Golden Retriever

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Happymover Hippie

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Happymover Hippie
Happymover Honest Kaja
Lars von Tobi's Golden Lana
Leia von Tobi's Golden Lana
Logan von Tobi´s golden Lana
Lando von Tobi´s golden Lana
Luke von Tobi´s golden Lana
Leena von Tobi's golden Lana
Little Lana von Tobi's golden Lana
Lenja von Tobi's golden Lana
Jemba von Tobi's golden Lana
Happymover Balszac
Happymover Ben
Happymover Biloux
Deutscher Arbeitschampion Happymover B.C. Pearl
Happymover Berryl
Happymover Brave
Happymover Bellis
Joe's Jeff
Joe's Tim
Joe's Sahna
Joe's Kira Wira
Joe's Rollo
Rayleas Lisbeth
Fin. CH. Rayleas Lawrence
Rayleas Laris
Rayleas Lucianna at Stradcot
Rayleas Lydon
Emmeline von Tobi's golden Lana
Elena von Tobi's golden Lana
Emilko von Tobi´s golden Lana
Eligius von Tobi´s golden Lana
Eufemia von Tobi´s golden Lana
Elizabeth von Tobi´s golden Lana
Ella von Tobi´s golden Lana
Mambo vom Mohnfeld
Malte vom Mohnfeld
Brigid Frida von Tobi's golden Lana
Brian von Tobi´s golden Lana
Benjamin von Tobi´s golden Lana
Bastian von Tobi´s golden Lana
Blanda von Tobi´s golden Lana
Beatrix Lisa von Tobi´s golden Lana
Benedikta von Tobi's golden Lana
Bernadette Cäcilie von Tobi´s golden Lana
Caspar von Tobi´s golden Lana
Cajus von Tobi´s golden Lana
Carlsson von Tobi´s golden Lana
Charlotte von Tobi´s golden Lana
Camilla von Tobi´s golden Lana
Cicely von Tobi´s golden Lana
Happymover Gypsy
Happymover Gromit
Happymover Grande Basquiat
Happymover Grace Indira
Happymover Gem Geordy
Happymover Gene-Floyd
Abnalls Roland
Abnalls Rodney af Go Wild
Abnalls Rory
Abnalls Rachelle of Deadcraft
Abnalls Beau Brummel of Tauvechan
Abnalls Benjamin of Marshflight
Abnalls Barley of Deadcraft
Tauvechan Minstrel
Tauvechan Meteor
Tauvechan Magnum
Tauvechan Marguerite
Tauvechan Medlar
Tauvechan Melody
Tauvechan Mimosa
Tauvechan Myrtle of Tarinomagh
Tauvechan Magic
Abnalls Cleopatra
Abnalls Cordelia of Lingholme
Abnalls Cassidy of Eastdale
Abnalls Carry
Abnalls Clever Clogs of Catcombe
Abnalls Connor
Abnalls Carina
Abnalls Clarissa
Abnalls Crystal
Abnalls Cassandra
Happymover Delphin
Happymover Dajan
Happymover Dana Tabasco
Happymover Divus
Happymover Dip Tulip
Happymover Don Abado
Happymover Da-Yu
Happymover Domino
Happymover Diamont Jessy
FT.CH. Flashlight Fanciful
tinstall wonder
FT.CH May Morning Magic
Deutscher Arbeitschampion Happymover B.C. Pearl
Happymover Balszac
Happymover Ben
Happymover Biloux
Happymover Berryl
Happymover Brave
Happymover Bellis

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