Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Bramasolie Malbec (2/18/2019-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Catori Reba:

Catori Vivre (2/15/2022-)
Catori Vidya (2/15/2022-)
Catori Vianey (2/15/2022-)
Catori Vimala (2/15/2022-)
Catori Viatrix (2/15/2022-)
Catori Vanna (2/15/2022-)
Catori Volkan (2/15/2022-)
Catori Vijay (2/15/2022-)

Out of Twice the Love of the Stony Fields:

Vivre's Hunter v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Barack v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Storm v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Zepp v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Rowan v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Flynn v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Jorah v Maersch (9/28/2021-)
Vivre's Autumn v Maersch (9/28/2021-)

Out of Charming Bridget Passion of Gold:

Apporteur Athos v.d. Gouden Werkers (4/16/2021-)
Apporteur April v.d. Gouden Werkers (4/16/2021-) [FCI A ]

Out of Take My Breath Away Of Eager Spirit:

Bright Bushmills Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-)
Cool Connemara Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-)
Great Gobbins Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-)
Happy Hurling Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-) [FCI A ]
Shanty Shamrock (3/24/2021-)
Glorious Guinness Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-)
Fancy Fiddle Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-) [FCI A ]
Nothing Compares Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-)
Smooth Sheridan’s Of Eager Spirit (3/24/2021-)

Out of Hailix Golden Acorns Love Affair:

Hailix Golden Eirish Baileys on ice (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Edward of Carrick (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Elative Eleni (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Enchanted Anny (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Sir Watson (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Finlay's Shot (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Sir Winston (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Electric Josephine (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish O‘Flynn (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Master Higgins (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish True Blue Tweed (9/27/2021-)
Hailix Golden Eirish Amberglow (9/27/2021-)

Out of Cawood Duca:

Game Goldens Kaisa (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Luca (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Maximus (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Noa (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Ollie (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Paddy (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Quick (4/13/2022-)
Game Goldens Rafi (4/13/2022-)

Out of Tr Zomarick Lady Lollipop:

Spencer des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Seven des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Samba des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Stumpy des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Shadow des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Shanel des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Sharlie des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Skye des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Saya des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)
Sibelle Story des Mielles du Cap Hogan (8/18/2021-)

Out of Tigermilk B Dumbledores pensieve:

Bergamotte vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-) [A2]
Blaze vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-)
Best Buddy vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-) [A1]
Be like Emma vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-) [A1]
Bradley Cooper vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-) [A2]
Beloved Lucy vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-)
Batida vom Rohsee (2/4/2021-)

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