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Ekhos Play the Trump Card

Five generation pedigree:

Ekhos Play the Trump Card
Ekhos Time Travller
CanCH Chablais Chocolatier [OFA LR-181469E27M-VPI]
MBISS AmGCH/CH Big Sky's Stone Kutter [OFA LR-166583F26M-PI]
AmCH Paradocs Tabatha Stonehenge [OFA LR-142250G26M-PI]
BISS INT/AmCH Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby WC JH CD CGC [OFA LR-62341G24M-T]
BISS AmCH Tabatha's Tassel [OFA LR-97455G28F-T]
Big Sky's Sable [OFA LR-151465G27F-PI]
AmCH Empress Bigskys Blood And Guts [OFA LR-137119G26M-PI]
Tabatha's Token Talent WC [OFA LR-102727G30F-T]
Am/CanCH Chablais Delorme Ziggy [OFA LR-163032G28F-PI]
CanCH Superbe Moka des Savanes [OFA LR-117523E24M-PI]
Am/Can CH Boothgate Chief Producer CanCD WC [OFA LR-100507E24M-T]
Superbe Ombrelle des Savanes [OFA LR-112373G37F-PI/]
CanCh Chablais Delorme Gipsy [OFA LR-122078G30F-PI]
Am/CanCH Venetian Blender De Chablais
Chablais Anna Brown [ Normal]
Rockinoak Look to the Future
Rockinoak Back To The Future JH [OFA Good]
AmCH Majestxwilcare Call Me Mr Tibbs [OFA LR-164521E29M-PI]
Bonaventure Lubberline Viscount [OFA LR-120212G24M-PI]
Willcare's Promises Kept [OFA LR-142083F24F-PI]
Rockinoak Meant to Be
Morgan's Cut and Run [OFA Good]
Am Mex Ch. Rockinoak Be What I Want to Be
Rockinoak Ride The Storm [OFA Fair]
Sterling's Buster Brown [OFA Good]
AmCH Janrod's Grizzly Bear [OFA LR-72856G24M-T]
Sterling's Brown Bomber [OFA Excellent]
Rockinoak Reganbogan [OFA Good]
MBISS AmCH Tabatha's Gingerbred Cutter JH, WC, CD, CGC [OFA LR-68059G24M]
Rockinoak Aurora Borealis [OFA Good]
Ekho's Gime Three Wishes
CanCH Chablais Caid [OFA LR-188523E24M-VPI]
BISS Am Can CH Chablais Brookhill Joss [OFA good]
MBISS Am Can CH Lubberline Martingale [OFA LR-127680G25M-PI]
Am CH Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear [OFA LR-118500E25M-PI]
Am CH Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib [OFA LR-61085E24F]
MBISS Am Can CH Chablais Olivia
Am CH Rainell's The Beat Goes On [OFA LR-71204G24M]
MBISS Am Can CH Chablais Mia [OFA LR-62577G24F]
CanCH Chablais Serena [OFA LR-162924G37F-PI]
BISS INT/AmCH Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby WC JH CD CGC [OFA LR-62341G24M-T]
Am CH Dickendall Arnold [OFA LR-38719G25M]
Tabatha's Siren WC [OFA LR-49938G33F-T]
CanCH Chablais Mioumiou [OFA LR-130327F44F-PI]
Am/Can CH Boothgate Chief Producer CanCD WC [OFA LR-100507E24M-T]
Can. Ch. Chablais Shakespeare Simone
Eagertrieve Radars L'il Angel
AmCH Ledgewood's Radar [OFA LR-180053E25M-VPI]
Am CH Tabatha's Adventure Score WC [OFA LR-174990G34M-VPI]
BISS Am CH Tabatha's Sport WC
Tabatha's Tease WC [OFA Good]
Adventure's Sunshine At Ledgewood [OFA LR-175055F69F-PI]
Am/CanCH Shannon Valley's Beauregard [OFA LR-113324G24M-PI]
Adventures Of Snowhite [OFA LR-90205G24F-T]
Can CH Eagertrieves Paevalley Arshia [OVC Normal]
Stonecreek's Court Jester
BISS Am CH Dickendall Davaron Gable [OFA LR-125197G25M-PI]
Stonecreek's Jewel at Thornwood
Eagertrieves Paevalley TiDe KT [OFA Good]
Am.Ch. Strongline's Goblin CGC [OFA Good]
Paevalleys Ti De Obsession [OFA Fair]

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