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Change history for Shaggy Toller's White Banjo Boy

4/28/2016 2:44:52 PM:
Imported from Toller database

7/29/2016 1:36:27 PM:
Modified by Eric Johnson
EyeRegistry="Unknown", DMID="DTR-CPS249/71M-PI ", CP1ID="DTR-CP244/41M-PI", JADDID="DTR-JAD390/41M-PI", DEStatus="C", DERegistry="F", DEID="DTR-DEN741/80M-PI"

8/3/2016 12:28:12 AM:
Modified by Thierry Delumeau
CP2Status="C", CP2Registry="F"

9/1/2016 11:49:36 AM:
Modified by Eric Johnson

12/9/2018 5:10:31 PM:
Modified by Jolanda Achterberg
PRAID="#: 12-2082", CEAID="#: 12-2082"

9/16/2019 12:16:25 PM:
Modified by Aneta Plachá

9/16/2019 12:16:47 PM:
Modified by Aneta Plachá

9/16/2019 12:17:16 PM:
Modified by Aneta Plachá

9/16/2019 12:21:21 PM:
Modified by Aneta Plachá
FrontTitles="", AdditionalTitles="CZ, JCH PL, JCH SK, CH PL, CH ČMKU, CH SK, Grand CH SK, C. I. E., CH AT, CH CZ, CH HR, CH HU, Grand CH CZ, CH D, CH DK", Misc="Frozen semen available"

9/19/2019 4:53:23 AM:
Modified by Aneta Plachá

Key for gene testing results:
C = Clear
R = Carrier
A = Affected
P = Clear by Parentage
CO = Clear inferred by offspring
RO = Carrier inferred by offspring
RP = Carrier inferred by parentage

Key for gene testing labs:
A = Antegene
AVC = Alfort Veterinary College
EM = Embark
G = Animal Genetics
L = Laboklin
O = Optigen
P = Paw Print
UM = University of Minnesota
UMO = Unversity of Missouri
T = Other
VGL = UC Davis VGL

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