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Change history for Multi GrCH, Multi CH, INT CH, NRC/RKF CH Lexus Grey Earl (Field Trial Qualified)

10/14/2007 8:37:05 PM:
Added by Zimovets Julia

10/14/2007 8:40:43 PM:
Modified by Zimovets Julia
Gender=M, Country=OT, BirthDay=13, BirthMonth=06, BirthYear=2005, Registry=Other, RegistrationNumber=RKF 1761081, Breeder=Ivanyukov S. & Rezchikova, Owner=Ivanyukov S. & Rezchikova

10/14/2007 8:42:00 PM:
Modified by Zimovets Julia
sireID=116200, damID=257982

12/18/2007 11:54:39 AM:
Modified by Julia Torsunova

8/22/2008 12:40:25 PM:
Modified by Zimovets Julia

1/15/2009 8:39:49 AM:
Modified by Zimovets Julia
FrontTitles=MultCh, IntCh, GrChRus, Ua, Bul, ChNRC, EndTitles=ChRu,Mol,Bye,Lit,Lat,Ua,Fi,Bul,Mak,Bal,Cher,B&H

5/6/2011 9:22:53 AM:
Modified by Lesley Albin
EndTitles=, Honorifics=ChRu,Mol,Bye,Lit,Lat,Ua,Fi,Bul,Mak,Bal,Cher,B&H

10/11/2011 12:53:27 PM:
Modified by Maike Stapfer

1/23/2012 5:03:38 AM:
Modified by Maike Stapfer

1/18/2013 2:09:16 PM:
Modified by Liliia Nadzorova
HipID=A/A, ElbowID=0/0, PRAStatus=C

4/12/2013 9:43:48 PM:
Modified by Zimovets Julia
name=Lexus Grey Earl, CallName=Erly

4/13/2013 7:35:57 PM:
Modified by Zimovets Julia
name=Lexus Grey Erl, SearchName=LEXUGREYERL

4/15/2013 7:23:06 PM:
Modified by HeartGold

4/16/2013 10:30:12 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
Country=RU, Registry=FCI

4/16/2013 10:31:08 AM:
Modified by HeartGold

4/16/2013 10:32:09 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
Honorifics=Ch Ru,Mol,Bye,Lit,Lat,Ua,Fi,Bul,Mak,Bal,Cher,B&H

4/16/2013 10:32:38 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
name=Lexus Grey Earl, SearchName=LEXUGREYEARL, Honorifics=CH Ru,Mol,Bye,Lit,Lat,Ua,Fi,Bul,Mak,Bal,Cher,B&H

4/16/2013 10:33:28 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
FrontTitles=Multi Ch, Int Ch, GrChRus, Ua,Bul,NRC Ch.

4/19/2013 10:40:08 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
FrontTitles=Multi Ch, Int Ch, GrChRus, NRC Ch.

4/21/2013 5:37:55 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
FrontTitles=Multi Ch, Int Ch, GrChRus/Bye/Ua/Bul, NRC/RKF Ch., Honorifics=CH of 17 countries, Website=http://sunnykennel.ru/en/golden-retrivery/lexus-grey-earl-golden-retriver/

4/21/2013 5:41:13 AM:
Modified by HeartGold

5/10/2013 7:23:13 PM:
Modified by HeartGold
Honorifics=Champion of 17 countries

6/18/2013 7:18:26 AM:
Modified by Sergey Ivanyukov
Breeder=Serebrynnikova I, Owner=Ivanyukov S., HipRegistry=FCI, PRARegistry=O, PRA1Registry=L

1/5/2014 9:58:58 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
FrontTitles=Multi GrCH, Multi CH, INT CH, NRC/RKF CH, Honorifics=Champion of 17 countries & GrCH of 4 countries

1/5/2014 9:59:49 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
Honorifics=CH of 17 countries and GrCH of 4 countries

4/30/2014 3:14:45 PM:
Modified by HeartGold
EndTitles=(Field Trial Qualified), Honorifics=17xCH, 4xGrCH, 14xCACIB, 7xRCACIB, 46xCAC, EyeID=Clear

7/1/2014 4:05:35 PM:
Modified by HeartGold
Breeder=Serebrynnikova I.

6/26/2015 4:16:36 AM:
Modified by HeartGold
DeathDay=25, DeathMonth=6, DeathYear=2015

6/16/2016 7:50:01 PM:
Modified by HeartGold

12/15/2019 5:58:23 PM:
Modified by Justina Ilkovskaya

Key for gene testing results:
C = Clear
R = Carrier
A = Affected
P = Clear by Parentage
CO = Clear inferred by offspring
RO = Carrier inferred by offspring
RP = Carrier inferred by parentage

Key for gene testing labs:
A = Antegene
AVC = Alfort Veterinary College
EM = Embark
G = Animal Genetics
L = Laboklin
O = Optigen
P = Paw Print
UM = University of Minnesota
UMO = Unversity of Missouri
T = Other
VGL = UC Davis VGL

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