Golden Retriever

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Goldenway's Gianna  (9/1/2021-)

Five generation pedigree:

Goldenway's Gianna
Goldenway's Return Of Aslan II [OFA GR-127432G25M-VPI]
Goldenway's Return of Aslan [OFA GR-107612E26M-VPI]
Normandys Sonic Boom [OFA GR-87168G24M-PI]
BISS CH Bravo's Old Spice SDHF OS [OFA GR-65785E24M-T ]
AM/MEX/AMS/WC CH Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound SDHF, OS [OFA GR-54664G24M-T]
Ginge Ain't Whistling Dixie OD [OFA GR-55250G25F]
Benden's High Expectations CDX
OTCH Wildtrout's All Time High UDX [OFA GR-46345G36M]
Bendens Ladys Top Choice [OFA GR-35454E24F]
Grace XXXVII [OFA GR-96113G29F-PI]
Amberwood's Island Climber [OFA GR-79984G25M-PI]
Am. CH Toasty's Dust In The Wind II SDHF OS [OFA GR-49730G30M]
Amberwood's Fruitcakes! [OFA GR-66183F24F-T]
Amberwood's Crocodile Rock [OFA GR-64944F26F-T]
Am. CH Birnam Wood's Wall Street Jrnl [OFA GR-42351G56M]
Amberwood's Hot'r The Bet'r [OFA GR-49767F26F]
Goldenway's American Hope [OFA GR-114178G37F-VPI]
Goldenway's Big Thunder [OFA GR-102681G26M-PI]
Gold-Rush Sunset Buddy-Boy [OFA GR-95509E41M-VPI]
Am. Ch. Westben Claridge Doubletrouble [OFA GR-80901F26M-PI]
Gold-Rush Cleopatra's Jewel [OFA GR-80181E25F-PI]
Solid Rock Cindy Lee [OFA GR-89283G27F-PI]
Can CH Gold-Rush Caught Ya Looken [OFA GR-84845G24M-PI]
Seasons Golden Splendor [OFA GR-82322F25F-P1]
Goldenway's American Liberty
Normandys Sonic Boom [OFA GR-87168G24M-PI]
BISS CH Bravo's Old Spice SDHF OS [OFA GR-65785E24M-T ]
Benden's High Expectations CDX
Dreamland Goldenway's Princess [OFA GR-88019E24F-NOPI]
Dreamland L.A.'s Bubba [OFA GR-65418F24M-T ]
Phico Dreamland Sugar Spice [OFA GR-79642G26F-PI ]
Miriam Of Goldenway
Goldenway's Big Bear
Ch Gold-Rush National Treasure [OFA GR-91319F26M-PI]
CH Nubridge En-joy I'm No Angel [OFA GR-83517F24M-PI]
BIS Am. CH. Aspenglo Bobsleigh SDHF [OFA GR-76416F25M-PI ]
Ch. Boitano's the Band Plays on [OFA GR-66586G29F-T]
Briggs' Goldrush First Lady [OFA GR-84073G28F-PI]
BISS AM CH Sunbeam's Private Party OS [OFA GR-78621G40M-PI]
CH Gingerbread Lucky Lady [OFA GR-68118G27F-T]
Autumn Girl's Jersey Peach [OFA GR-110752G37F-VPI]
Hemingway Gold [OFA GR-100272G53M-VPI]
Zeisets Sam
Missy Jane II
Autumn Girl IV [OFA GR-99231F34F-VPI]
Am/Can Ch Gold-Rush Spencer Tracy [OFA GR-83163G24M-PI]
Copper Lee Felicity's Belle [OFA GR-89569F25F-PI]
Goldenway's Winning Trophy
N. Light's I Just Love This Sport [OFA GR-102886G50M-VPI]
BIS Am/Can Ch Klaasem's Hubba Hubba Hubba OS SDHF [OFA GR-85841G24M-PI OVC 0024981]
Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS [OFA GR-70669G26M-PI]
BIS Can. Ch. Prospectors Klaasem Ooh La La [ OVC 012356 ]
BPIS CanCH Northern Light's Ooh I Am Hot
Can. Ch. Goldenway's Good As It Gets
Caymen's Breaking Northern Lights [OFA GR-67078G31F]
Northern Lights Islands In The Stream
Goldsprings Pt-Cruiser Ltd [OFA GR-92334G49M-NOPI]
Can. Ch. Goldenway's Good As It Gets
Goldlove's Runaway To Goldspring
Northern Light's That September Day
Am. CH. Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam OS [OFA GR-76359E26M-PI ]
Caymen's Breaking Northern Lights [OFA GR-67078G31F]

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