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Offspring of Amberland Black Sabre (10/31/1977-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lucinda Of Clayworth:

Amy Golden Harvest

Out of Debrics Kerensa:

Debrics Alicia [1:2]

Out of Laurier Girl:

Wessex Lady [3:3]

Out of Brylees Just Like Jo:

Brylees Moreton Emerald [3:4]

Out of Toskaneane Vitamin Sea:

Toskaneane Bopeep [4:4]

Out of Mousseglen Musical Maid:

Song Thrush
Our Little Cassandra [3:7]

Out of Culmore Sophiea Of Amberland:

Amberland Natter Patter [4:4]

Out of Levaline Maribella:

Ina's Golden Honeysuckle
Freyer Of Golcrest [2:4]
Lucinda Tinkerbelle

Out of Swyre Bracken:

Brandy Bracken Of Rosebery [5:2]

Out of Travendal Sea Swallow:

Travendal Saltoun [4:3]

Out of Sinalea Azeta:

Sinalea Starlight

Out of Koranga Shooting Star:

Sandarak Chantilly Lace of Abbotsfen

Out of Levaline Phantom:

Ariadne Wanderer

Out of Penanker Apricot Silk Of Copperglen:

Copperglen Court Jester

Out of Outburst of Torsinki:

Torsinki Lady of Beauty at Glenavon

Out of Cracksavon Charming Charmy:

Cracksavon Daisy

Out of Golden Showers (Amberland Sky-Hi x Aurelia Naiad):

Amberdella Fleur

Out of Callyrand Sunbeam Of Athena:

Deltrieve Sun Runner (5/12/1986-)

Out of Torsinki Moonstone:

Torsinki Sapphire Blue

Out of Torsinki Hint Of Gold:

Combleywood Tequesta (6/23/1988-)

Out of Shepedor Cindy Of Deremar:

Deremar Scot
Deremar Kate

Out of Sally Sunbeam:

Delightful Lady Honeybun
Princess of Braidlea (8/25/1986-)

Out of Northgate Golden Dawn:

Elisgrai Lady Patricia [2:3]

Out of Broadwaters Cindy Of Maxanda:

Maxanda Bright Spark

Out of Goldenwheat Melody of Ambergold:

Rondo Scherzando of Applebrook (12/10/1984-)
Ambergold Rondo Capriccioso
Ambergold Victorian Melody

Out of Silky Diamond:

Keneven Penny Lane (1988-2000)

Out of Bryanstown Victoria of Overdene:

Overdene Alexander (7/13/1985-1998)
Overdene Andrew (7/13/1985-)
Overdene Ashkenazy (7/13/1985-1988)
Overdene Amaryllis (7/24/1985-9/12/1999) [BVA 21:22]

Out of Lindjan Galaxy Of Shannonstyle:

Shannonstyle Lady Of Oar [6:7]
Shannonstyle Country Lass [6:7]
Shannonstyle Watergate Lad

Out of Starlance Prima Donna Of Torsinki:

Torsinki Sea Harrier
Torsinki Tango at Amberland
Torsinki Tempest
Torsinki Sea Romance Of Meoncroft
Torsinki Sea Nymph

Out of Clevegold Candis:

Korlanda Argonaut (3/4/1980-)

Out of Golcrest Gift of Patience:

Levaline Royal Count

Out of Rosslana Charisma:

Rosslana Masquerade
Rosslana Florence

Out of Cotefield Carmela Of Pinecrest:

Pinecrest Marcasite (12/12/1985-)

Out of Gay Leonella:

Steven's Gold [3:4]
harvest Teasel of Mangerton

Out of Fromeside Destiny:

fromeside corniche (11/4/1986-)
DOWNEND MAESTRO (4/11/1986-)
DOWNEND SENATOR (11/4/1986-)
Downend Charade (4/11/1986-)
downend Starlet (11/4/1986-)
downend scimitar at fromeside (11/4/1986-)

Out of Seruilia Sweet Dreams of Adarmas:

Amberland Lochinvar Lady Of Adarmas
Amberland Casta Twinkle (6/13/1990-) [18:19]

Out of Mindaro Last Chance:

Mindaro Razzle Dazzle (12/19/1986-)

Out of Rolica Rosemary Of Leithfield:

Leithfield Eastern Eclipse [7:6]
Leithfield Evita Of Pinecrest (9/3/1988-) [7-6 K.C./B.V.A.]
Leithfield Eurypides (9/3/1988-)

Out of Spadale Sincerity At Pandreft:

Pandreft Pollyanna [5:4 (BVA)]

Out of Seruilia Sica Sue Of Silversky:

Gatchells Golden Girl (10/13/1989-) [BVA HIp Score 5:7]

Out of Dabess Yasminda Of Maurfield:

Maurfield Tuba Smartie At Amberland (3/31/1987-)
Eng. SH. CH. Maurfield Tiger Lil (3/31/1987-)

Out of Starlance Raindancer Of Tonara:

Tonara Rainfall Of Amberland (11/30/1982-) [2:2]
Tonara Fawn of Ambergold
Tonara Raincloud
Tonara Norseman Of Rosyth (10/28/1984-) [BVA Hip Score 8:8]
Tonara Rainbeau Of Roscraddoc (11/30/1982-) [BVA Hip Score 8:6]

Out of Arbutus Sechelt:

Eng. SH. CH. Arbutus Coquihalla (9/1/1987-)

Out of Golcrest Gift Of Love:

Golcrest Gilt Edge Security
Golcrest Gillyflower of Amberland
Golcrest Gifted Poet (3/2/1983-)
Golcrest Ginglewood [BVA Hip Score 4:4]

Out of Lindjan Dynasty (1 CC):

Lindjan Krona (8/8/1989-)
Lindjan Koala (8/8/1989-)
Lindjan Kyoko (8/8/1989-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 7:8]
Lindjan Keepsake JW (8/8/1989-) [BVA Hip Score 7:7]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Seruilia Society Splash:

Serrest Society Scandal at Eldersfield (3/11/1988-)
Serrest Society Affair At Newjohn
Serrest High Society
Serrest Sword Play

Out of Starlance Coffee 'N Cream:

Starlance Diana of Hampdenlea (6/25/1982-)
Starlance Neptune
Starlance Latona of Sandalgem
Starlance Moonstone Monty Of Clysmain [4:2]
Starlance Selene
Eng. SH. CH. Starlance Moonstone Meg (10/7/1984-)

Out of Gatchells Countess:

Gatchells Tobias
Gatchells Reinala [3:3]
Gatchells Superkay (2/4/1980-)

Out of Starlance Wine'N' Roses:

Westcombe Athos Of Bridgefarm [1:3]
Westcombe Cinnabar At Amberland [3:3]
Westcombe Sugar'n'Spice
Westcombe Porthos

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Rossbourne In Love:

Rossbourne Sunset Love of Monzak
Swiss CH. Rossbourne Serene Vimy
Rossbourne Sunset Star of Orpine
Rossbourne Silvery Sea [Hip Score 4 :8]
Rossbourne Spring Love (6/28/1985-) [Unknown 7:9]
Rossbourne Sabre (6/28/1985-1997)
Rossbourne Secret Love of Haydene JW (6/28/1985-) [20:21]

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