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Change history for Ambertrail Joy's Pool Position

5/21/2002 2:37:01 AM:
Added by Marlene Hansen
Ambertrail?s Joy?s Poleposition

5/21/2002 2:38:14 AM:
Modified by Marlene Hansen
CallName=Joy, Gender=F, BirthDay=29, BirthMonth=01, BirthYear=1999, Breeder=Val Ducross, Owner=Ulla Frisk, Sweden, ElbowID=0/0, Website=http://apport.hjem.wanadoo.dk/hundesider/joy.htm

5/21/2002 2:38:20 AM:
Modified by Marlene Hansen

5/21/2002 2:38:34 AM:
Modified by Marlene Hansen
sireID=1629, damID=24754

4/12/2004 10:41:50 AM:
Modified by Lesley Albin
name=Ambertrails Joys Poleposition

10/3/2007 9:37:57 AM:
Modified by Ulla Frisk
Honorifics=2x1 pr ?kl, MH

11/16/2007 5:13:29 AM:
Modified by Roger Katz

3/10/2008 12:44:20 PM:
Modified by Ulla Frisk
Honorifics=2x1 pr ?kl, MH, prcd-PRA/clear, EyeID=ok 061219, Website=http://www.vassruggen.se

3/10/2008 12:46:32 PM:
Modified by Ulla Frisk
Country=CA, RegistrationNumber=49154Z, EyeID=o.k. 061219

3/13/2008 3:18:12 AM:
Modified by Ulla Frisk
Honorifics=2x1 pr ?kl B-prov, MH, prcd-PRA/clear

8/4/2009 11:18:39 PM:
Modified by Lesley Albin
name=Ambertrail Joys Pool Position, SearchName=AMBERTRAILJOYPOOLPOSITION

Key for gene testing results:
C = Clear
R = Carrier
A = Affected
P = Clear by Parentage
CO = Clear inferred by offspring
RO = Carrier inferred by offspring
RP = Carrier inferred by parentage

Key for gene testing labs:
A = Antegene
AVC = Alfort Veterinary College
EM = Embark
G = Animal Genetics
L = Laboklin
O = Optigen
P = Paw Print
UM = University of Minnesota
UMO = Unversity of Missouri
T = Other
VGL = UC Davis VGL

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