Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. CH. Camrose Nicolas of Westley (10/31/1957-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Mundenbury Gold Guinea:

Westley Mathias (3/16/1966-)
Mathias of Westley

Out of Bramblewoods Golden Gem of Frant:

Tanya of Bramblewoods

Out of Gemini of Cleavers:

Boy Of Crason
Belle Of Crason

Out of Camrose Wistara:

Styal Snowstorm (of Camrose Nicolas of Westley)
Styal Sandboy

Out of Trambitops Sally:

Nicholas of Labama

Out of Rebel Maid of Gonzalo:

Anna Bolena of Gonzalo

Out of Freyland Tessa:

Kimbermore of Eidrah
Debutante of Eidrah

Out of Seashower of Boyers:

Seashanty of Boyers

Out of Mary Rose of Elvey:

Kestrel Of Sunbree

Out of Sharon of Mariville:

Jessamyn of Kerrydrew

Out of Acquaintance of Jucridor:

Gay Lady of Jucridor

Out of Belle Amie:

Candelab Nicola
Amesbury Belle Star
Amesbury Belle Anna
Amesbury Belle Boy

Out of Camrose Val:

Ripford Adonis

Out of Grinfarm Annina:

Goldeen Ted
Goldcrest Tony

Out of Synspur Galina:

Synspur Lycette

Out of Wildwind Ambertanya:

Wildwind Cedar

Out of Golden Oread of Purley:

Golden Oracle of Purley

Out of Crouchers Henrietta:

Carvanne Flaxelm Tricia

Out of Ba-Ba-Lu of Rusclose:

Rusclose Rafael
Rusclose Regatta

Out of Arabella of Beda:

Solo Hickmoor

Out of Lindys Nikita:

Lindys Storytime of Westley
Lindys Simba
Lindys Sovereign Lad

Out of Lady Gloria of Is-y-Coed:

Aurora of Lawncropped (1964-)

Out of Suku Suku:

Tomani Greenfinch (10/23/1965-)

Out of Vixen of Brambletyne:

Crowell Starlet (5/31/1961-)

Out of Foxridge Selene:

Samson of Westley CD (3/24/1968-)

Out of Lilandi Golden Tango:

Denewell Golden Bess

Out of Anatas Good Fortune:

Robert of Westley
Anatas Toccatella
Fairmead Doublon
Anatas Toccatelle

Out of Byxfield Damsel:

Charmwell Bracken Of Shargleam

Out of Romside Timberscombe Myrtle:

Romside Recorder
Broadwaters Lady Teana

Out of Mandy of Essendene:

Rivermoor Captain (9/13/1964-)
Rivermoor Sorrel

Out of Brambletyne Castelnau Fughetta:

Victoria Of Brambletyne

Out of Lorna of Biltor:

Myra of Biltor

Out of Lindys Saralyn:

Lindy's Kathryn Of Briarcopse
Lindys Kenbride

Out of Littlecombe Josephine:

Can CH Timberlee Rebel SDHF (10/20/1968-)

Out of Tuppence Of Skroy:

Woodbarn Summertime
Woodbarn Nickson

Out of Wisborough Camrose Xenia:

Drummond of Coolderry
Wisborough White Christmas
Wisborough Santa's Boy (10/16/1965-)

Out of Brocas Fairytale:

Brocas Bruce (9/19/1962-)
Beaver Brocas Belinda

Out of Amontillado Of Cicester:

Chandy Of The Limes

Out of Freylang Tessa:

Rambler Of Eidrah

Out of Joriemour Izabella:

Suwannee Starflash

Out of Wakefield Chips:

Mandy Of Bulbourne

Out of Penkori Melanie:

Penkori Rosanna (11/2/1961-)
Vanrose Penkori Rosalind

Out of Ackuiline Golden Lady:

Taddington Corn Dolly
Taddington Lady Smock
Taddington Catrina

Out of Echo Of Westley:

Kenways Pedro of Westley (5/8/1963-)
Gaylord of Westley (1959-)
Gillian of Westley
Perry of Westley
Benedict Of Westley (9/10/1964-)
Eng. SH. CH. Pippa of Westley (5/8/1963-)

Out of Glennessa Crista:

CH Vanrose Volunteer QC
Am. CH. Vanrose Vanity (1/3/1965-)
NZ CH Vanrose Vanity-Fayre (3/1966-10/1980)

Out of Sansue Latisha:

Sansue Stargazer of Furleigh (1968-)
Int.Nor.CH Sansue Sunlover [HD A]
Sansue Showgirl (9/25/1968-)
Eng. CH. Sansue Saracen Of Westley (9/25/1968-)

Out of Ashwater Elsa:

Ashwater Victoria

Out of Linnet Of Lindys:

Lindys Johnnie

Out of Sider Of Yarlaw:

Dancer Of Yarlaw (4/8/1959-)
Lassi Of Yarlaw (4/8/1959-)

Out of Gold Crest Of Aldercarr:

Golden Nicola of Aldercarr
Palgrave Flash of Aldercarr

Out of Brambledown Sarie Marais:

Brambledown Harvester
Westrose Brambledown Honeysilk
Brambledown Locksley (6/5/1966-)

Out of Styal Camrose Gilda:

Styal Scarlet
Styal Sophia
Styal Sonnet Of Gyrima
Eng. CH. Styal Sibella (12/21/1965-)

Out of Broadwaters Geraldine:

Pinecrest Pirouette
Eng. CH. Pinecrest Topper (11/5/1964-)

Out of Gamebird Donshella Of Cressex:

Cossack of Cressex
Concerto of Cressex
Eng. CH. Chiming Bells Of Cressex (6/4/1969-)

Out of Lindys Linaria:

Lindys Orpheus (7/7/1966-)
Eng. CH. Lindys Olivia (7/7/1966-)

Out of Joriemour Anbria Liana:

Joriemour Ladybird
Danish CH Anbria Joriemour Lizbeth (3/2/1961-)
Joriemour Lily Marlene (1/6/1961-)
Crouchers Joriemour Luckystar

Out of Eng. CH. Melody Of Anbria:

Anbria Nectar of Gadeacres (8/7/1965-)
Anbria Neptune (8/7/1965-)

Out of Eng. CH. Kolahoi Willow Of Westley:

Noble One of Kolahoi

Out of Eng. CH. Camrose Tamarisk:

Camrose Rosatanya (5/17/1968-)

Out of Eng. CH. Chalice Of Altarnun:

Karen of Altarnun
Kirsty of Altarnun

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Tingel Ripple of Arbrook:

Tingel Davy Jones

Out of Camrose Wistansy:

Camrose Flavius
Camrose Flavella (1964-1976)

Out of Eng. CH. Camrose Pruella Of Davern:

Pinecrest Cerrie of Davern
Camrose Crystella of Davern
Clipper Of Davern

Out of Yana of Yeo:

Madonna of Yeo
Aust. CH. Golden Nicholas of Yeo Aust. CD (3/8/1964-)
Am. CH. Showman Of Yeo (3/8/1964-)

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