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Questing L-litter

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Questing L-litter
It & Int.FTCh Ocean Black Reef (0)
Summertime Teressa
Benraw Bess
Eureka Doc
Reedstorm Ranger
Seastorm Captain
FTCh Rumbleton Quicksilver
Rumbleton Quail (0)
Rumbleton Quaich
Rumbleton Quant of Silverbarton
Rumbleton Quartz
Rumbleton Quincy
Rumbleton Quaver
Rumbleton Quill
Rumbleton Quinn
FTCh Broadlaw Elder of Laggengill (BVA 0)
Broadlaw Easter (0/0)
Broadlaw Edith
Broadlaw Elm
Broadlaw Erika
FTCh Broadlaw Eva
Broadlaw Ewan
Broadlaw Ezra
Broadlaw Elle
Rumbleton Kitty
Rumbleton Kane
Rumbleton Kipper
Rumbleton Kael
Rumbleton Kaiser
Rumbleton Kelsay
Rivendale Ruby
Beechland Lilly
Copper Head Mist
Freddies Favourite Boy
Saphire Sun
Starring Diamond
Sunrise Golden Shadow
Int.FTCh Nightflight Ozzy
Broadwater Twig
All About Alfie
Eureka Style
Sunrise Sceptre
Ballymoney Boy
Miss Black Diamond
Ashtree Penny Lane
Master Wandar
Mr High Step
Showtime Lad
Sporting Hero
Questing Goji (FCI 0/BL)
DK FTCH MPM2010 Team Timberline Karoo Dessert (0)
DK FTCh Clonbara Smiler (0/0)
Ir.FTCh Gary of Clonbara
FTCh Clonbara Apache of Leadburn
IR FTCh Orla of Clonbara
Heather of Clonbara
Clonbara Kelly at Astraglen
Clonbara Altan of Willowmount
DK FTCh Timberline Cherry's Child (0)
IT FTCh Haredale Questing Quip (FCI 0/0)
Haredale Questing Hunter (FCI 1/0)
Haredale Questing Skip (0/0)
Trf Haredale Questing Beaver (FCI 0/0)
Haredale Questing Jools (0/0)
Haredale Questing Phoebe (0/0)
OFTW Fastlane Chuck of Buttsend (FCI 0/0)
Sharpview Scourie
Single Trigger of Starshot
IntFTCh, ChTa, ChTComp. Enchanting Goldcrest vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
DRC-Arb.-Ch. FTW Enya vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
Elixa vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
Ebenum Nanooq vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
Eloy vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
Emil vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
Easy Chess vom Keien Fenn (0/0)
Ecco vom Keien Fenn (0/0)

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