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Alffi's Laila Beethoven  (4/18/2016-)

Five generation pedigree:

Alffi's Laila Beethoven
CanCh Kyon's Daylight Saving Time [OFA GR-112771E24M-VPI]
Kyon's That'll Be the Day [OFA GR-107747G27M-NOPI]
Can. CH. Giltedge Traveller Can. JH, WC [OFA GR-88318G24M-PI BVA 1:1]
Aust. CH. Standfast Dream Ticket From Kerrien [ BVA Hip Score 6:4]
Eng. SH. CH. Crowood Butch Cassidy [BVA BVA Hip Score 8:10]
Darrochonna Tzarini of Standfast [ BVA Hip Score 5:3]
Yellowfetch Pixie Dust CCD [ 5:6]
BISS Aust Ch Giltedge Hemingway [ 8:8]
Yellowfetch Yippee [ 5:4]
CanCH Kyon's Lil Peggy Sue [OFA GR-98960G27F-NOPI]
Can Ch Tashora The Odds Are At Kyon OS [OFA GR-93756G55M]
WW-00 EuW-00 FinW-99 ITW-00 PLW-00 C.I.B. Fi Ch Lorinford Harlequin Top Winning Golden 1999&2000 in Finland [ B/B (3/11/1994)]
Can. CH. Tashora Ranchosiera Moonstruck GRCC OD [OFA GR-78798G33F-PI / OVC 2/5/02]
CanCH Kyon's Lucky Lucy Lou [OVC 0030962 normal]
Can Ch Dewmist Stromboli [OFA GR-77452F25M-PI]
Kyon's Lucky Return to Shalamar [ ovc normal ]
can Ch. Kyon's Starcrossed Lover [OVC 0042309 normal]
Silversign Still In Style [OFA GR-94317E30M-NOPI]
Ch. Gunhills Over The Moon [ HD B1]
Channri Country Squire [ BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Gunhills Darby [ BVA Hip Score 3:3]
Can Ch. , Swe Sh. Ch. , N Ch. , KbhW-04 Dewmist Silverinda [ Sweden HD AA (5/30/2000)]
NUCH SUCH Inassicas Song Of Songs [ Sweden HD UA (4/21/1998)]
NUCH Dewmist Shade Of Pale [ HD A (10/13/1993)]
Can Ch. Kyon's Shining Star [OVC 0030961 normal]
Can. CH. Dewmist Davenport Can/Am OS [OFA GR-68589E24M / OVC 005189]
Swed. SH CH/Norw. CH Marjamez Masterpiece [ UA (1/21/1998)]
LPI Dewmist Dark'n Divine [ UA (6/8/1994)]
Can CH. Maltcairn Rise'n Shine at Kyon [OVC normal]
Am-Can Ch. Malagold Storm Warning OS SDHF [OFA GR-42477G25M]
Can. CH. Cameo Great Escape To Kyon [ OVC normal]
Alffi's Tuuli Beethoven [OFA GR-105069G27F-PI]
CanCH Chrys-Haefen Monte Cristo [OFA GR-88150F25M-PI]
BISS Can. CH. Chrys-Haefen More For The Mony [ OVC 010719]
Am Ch Jazzmin Pebwin's Xtravaganz OS [OFA GR-41446G25M]
Am./Can. CH. Pebwin Excel Am./Can. CD OS [OFA GR-31024E24M]
Synergold U Jazzmin [OFA GR-33455G29F]
CanCH Chrys-Haefen Miss Marple
Can. CH. Chrys-Haefen Private Eye OS
Roodenburg's Aurora
Maltcairn Chrys-haefen Design
Am /CanCH Justmoor Believe In Me Am-Can OS [OFA GR-44573G25M-T]
BIS BISS Am/Can CH Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF Can. CD WC [OFA GR-35513G120M-T]
Can CH Goldsmith's Justmoor Skye High Can SDHF Am-Can OD [OFA GR-29539G24F-T]
Chrys-Haefen Shades of Cream
CanCH Kenave Minstor
CanCH Chrys-Haefen Miss Marple
Alffi (SR09338709) [OFA GR-87594G26F-PI]
Johnny's Alittle Night Music [OFA GR-73593G24M-PI ]
Can. CH. Kyon's Escape Artist [OFA GR-62565G25M-T]
Can CH Dewmist Santorini Can OS [OFA GR-55470G24M-T]
Can. CH. Cameo Great Escape To Kyon [ OVC normal]
Jansun Johnny's Peppermint T [OFA GR-60681G25F-T ]
Am./Can. CH. Wana-Be's Hunt for Red October CGC, TDI [OFA GR-49172G24M]
Jansun's You And Me By The Sea
Miss Sophia Of Cheese Spring [OFA GR-77693G24F-PI]
AmCH Highlands Bear The Facts [OFA GR-57461G24M]
Am CH Golden Glo's Rifleman [OFA GR-53835G45M]
Am CH Highlands Goldy Locks Bear [OFA GR-38138E29F]
Johnny's Good Golly Ms Molly [OFA GR-57305G25F ]
Verdoro's Aramis UD [OFA GR-44649G25M]

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