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Offspring of UK Ch Stolford Happy Lad (5/14/1969-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Chinta Solitaire:

Chinta Enchanter

Out of Deerflite Dutiful:

Leighcourt Henry

Out of Sally Ann Of Kenstaff:

Shellard Capella

Out of Stolford Bianco:

Stolford Penny Serenade

Out of D'oro Miele:

Elemi Whirlwind
Elemi Bonnie Coppernob

Out of Myrann Berenice:

Myrann Solo

Out of Regency Bianca at Woodbarn:

Woodbarn Happy Bianca

Out of Bryanstown Musidore:

Bryanstown Adonis (1977-)

Out of Lilandi Golden Lizette:

Lilandi Golden Titan

Out of Mornmist Natasha:

Mornmist Olivia

Out of Braconcott Annalise:

Lizandwe Achernar
Lizandwe Borealis

Out of Anstrome Aurora of Stolford:

Stolford Sorrel
Stolford Specialist

Out of Anatas Teecon Cassiope:

Anatas Copernican

Out of Chafforn Chincherinchee:

Chafforn Invincible of Goldrush
Chafforn Independence
Chafforn Indomitable Of Halebourne (3/31/1975-)

Out of Stolford Dubonnet:

Litelion Ambassador
Lifelion Ambassador
Joseph of Belcarim

Out of Elaine of Milo:

Bryn Bras Jalmun

Out of Solara of Stolford:

Stolford Happy Memories of Alveston

Out of Bryanstown Shenandoah:

Barleybanks Tigers Eye
Barleybanks Easter Parade

Out of Stolford Halsham Honey End:

Stolford Magna (4/23/1972-)
Stolford Beric

Out of Marina of Lyngate:

Can CH Last Laugh of Stolford (6/10/1972-) [OFA GR-2850]

Out of Eudora of Fivewinds:

Fivewinds Nelson

Out of Kitesmor Augusta:

Kitesmor Kerria
Kitesmor Primrose

Out of Winley Golden Sapphire of Stolford:

Stolford Cracker Of Dooneryan
Dutch Ch., Int. Ch. Stolford Crispin (1/8/1977-)

Out of Micklehithe New Year Joy:

Micklehithe Elma

Out of Streamrise Sally Ann:

Streamrise Cedrela of Illons
Streamrise Todu (3/22/1977-1990) [BVA Total 8]

Out of Regency Biancha:

Woodbarn Ellish
Woodbarn Swell Fella

Out of Synspur Becky:

Synspur Jolly
Synspur Gay

Out of Moonswell Dora Of Brensham:

Eng. Ch. Brensham Audacity (3/16/1976-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Guisnes Gretal:

Eng. SH. CH. Stolford Sugar Bush (9/12/1975-)

Out of Ormesby Tosca:

S.A. Ch Stolford Tarbuck of Buyisa FQ
Eng. SH. CH./N.Z. CH. Happy Chance Of Stolford (7/25/1972-9/1987)

Out of Stolford Sherry:

Stolford Happy Choice
Stolford Happy Days (2/6/1975-)
CanCH Stolford Happy Dreams CD (2/6/1975-)
Can CH Stolford Martell
Stolford Sherpa (3/26/1977-)
Stolford Madeira
Stolford Sheriff (3/26/1977-)
Stolford Bilberry
Eng. CH. Stolford Sheralee Of Talleego (3/26/1977-)
Eng. CH. Stolford Merienda (4/6/1973-)

Out of Ardinia Athelfleda:

Ardinia Clansman
Ardinia Country Girl
Eng. CH. Ardinia Barcarolle (11/8/1972-)

Out of Salora Of Stolford:

Stolford Cedar of Jolett
Can Ch Stolford Touch Of Midas OD (3/24/1978-) [OFA GR-9660-T]
NZ CH Stolford Golden Willow
Eng. SH. CH. Stolford Likely Lad (3/24/1978-)

Out of Sherinsea Simba:

Bell Blonde of Horham

Out of Bryanstown Crouchers Nikitu:

Bryanstown Candy
Bryanstown Cupid (5/14/1976-)
Bryanstown Cora

Out of Cattrysse Amanda Jane:

Eng. SH. Ch. Cattrysse Chevalier JW (9/17/1974-2/1987) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Janacre Gaiety Of Bryanstown:

Bryanstown Modesty Blaise
Bryanstown Solo
Eng. CH. Bryanstown Gaucho KCJW SGWC (4/12/1977-7/21/1990) [BVA Hip Score 1:1]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Stolford Jasmine:

Stolford Gay Tosca
SA Ch Stolford Gay Voyager of Buyisa FQ [00]
Can CH Stolford Carrie Can CDX OD (5/7/1974-) [OFA GR-4663-T]

Out of Eng. CH. Deerflite Endeavour Of Yeo:

Cascade of Yeo (10/24/1971-)
Crispin of Yeo
SUCH Enterprise of Yeo (8/22/1975-) [A1]
Solitaire of Yeo of Bryanstown
Can CH Shadywell Catkin of Yeo
CanCH Cedarcroft Echo of Yeo CanCD
Elegance of Yeo (8/22/1975-) [ua /clear]
NUCH Caliph of Yeo (10/24/1971-) [Sweden ua 1972]
Calypso Of Yeo
Cedric Of Yeo (10/24/1971-)
Caprice Of Yeo (10/24/1971-) [BVA Hip Score 0:1]
Caravelle Of Yeo
Eng. SH. CH. Concord Of Yeo (10/24/1971-)
NUCH Likely Lad of Yeo (8/22/1975-) [HD fri Norden (19??)]

Out of Westley Emma:

Westley Knegarens Jenny
Westley Joshua
Westley Jemima

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