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Sandy / Glengarden Sandy

Five generation pedigree:

Sandy / Glengarden Sandy
Broadlands Dipper
Swalcliffe Ovener
Leocourt Rory
Lorbottle Sam
Knaith Sam
Restless of Kettledean
Amber (daughter of Nawton Scarlet)
Nawton Scarlet / Scarlet
Knaith Bronze
Swalcliffe Bridget
Lorbottle Sam
Knaith Sam
Restless of Kettledean
Dunsa Biddy
Worlington May Ft.W.
Sherry of Kettledean
Nawton Scarlet / Scarlet
Molyneux's Sam
Swan's Rouge / Col. Swan's Rouge
Psyche (Principal x Nawton Peg)
Principal (Nawton Boxer x Nawton Pert)
Nawton Peg
Worlington Ruby
Knaith Monkboy
Britz (Mannie x Swan's Nell)
Mealie / Wormald's Mealie
Lucy (female Lab, historic UK)
Squeezer (Rake x Sapphire)
Rake (Ready Money x Raquet)
F.T.W. Ready Money
Angerton Ready
Rich II (Peter x Jess)
Rennie (Angerton Ruffle x Straughan's Nancy)
Rito (Knaith Bounce x Gelston Minx)
Knaith Bounce
Gelston Minx
F.T.W. Raquet (Haylers Defender x Rigmoor Silver)
Eng FTCh Haylers Defender
Peter Fopperley
Borris Demain / Boris de Main
Rigmoor Silver/Rigmore in 1932KCSB
Ch Banchory Bluff
Bessema (Joe x Bess)
Sapphire (Folkingham Swimmer x Venesta)
F.T.W. Folkingham Swimmer
Nelson (Minstrel Boy x Cream of Boghurst)
Minstrel Boy
Cream of Boghurst
Horbling Vesper
Knaith Bounce
Calmsden Beauty
Vanesta Ft.W.
Wighill Delta
Nawton Scarlet / Scarlet
Nawton Drastic (nr)
Dyer's Vesta / Vesta
Peter (Milo x Straker's Ruffle)
Trace (Flapper x Smoke)

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