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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Lecla
Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Diego
Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Yaro
Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Sonny
Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Marley
Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Ranti
Schesaplana's Fox'n'Roll Jacky
Freaky Yorik of Riverside Rovers
Freaky Ely of Riverside Rovers
Freaky Novik of Riverside Rovers
Freaky Freya of Riverside Rovers
Freaky Jadie of Riverside Rovers
Freaky Basco of Riverside Rovers
Objibwa's SiRu Ellic Obed1
Objibwa's SiRu Anice
Objibwa's SiRu Draca
Objibwa's SiRu Liloupe
Objibwa's SiRu Robena-Fidji
Objibwa's SiRu Seitie
Objibwa's SiRu Sunniva WT-Beg/Agi-M2
Objibwa's SiRuTavia
Objibwa's SiRu Tiu SanH1
Camusmor Knockando at Ruddyduck Beg Ex. RL6-Ex
Camusmor Bruichladdich at Tilita
Camusmor Glen Scotia at Dallyvista
Camusmor Glenmorangie At Ladakhnova
Camusmor Tomintoul
Camusmor Whatadream ShCM
Camusmor Whattabargin for Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex.
Camusmor Caol Ila Of Trevargh
Camusmor Any Dream Uldo For Erikachen
Camusmor Forever Dreaming
Camusmor Majikal Dream
Camusmor Dream Awhile
Camusmor Murty Majik
Camusmor Dream Cum True
Camusmor Madjestic Vision
CHJCh/CHCh Stonaway's Lucky Star's Sita BH1
Stonaway's Lucky Lexy
Stonaway's Lucky Ella
Lucky Oliver of Stonaway
Stonaway's Lucky Streak
Stonaway's Lucky Morison
Ollie is a Lucky Stonaway
Stonaway's Lucky Langenberg
Red Emely of Riverside Rovers
Red Arco of Riverside Rovers
Red Chicco of Riverside Rovers
Red Chilli of Riverside Rovers
Red Isi of Riverside Rovers
Red Naila of Riverside Rovers
Swiss Youth CH, Swiss CH Red Sanyu of Riverside Rovers
Swiss CH Tollartrollets Onyx
LPI Tollartrollets Rubin
Tollartrollets Topas
LPI Tollartrollets Granat
Tollartrollets Jade
LPI Tollartrollets Opal
Tollartrollets Ametist
Tollartrollets Safir
LPI LPII Tollartrollets Malakit
Ilanga of Great Pleasure
Irco of Great Pleasure
Ijip of Great Pleasure (LOSH1056537)
Igor of Great Pleasure
Irgano of Great Pleasure
lona of Great Pleasure
Irishmolly of Great Pleasure
Isis of Great Pleasure
Schesaplana's Alpine Amber
Schesaplana's Alpine Onyx
Schesaplana's Alpine Opal
Schesaplana's Alpine Billy
Schesaplana's Alpine Ruby
Dragonflame's Carnival of Light
RLDN FI CH SE UCH Hummelviksgardens Gin and Tonic
Hummelviksgardens Goda Festis
Hummelviksgardens Gallax Gibson
Hummelviksgardens Gobo Sprocket
LP1 LP2 SE VCH SE U(U)CH Hummelviksgardens Golden Theodor
LP1 SE VCH Hummelviksgardens Gioia af Aaron
LP1 LP2 LP3 SE UCH SE VCH Hummelviksgardens Golden Texas
LP2 TJH (RDH) Hummelviksgardens Good Kipper
RTK1 Hummelviksgardens Grimhildr Kiira
Nordwart Alva Illusia
Lovmosen's Red Nettie
DKCH(U), SECH(U), DKKV17, C.I.E L°vmosens Red Eleanor
Marco (NO57925/09 and DK 16582/2010)
Shaggy Toller's Touch of a Breeze
Shaggy Toller's Touch of Bright Sun

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