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AmCH Ledgewood's Radar  (1/16/2007-)

Five generation pedigree:

AmCH Ledgewood's Radar
Am CH Tabatha's Adventure Score WC
BISS Am CH Tabatha's Sport WC
BISS Am CH Dickendall Davaron Gable
Am CH Dickendall Arnold
Am CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH
Dickendalls A-Ha
Wolvercote Gaity Girl
EngCH Sandylands Gad-About
Kimvalley Geisha Girl At Walvercote
Am CH Tabatha's Giggle
Scent Trails Tug Of War
Am CH Guideline's Century Condensed
Specl Ocasion Putwyn Prairie
Am CH Tabatha's Dazzle WC
Am CH Dickendall Arnold
Am CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC
Tabatha's Tease WC
Am/Can CH Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye
Banner's Wenwood Obleo Arrow WCX
AmCH Beechcrofts Edgewood Tomarc
Wenwood Banner Ruby Begonia
CanCh Ambleside's Banner Of Triple L
AmCH Clemmsen Of Killingworth
Lindall Miss Emma
Tabatha's Jill of Ophir
Tabatha's Genuine Risk
Am CH Moraine's Malcolm At Zinfndel
Tabatha's Lindy
Tabatha's Token WC
Gb Sh Am Can CH Lindall Mastercraft JH
AmCH Tabatha's Inspiration
Adventure's Sunshine At Ledgewood
Am/CanCH Shannon Valley's Beauregard
AmCH Ridge View Bugs Bunny
BISS CH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH
Am CH Dickendall Arnold
Am CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC
AmCH Ridge View Bleu Bunny
Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu
AmCH Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear
Shannons Brother's Keeper
AmCH Boradors Significant Brother CD
AmCH Sir Duke Of Muskelunge
Borador's Just a Joyride
Valleywood Mystic
Dickendall Mystify
Valleywood Fiesta
Adventures Of Snowhite
Millmar's Major Logan Bear
Ch. Zane Hill's Blue Jacket CD JH
CH Zane Hills Johnny Logan
Zane Hills Black Skye
Am Can Ch Millmar's Killingworth Manda
Ch Killingworth Tabatha Timber
Millmar's Cortland Pride
Millmar's Marglow O'Hare
CH Millmar's Mighty Morton
CH Zane Hills Johnny Logan
Millmar's Cortland Pride
O'Hares Maple Valley Cassie
Shataf's Strength of Sam CD
Jess's Lady Chelsea Maxwell

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