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Oldvillage-Tollers Anoki

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Oldvillage-Tollers Anoki
Oldvillage-Tollers Amarok
Oldvillage-Tollers Abey
Oldvillage-Tollers Alani
Oldvillage-Tollers Amica
Oldvillage-Tollers Ayasha
CH-Ch. Okaloosa Naru Nawag Rik
Okaloosa Naru Nawag Andwari
Okaloosa Naru Nawag Thorin
Okaloosa Naru Nawag Nori
Okaloosa Naru Nawag Nîn
Int. ShowCH, Dutch CH, Dutch Youth CH, Alba Nuadh Alroy na Mayla Brabo Winner 2011
SE U(u)CH DK UCH NO UCH NORD UCH RLD N RLD F Alba Nuadh Aiden Na Mayla
Alba Nuadh Adhamh Na Mayla
Alba Nuadh Angus Na Mayla
DutchCH, INT. Ch, Lux CH, DutchYouthCH, Lux Youth Alba Nuadh Abby na Mayla JW 2010, BJS 2010, BraboW'11
NL CH, Lux. CH, DT CH(VDH), INT show CH Alliance de la Vie Premier Collin W06, BW 06, BS 07
Alliance de la Vie Premier Kobus
Alliance de la vie Premier Bonne
Alliance de la vie Premier Duc
Alliance de la vie Premier Shendor
Alliance de la vie Premier Isis
Alliance de la vie Premier Zazou
NL CH, Red Fairy Tales Leaf From Heaven Lux.Y. CH 2008, ES 2008, Winster 2008, Rally-Novi
Red Fairy Tales Golden Treasure
Red Fairy Tales Wicked Prince
Red Fairy Tales Jumper
Red Fairy Tales Little Mermaid
Red Fairy Tales Garden of Paradise
Red Fairy Tales Loviest Rose
Red Fairy Tales Cheerful Temper RN
CH-Ch., CH-VCh. Anishinaabe's Yonina
Anishinaabe's Yeira
Anishinaabe's Yari
Anishinaabe's Yavar
Anishinaabe's Yoki
Anishinaabe's Yahto
Webley's Gibli
Objibwa's Ku-Ku-Lie JoDa
CHCh Objibwa's Kimmi-Kinnik JoDa Agi L2/L3
Objibwa's Kisha-Maanis JoDa
Objibwa's Kirogi JoDa
Objibwa's Kishi Coco JoDa
Active Asics Amy
Active Asics Amila
Active Asics Adele
Active Asics Awesome Mika
Active Asics Adelheid
Active Asics Anna's Sweetie to Siipiveikon
Active Asics Achelous
Active Asics Aiden
Aqueus Dutch Tjeerdsma NA NAJ
CH, HRCH Aqueus Devil Wears Prada CGC, SH, CDX, WCX, DJA
AmCH Aqueus Master of the Game UD RE
Aqueus Apollo's Arrow
MACH6 Aqueus Rusty Buckets BN, RAE, MXS2 PAD MJC2 MFS TQX T2B4 CGC TKN
AKC/ CKC NMH AM/NSDTR CH Redrock's Straight Shooter Am/Can MH WCX ROM
Redrock's Good As Gold JH
Redrock's Longbow
Redrock's Mystic Tails AX MXJ OF AAD TD RN CGC
MACH AM/NSDTR CH Aqueus Dutch Wood Polish MH, CD, RA,MX, MXB, MJG, XF, WCX, VCX
C-ATCH Aqueus Dutch Red River JH WC AX AXJ OF
Aqueus Always in Dutch OAP OJP
Aqueus Der Bodiemeistermeisterbodie
GCH AM/NSDTRC/CAN CH Aqueus Flying Dutchman SH WCX, Can WC
AKC/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Dutch Trickster SH WC OA OAJ
Siipiveikon Tahtoo Tollata
FI AVA Siipiveikon Tahtoo Tarpoa
Siipiveikon Tahtoo Touhuta
FI MVA Siipiveikon Tahtoo Toimia
Devilish Kenobi the Diligent Red Hunter
Dreaming Linus the Diligent Red Hunter
Django the Diligent Red Hunter
Don Mikko the Diligent Red Hunter
Dizzy Carlotta the Diligent Red Hunter
Daily Milla the Diligent Red Hunter
Dear Emma the Diligent Red Hunter
TK1 TK2 Siipiveikon Sorsansurma
Siipiveikon Telkäntuho

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