Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng Sh Ch, Int/Dutch/VDH/Ger/Nord/Swed Ch Sequins Shamrock WW'08, EW'04, 06, Vice-EW'07, JEW'03, Club winner (9/20/2002-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lovely Lady Jewel of Laura:

Star Sofie Jewel of Laura

Out of Dolcissimo Amore de Ria Vela:

BISS, SPA CH, PT JCH Carnaval Dorado Carpe Diem (2/18/2012-) [BVA 4-4]

Out of Venetian Spirit Easy Living:

Brave Big Bear Gold

Out of Leysand Jessica Jasmine Of Chadzo:

Chadzo Dream a Little Dream [4:3]

Out of Mystery Snowflake in Spring Anike:

Ask for Nigel of Carolin's Cottage (7/6/2009-) [B1/B2]
Ask for Finnegan of Carolin's Cottage (7/6/2009-) [FCI A2/A2]
Ask for Naomi of Carolin's Cottage (6/7/2009-) [A/B]

Out of Arctic Gold du Pays de Boheme:

Sequins Slynn (5/1/2008-)
Sequins Seccombe (5/1/2008-)
Sequins Sheldon
JEW'09 Sequins Selborne (5/1/2008-)

Out of Xanthous Dreamer Sarah:

Whispering Pines Charming Girl (4/1/2005-) [A]

Out of JEW'03 Kukkola Rewind for Highlanders:

Champion della Tenuta degli Highlanders (2/9/2005-)

Out of Dutch Ch Xanthous Prue:

MOL,EST,UA CH / UA JCH. Xanthous Sweet November FT DUCK (10/4/2009-) [FCI A/А(2010)]

Out of Circle of Life Zazou v.'t Keijsershof:

Dancing Sapphire of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-) [A]
Dancing Ruby of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)
Dancing Chrystal of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)
Dancing Jade of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-6/26/2019)
Dancing Jewel of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)
Dancing Copper of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)
Dancing Topaz of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-5/24/2019)
Dancing Gold of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)
Dancing Diamond of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)
Dancing Onyx of Aislynn Forest (8/17/2009-)

Out of Woodland Paradise Annabella:

Woodland Paradise Music for Floris (2/10/2006-)
Woodland Paradise Song for Inez (3/16/2004-) [A0]

Out of Chilosacyane v.d. Kraay Heide:

Saksis Amica Manu v.d. Kraay Heide

Out of Selma du Pays Sauvage:

Vinha Lookie du Pays Sauvage (10/28/2004-10/29/2018) [FCI A/A]
Voyageur Solitaire du Pays Sauvage

Out of Always On My Mind v.h. Aambeeld:

Very Much Like Vicky v.h. Aambeeld (8/27/2004-)

Out of LV CH, LV JCh Waterlily Oligarchia:

Latvian Junior Champion and Champion Milbu Nickson (1/22/2009-2011)
Milbu Nadina C.I.E., C.I.B., LV,LT,UA,RU,EE,PL,BY,MD,CY,AZ, BALT Ch (1/22/2009-) [A/0]

Out of Int.Swiss Ch & Trialer Royal Angel du Pays de Boheme:

Van Goyen Du Pays de Boheme (10/16/2004-)
Van Gogh du Pays de Boheme (10/16/2006-) [C/B Zurich (RCS-ID 801050)]
French Junior Winner 2005 Van Loo du Pays de Boheme (10/16/2004-)

Out of Campione riproduttore Double Willow Magic Freedom:

Evermagic Coffee

Out of Henna do Sol D'Arena:

Jey-Jey Do Sol D'arena
Joker Chock do Sol d'Arena (11/22/2004-12/4/2016) [A 2006]
Jojo do Sol D'arena
Jozi Do Sol D'Arena (11/22/2004-) [OFA GR-91698G25M-PI]
Jerome do sol d'arena
Jacoby do sol d´arena (11/22/2004-)

Out of Int.Ch.,Dt.Ch.VDH,Dt.Ch.mArbpr.,Pl.Ch.,Dt.Vet.Ch. Catch the Wind Jamie-Lee:

Poln.Ch.,Poln.Jug.Ch. Catch the Wind Sunshine (2/29/2008-) [FCI A2/A2]
Dt.Ch.(VDH),Dt.Ch.(Club),Poln.Ch. Catch the Wind Seven Dt.Vet.Ch(VDH),AlpenVet.Sieger, LandesVet.Sieger Thüringen (2/29/2008-8/16/2019) [FCI B1]

Out of Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic:

JCh./VCh. Cheek to Cheek Beetlejuice BjS'07, BW'08, VW'14 (10/17/2006-1/29/2019) [A]
Cheek to Cheek Breakfast at Tiffany's (10/17/2006-) [A1]
LtJCh, Ch.Pl. Cheek to Cheek Belle de Jour (10/17/2006-) [A1/A1]
Cheek to Cheek Blade Runner (10/17/2006-) [A1]

Out of CZ + SK Ch, CZ JCh, CZ Vet.Ch Cathy od Hradu Veveri:

Atrey z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
Ashley z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
Arwen z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
Arkin z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
Angelo z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
Angie z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
Alka z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-)
JCh CZ Aristea z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-3/12/2009) [3/3]
Arlett z Boticskych meandru (9/24/2004-) [1/1]

Out of Icing Sugar v. d. Beerse Hoeve:

Dutch Consolidation Next Move (3/6/2006-)
Dutch Consolidation Next Level (3/6/2006-)
Show Champion Dutch Consolidation Who's Next CW'08, CC BOS CRUFTS 2009 (3/6/2006-) [C1]

Out of Inassicas Viktoria:

Inassicas Wings of Love
Inassicas Savage Rose (6/23/2008-)

Out of C.I.B Fin & Est Ch Eternal Fire Amazing Grace:

Gladtail Under The Stars [6:3]
Gladtial Unwritten Story [A/A ]

Out of Rosscora Keeper of Secrets for Leysand JW:

Chadzo Symphony For Kensalroag [7:7]
Chadzo Miss Scarlet At Putjade [11:6]
Chadzo Accapella [25:21]

Out of EstJW-04 Joystep's Pretty In Pink:

Joystep's The Pretty One (8/13/2006-) [A/A (2008)]
Joystep's Touch of Pink (8/13/2006-) [B/B (2007)]

Out of AT VCH Wheatcroft Diamond Violets:

AT VCH Little Violet's US Starlet (9/17/2004-6/26/2017) [A 2005]

Out of Xibelle No Hills:

Espresso No Hills (3/20/2005-) [BVA 5:2]

Out of JWW'01, Trialer Gunmarsh Delight:

Dutch Ch, Dutch JCh, Lux JCh, German/VDH JCh Cheek to Cheek Blue Sequins Qualified Crufts, German Club JCh (3/1/2006-) [A 2007]
ChIB/ChTFr Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream (3/1/2006-) [Unknown A1]
Cheek to Cheek Bluebelle Girl (3/1/2006-) [A1]

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