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Offspring of Am. CH. Tuxedo's Tequila Sunrise OS (3/6/1994-6/12/2006)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tera-Nugga-Taz Leap's And Bound's CD:

Palm Court's Most Elegable Bachelor (8/21/1998-)
Palm Court's Gold Tie Affair (8/21/1998-)
Palm Court's Bewitched (8/21/1998-) [OFA GR73752G37F-PI]
Palm Court's Debutante Debut (8/21/1998-) [OFA GR-74851G41F-PI]

Out of Tuxedo's Funny Girl At Laurell:

Laurell's Hell'n Or High Water (5/15/1999-) [OFA GR-72334G24F-PI]
Laurell's Bearly Ice Water (5/15/1999-2/8/2014)
Laurell's BluWater Tradewind (5/15/1999-) [OFA GR-73097G26F-PI]

Out of Treasure Homebrew Hennessy CD, RE, WC:

MuchAdo By A Landslide CD, WC (5/6/2000-6/6/2013)
Muchado Formula For Victory CD JH OA OAJ WCX CCA VC (5/6/2000-5/22/2014) [OFA GR-82191F45F-PI]

Out of Sugarbush's On Wings Of Love:

Chien D'Or's Sweet William (1/20/1998-) [OFA GR-69591F30M-T]
Chien D'Or Amazing Gracie (1/20/1998-)
Chien D'Or's Sydney's Rainbow (1/20/1998-)
Chien Dior Megan Beggin For Love (1/20/1998-)
Sunrise Wings Of Aspenridge (1/20/1998-)
Chien D'Or Blooming Beauty (1/20/1998-) [OFA GR-67781F24F-T]

Out of Laurell's Just Abbysolutly:

Gretchen Gala Garbo (12/21/1997-)
Rizzo's Sunny (12/21/1997-)
Neale's Christmas Lily (12/21/1997-2/1/2006) [OFA GR-69461F31F-T]
Neale's ST. Nicklaus (12/21/1997-8/5/2008) [OFA GR-67028G24M-T]

Out of Sterling Sun Maid:

Karimar's In Hot Pursuit (12/20/1996-)
Karimar Quincy's Autumn Rose (12/20/1996-)
Karimar's Tarnished Angel CD (12/20/1996-) [OFA GR-65012G29F-T]

Out of Tuxedo's Funny Girl CD:

Parkerhouse Logan's Run (12/14/1996-8/12/2011)
Parkerhouse Pink Champagne (12/14/1996-)
Parkerhouse Luck O The Irish (12/14/1996-4/24/2012)
Parkerhouse Favorite Son CD, CGC (12/14/1996-10/27/2009)
Parkerhouse Irish Cream (12/14/1996-12/21/2012) [OFA GR-63161G25F-T]

Out of Can/Am Ch. Crackerjacks Cold As Ice:

Crackerjacks Shadow (5/10/1996-)
My Honey Be Chloe (5/10/1996-)
Crackerjack's Special Prize (5/10/1996-) [OFA GR-61511G26F-T]
Crackerjack's Turn Signal (5/10/1996-) [OFA GR-60817G24M]
Crackerjack's Busy Signal (5/10/1996-)
Am Ch. Crackerjack Macintosh Clasix (5/10/1996-) [OFA GR-61361G25F-T]

Out of Laurell's Pink Flamingo:

Laurell's Very Little Snow (10/3/1998-) [OFA GR-70261F24F-T]
Laurell's Snow Prince (1/9/1997-)
CanCH Laurell's Snow Me The Money Am/Can CD (1/9/1997-) [OFA GR-63492G24M-T]
Laurell's Pralines N Cream (1/9/1997-)
Laurell's Let It Snow (1/9/1997-)
Laurell's No More Snow (1/9/1997-)
Laurell's Snow Bunny (1/9/1997-)
Am Ch. Laurell's Say It Isn't Snow (1/9/1997-) [OFA GR-63721G25F-T]

Out of Laurell's Final Review:

Laurell's Dixie Stardust (5/22/1996-)
Laurell's Cassiopeia (5/22/1996-) [OFA GR-62955F31F]
Orion's Artemis (5/22/1996-)
Laurell's Cassiopeia II CD (5/22/1996-)
Laurells Champagne Supernova (5/22/1996-)
Laurell's Little Dogg Star (5/22/1996-)
Laurell Bear Zeus (5/22/1996-)
Laurell's Carina (5/22/1996-8/11/2001) [OFA GR-60907G24F-T]
Laurell's Auriga (5/22/1996-) [OFA GR-60818E24M-T]

Out of Am. CH Tuxedo's Celebrity OD:

GI-KI's One and Only (6/28/1997-5/19/2004)
GI-KI's Movin Billy Joe (4/22/1996-2/28/2007)
Int'l CH GI-KI's Movin On Rybolt AX AXP OAJ MJP (4/22/1996-4/19/2010) [OFA GR-61087F25M-T]
GI-KI's Movin Heads In Cincy TDI (4/22/1996-12/11/2008) [OFA GR-62818G31F-T]
Am & Can. Ch. Tuxedo's Sweet Move (4/22/1996-) [OFA GR-60794G24F-T]
GI-KI's Movin With Panache (4/22/1996-10/15/2007) [OFA GR-61622G27F-T]
Am. & Can. Ch. GI-KI's Movin To Primetime CDX (4/22/1996-8/2008) [OFA GR-60985F25F-T]
GI-KI's Movin Olympic Style CD CGC OD (4/22/1996-1/22/2011) [OFA GR-60827F24F-T]

Out of Colgan Bay's Snickers:

Colgan Bay's Gettysburg (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Shiloh (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Vicksburg (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Sumner (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Tupelo (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Antietam (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Corinth (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Shenandoah (9/24/1997-)
Colgan Bay's Lincoln's Lady (9/24/1997-8/16/2012) [OFA GR-66647G25F-T]

Out of Am & BIS Can CH. Eirene's Soul And Inspiration Am Can OD SDHF:

CanCH Eirene's Jackson's Country Rhythm SDHF (3/23/1996-)

Out of Am. CH Tuxedo's Sierra Stardust:

Tuxedo's Queen Anne's Lace (6/14/1997-)
Tuxedo's Lily Sierra (6/14/1997-)
Tuxedo's Goldenrod Bentley (6/14/1997-)
Tuxedo's Peter Pan (6/14/1997-)
Tuxedo's King George (6/14/1997-)
Tuxedo's Forget Me Not OD (6/14/1997-8/2010) [OFA GR-67827G32F-T]

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