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Sandy / Glengarden Sandy

The number listed in green after each dog's name is its approximate age at time of death. If no number is listed, the dog may be still living, or the information is missing from the database.

Five generation pedigree:

Sandy / Glengarden Sandy
Broadlands Dipper
Swalcliffe Ovener
Leocourt Rory
Lorbottle Sam
Knaith Sam
Restless of Kettledean
Amber (daughter of Nawton Scarlet)
Nawton Scarlet / Scarlet
Knaith Bronze
Swalcliffe Bridget
Lorbottle Sam
Knaith Sam
Restless of Kettledean
Dunsa Biddy
Worlington May Ft.W.
Sherry of Kettledean
Nawton Scarlet / Scarlet
Molyneux's Sam
Swan's Rouge / Col. Swan's Rouge
Psyche (Principal x Nawton Peg)
Principal (Nawton Boxer x Nawton Pert)
Nawton Peg
Worlington Ruby
Knaith Monkboy
Britz (Mannie x Swan's Nell)
Mealie / Wormald's Mealie
Lucy (female Lab, historic UK)
Squeezer (Rake x Sapphire)
Rake (Ready Money x Raquet)
F.T.W. Ready Money
Angerton Ready
Rich II (Peter x Jess)
Rennie (Angerton Ruffle x Straughan's Nancy)
Rito (Knaith Bounce x Gelston Minx)
Knaith Bounce
Gelston Minx
F.T.W. Raquet (Haylers Defender x Rigmoor Silver)
Eng FTCh Haylers Defender
Peter Fopperley
Borris Demain / Boris de Main
Rigmoor Silver/Rigmore in 1932KCSB
Ch Banchory Bluff
Bessema (Joe x Bess)
Sapphire (Folkingham Swimmer x Venesta)
F.T.W. Folkingham Swimmer
Nelson (Minstrel Boy x Cream of Boghurst)
Minstrel Boy
Cream of Boghurst
Horbling Vesper
Knaith Bounce
Calmsden Beauty
Vanesta Ft.W.
Wighill Delta
Nawton Scarlet / Scarlet
Nawton Drastic (nr)
Dyer's Vesta / Vesta
Peter (Milo x Straker's Ruffle)
Trace (Flapper x Smoke)

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