Golden Retriever

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Goldenway's Big Thunder  (11/26/2008-)

Five generation pedigree:

Goldenway's Big Thunder
Gold-Rush Sunset Buddy-Boy [OFA GR-95509E41M-VPI]
Am. Ch. Westben Claridge Doubletrouble [OFA GR-80901F26M-PI]
Westben Daredevil [OFA GR-72143G28M-PI]
Am./Can. CH. Cameo Countenance Of Courage [OFA GR-43710G24M-T]
Can. Bda. CH. Mjaerumhogda's Kyon Flying Surprise Can. CDX OS SDHF [OFA GR-15847G28M-T]
Am./Can. CH. Cameo Cal-Vo's Grace Kelly OD [OFA GR-38165F24F]
Am. CH Fargolds Westben Truth R Dare [OFA GR-60053F29F-T]
Am/Can CH Kiros Westbournes Red Robin OS SDHF [OFA GR-26206G24M-T]
Am./Can. CH Braemal's Crown Lace OD [OFA GR51377F31F-T]
Am. CH. Westben One Sweet Day [OFA GR-62376G32F-T]
Am. CH. Westben Striking Resemblance [OFA GR-54815F24M-T]
Am. CH. Briarwood Lightning Strikes SDHF [OFA GR-43509G25M]
Westben Adelaide
Westben Cassi Logan Hill
Am. CH. Sunshine Hill's Nat'l Cowboy OS SDHF [OFA GR-35957F26M]
Westben Logan [OFA GR-46121G24F-T]
Gold-Rush Cleopatra's Jewel [OFA GR-80181E25F-PI]
Am./Can. CH. Gold-Rush Matt Dillon [OFA GR-59237G24M-T]
Am./Can. CH. Westben Oak Ridge Cadet OS [OFA GR-47488G115M-PI]
Westben One Over Par Bogey [OFA GR-41641G24M-T]
Westben Mindy Lewis [OFA GR-39626G26F]
D's Gold-Rush Madonna [OFA GR-47523F44F-T]
Am Ch/Can Ch Gold-Rush True Gold [OFA GR-28625F35M]
Stoneleath Pandanus [OFA GR-26883G41F]
Gold-Rush Ivy Of Braemoor [OFA GR-49297G25F]
Mult. BIS & BISS Am/Can CH. Asterling's Wild Blue Yonder OS SDHF CGC [OFA GR-33207F26M]
Am CH Signature's Sound Barrier OS [OFA GR-29877F26M]
AmCH Asterling's Wingmaster OD [OFA GR-28171G24F]
Braemoor's Connemara Lass [OFA GR-35158G26F]
CH Sunshinehills The Bear Facts OS [OFA GR-15312]
Gold-Rush Quincy's Heidi [OFA GR-24718G24F-T]
Solid Rock Cindy Lee [OFA GR-89283G27F-PI]
Can CH Gold-Rush Caught Ya Looken [OFA GR-84845G24M-PI]
Ch. Gold-Rush Spinnaker Wildcard [OFA GR-72760G24M-PI]
Am./Can. CH. Gold-Rush Matt Dillon [OFA GR-59237G24M-T]
Am./Can. CH. Westben Oak Ridge Cadet OS [OFA GR-47488G115M-PI]
D's Gold-Rush Madonna [OFA GR-47523F44F-T]
Can. Ch. Gold-Rush Spinnaker Sue [OFA GR-66609F29F-T]
BIS BISS Am CH Sassafras Batterys Not Incld OS SDHF [OFA GR-32379F24M]
Goldrush Catch Me If You Can [OFA GR-50330G27F]
Am Ch Gold-Rush Kathie Lee [OFA mild-HD]
Am. Ch. Osprey's Subtle Trouble [OFA GR-58981F24M-T]
BIS BISS Am/Can CH Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF Can. CD WC [OFA GR-35513G120M-T]
Am. Ch. Ospreys Nuttin' Hunny [OFA GR-45543G33F]
Can CH Gold-Rush Kelly of Braemoor [OFA GR-51924G24F-T]
Am Ch Gold-Rush Riki Tiki Tavi [OFA GR-35495G24M]
Braemoor's Celtic Gold [OFA GR-40706F26F]
Seasons Golden Splendor [OFA GR-82322F25F-P1]
CH Sunnygln Tsuwa Flying Dragon [OFA GR-74705F25M-PI]
Am Can CH Pebwin Making The Odds OS [OFA GR-59307F74M-T]
Am. CH Tangleloft Odds On Pebwin CD WC VC OS [OFA GR-20565]
Pebwin Inner Vision
CH Tahnee's Last Resort WC OD [OFA GR-62950G40F-T]
Ch. Carlin's Holiday A Xmas Carol OS [OFA GR-37748G26M-T]
Ch. Tupelo Tahnee Tuff Cookie [OFA GR-35616G24F]
Meredreme One Hot Helluva Summer [OFA GR-65440G32F]
BIS BISS AM-CAN-JAP CH Edgehill Nautilus Calypso Jo WC OS SDHF [OFA GR39921G24M-T]
BIS BISS Am. Can. CH Asterling's Jamaica Verdict OS SDHF [OFA GR-15175-T-F-65M]
BIS Am./Can./Bda. CH. Nautilus Edgehill Diamen' Ice CD OD SDHF [OFA GR 32388F24F]
Ch. Meredreme's Cafe Mocha [OFA GR-55834F31F]
BIS Am Ch. Faera's Destiny Kodiak Kidd OS SDHF [OFA GR-33513G24M]
Ch. Sunrise's Fantasia [OFA GR41071G30F-T]

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