Sprite (9/15/1945-)
Winyon's Dawn of Light (3/9/1945-)
Evergold Penny Brighton (9/15/1945-)
Evergold Amber (9/15/1945-)

Out of FC Banty of Woodend:

Laddy Of Bushaway (11/17/1943-)
Gilly Of Bushaway (11/17/1943-)
Pluto Of Bushaway (11/17/1943-)
Bushaway's Goldwood Nick (4/5/1942-)
Banty's Lucky Penny (11/17/1943-)
Bushaway's Golden Rocket *** (4/5/1942-)
Bushaway Rocket (4/5/1942-)
Banty's Pluto Of Bushaway (11/17/1943-)

Out of Stilrovin Guinea Girl:

Stilrovin Golden Trieve (5/23/1940-)
Stilrovin Export (5/23/1940-)
Stilrovin Redman Sam (5/23/1940-)
Stilrovin Rusty (5/23/1940-)
Goldwood Gunner (5/23/1940-)
Stilrovin Penny (5/23/1940-)

Out of Buff of Golden Valley:

Tonkahof Blaze (3/18/1941-)
Tonkahof Betty (3/18/1941-)
Tonkahof Beebe (3/18/1941-)
Tonkahof Bacchus (3/18/1941-)
Tonkahof Buckshot (3/18/1941-)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Bamby CD (3/18/1941-1949)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Bang *** OS SDHF (3/18/1941-2/3/1948)

Out of Belinda of Willow Lake **:

Jody (A661653) (8/4/1939-)
Duchess of Roc-Roix (8/4/1939-)
Minto Of Willow Loch (8/4/1939-)
Gertrude Of Willow Loch (8/4/1939-)
Ginger of Roc-Roix (8/4/1939-)

Out of Jill of Chateau d'Or:

Gold Girl Jill (1/5/1939-)
Lady Red (1/5/1939-)
Bosco (A372252) (1/5/1939-)
Goldwood Pluto's Evidence *** (1/5/1939-)
Chee-Chee (1/5/1939-)
Peter (A383401) (1/5/1939-)

Out of Sally (A673814):

Mitzie (A803596) (6/27/1944-)
King Butch (6/27/1944-)
Goldie (A803594) (6/27/1944-)
Golden Queen Of Hazel Park (6/27/1944-)

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