Golden Retriever

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Ajja (S09549/69)  (1969-)

The number listed in green after each dog's name is its approximate age at time of death. If no number is listed, the dog may be still living, or the information is missing from the database.

Five generation pedigree:

Ajja (S09549/69)
Blixt (S09901/66)
Aga (DK275296)
Styxland Tarquin
Eng. CH. Dai Of Yarlaw [13.5 years]
Eng./Irish Dual CH. David Of Westley
Sider Of Yarlaw
Styxland Michelle
Eng. FT. CH. Mazurka of Wynford
Cordelia of Firtop
Rodgruvans Ascy
Yascu (S09558/60)
Fin./Nor. CH. Apports Larry Jr.
Eng. FT. CH. Stubblesdown Larry
Stubblesdown Begay [14.5 years]
Marinas Brownie
Count Leo of Little Compton
Honeyat Derry-Down-Dilly
Pella (S00204/66)
NORDUCH INTUCH Hedetorpets Amigo (S13720/57)
Borghällas Golden Tatto [13.5 years]
Count Leo of Little Compton
Duke of Timothy
Honeyat Derry-Down-Dilly
Borghällas Golden Sanni [ years]
Stubblesdown Tinker
Borghällas Star
Borghällas Golden Ronny [ years]
Stubblesdown Tinker
Stubblesdown Torrdale Trueman
Stubblesdown Countess
Borghällas Starred
Strelley Starlight
Barthill Fanny [ years]
Hedetorpets Handy
NORDUCH INTUCH Azor van de Kruidberg
Martin of Aldercarr
Eng. CH. Dernar Of Yelme
Shonnie Of Aldercarr
Castelnau Roundelay
Eng. Ch. Camrose Fantango
Castelnau Concerto
Boltby Sonja
Eng. CH. Boltby Skylon
Boltby Gillrain Galalinda
Whamstead Jerinthia of Jeanara
Whamstead Meteor
Juno of Jeanara

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