Golden Retriever

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CH Torch of Handjem ***

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH Torch of Handjem *** (AKC SA013407 (1/1962))
Am. CH. J's Teeko Of Tigathoe *** (AKC SA012754 (12/62))
Tiger Of Handjem ** (AKC SA-24515)
Princess Tammy Of Handjem (AKC SA012902 (6/1966))
Apollo of Handjem (AKC SA001586 (8/1964))
CH Little Joe Of Tigathoe *** OS (AKC S389961 (9/50))
Dealer Of Tigathoe (AKC S389962 (9/1950))
Ace High of Tigathoe (AKC S389969 (9/1950))
Ace Of Tigathoe (AKC S389966 (9/1950))
Flush Of Tigathoe (AKC S389970 (9/1950))
The Deuce Of Tigathoe (AKC S389965 (9/1950))
The Trey Of Tigathoe (AKC S389963 (9/1950))
Riffle Of Tigathoe (AKC S389964 (9/1950))
Royal Flush Of Tigathoe (AKC S389968 (9/1950))
Shuffle Of Tigathoe (AKC S389967 (9/1950))
AmCH AFC Lorelei's Golden Rockbottom UD OS SDHF (AKC S270654 (4/1949))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Sheen ** (AKC S270653 (4/1949))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Sanchar's Danny CD ** DDHF (AKC S302437 (8/1949))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Honey (AKC S284430 (5/1949))
Lorelei's Golden Glow (AKC S279051 (5/1949))
Lorelei's Sanchar's Garry (AKC S302436 (8/1949))
Lorelei's Sanchar's Wendy (AKC S302441 (8/1949))
Lorelei's Sanchar's Andy (AKC S302438 (8/1949))
Lorelei's Sanchar's Tony (AKC S302439 (8/49))
Lorelei's Golden Gypsy (AKC S279056 (5/49))
Lorelei's Sanchar's Sandy (AKC S302440 (8/49))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Rip ** OS (AKC S034006 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Anne ** (AKC S034001 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Dufy's Golden Desire * (AKC S034002 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Judy * (AKC S034003 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Michael (AKC S034010 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Dan (AKC S034005 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Jane (AKC S034004 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Jeff (AKC S034007 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tim (AKC S034008 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tuck (AKC S034009 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tanya OD (AKC S270651 (4/1949))
Honey (S270652) (AKC S270652 (4/49))
Am. CH. Gold Button of Catawba ** OD (AKC S-122040)
Am. CH. Gold Charm Of Catawba (AKC S-122041)
Gold Miner of Catawba
Digger Of Golden Valley *** OS (AKC A507436 (9/41))
FC Pirate Of Golden Valley FDHF (AKC A507433 (9/1941))
Honey of Golden Valley (AKC A507429 (9/1941))
Bonnie Of Golden Valley *** (AKC A507427 (9/1941))
Joy of Golden Valley (AKC A507431 (9/1941))
Blink Of Golden Valley (AKC A507434 (9/1941))
Bunny Of Golden Valley (AKC A507428 (9/1941))
Echo Of Golden Valley (AKC A507430 (9/1941))
Nero Of Golden Valley (AKC A507432 (9/1941))
Nicholas Of Golden Valley (AKC A507435 (9/1941))
FC Stilrovin Katherine OD (AKC A396109 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Victory (AKC A598390 (9/1942))
Am. Dual CH. Stilrovin Nitro Express FDHF DDHF (AKC A-396107 (5/1940))
FC Stilrovin Super Speed FDHF (AKC A396108 (5/1940))
Am. CH. Stilrovin Shur Shot OS (AKC A947110 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Express (AKC A947108 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Vee *** (AKC A598386 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Top Sergeant (AKC A598392 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Trista (AKC A396110 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Xpert (AKC S045619 (12/46))
Stilrovin Jane (AKC A396112 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Super X *** (AKC A396106 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Tola (AKC A396111 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Top Kick ** (AKC A598391 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Victory Child (AKC A598387 (9/1942))
Stilrovin War Baby (AKC A598388 (9/1942))
Stilrovin War Bride (AKC A598389 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Hi-Speed (AKC A947109 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Hi-Velocity (AKC A947111 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Ranger (AKC S045620 (12/46))
Princess Kilroy OD (AKC S554121 (8/56))
Czar Michael (AKC S608625 (12/1954))
Kimhof Kilroy (AKC S915558 (8/58))
Tonkahof Kilroy (AKC S-093977)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Kelly (AKC S093976 (6/47))
Tonkahof Electra (AKC A793601 (2/1945))
Am. Dual CH. Tonkahof Esther Belle (AKC A793606 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Gail ** (AKC S012429 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Empress (AKC A793603 (2/1945))
Tonkahof General (AKC S012426 (7/1046))
Tonkahof Ginger CD (AKC S012430 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Go Bang (AKC S012427 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Golden Boy (AKC S012428 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Golden Girl (AKC S012425 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Goldilocks (AKC S012431 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Echo (AKC A793600 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Emblem (AKC A793602 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Encore (AKC A793604 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Ensign (AKC A793605 (2/1945))
Am. CH. Tonkahof Bang *** OS SDHF (AKC A-489313-6/41)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Bamby CD (AKC A-489316-6/41)
Tonkahof Buckshot (AKC A489314 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Bacchus (AKC A489315 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Beebe (AKC A489317 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Betty (AKC A489318 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Blaze (AKC A489319 (6/1941))
Am. CH. Tonka Belle Of Woodend OD (AKC A-215130-2/38)
FC Banty of Woodend (AKC A-299293 - 3/1939)
Nippletop of Woodend (AKC A299292 - 3/1939)
Topper of Woodend (AKC A-555363 (3/1942))
Tuck's Bang of Woodend (AKC A734298 (5/1944))
Rod Of Woodend (AKC A308101 - 4/1939)
Flash Of Woodend (AKC A278628 - 12/1938)
Barbara Of Woodend (AKC A229829 - 5/1938)
Sir Robert Of Woodend ** (AKC A209394 - 2/1938)
Grain Belt Of Woodend (AKC A202870 - 1/1938)
Peptwo Of Woodend II (AKC A327910 - 7/1939)
Golden Amber Of Woodend (AKC A525996 (12/1941))
Dirk Of Woodend (AKC A550595 (3/1942))
Twinkle Of Woodend (AKC A561339 (4/1942))
Marigold Of Woodend (AKC A708667 (1/1944))
Andy (A210755) (AKC A210755 (2/1938))
Golden Showers (S470322) (AKC S-470322)
April Showers II's Spec (AKC S410713 (12/1950))
Ike Of April Showers II (AKC S479350 (11/51))
April Of Winnebagoland (AKC S456697 (7/1951))
Winnasha Golden Fury (AKC S373268 (6/50))
Hickories King (AKC S384099 (8/50))
Golden Showers (S479322) (AKC S479322 (11/51))
R. R. Rival II *** (AKC A-888608)
R. R. Rival (AKC A861921)
Star of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626662 (1/1943))
R. R. Nugget (A888609) (AKC A888609)
Am. CH. R. R. Star (AKC S051510 (12/46))
R. R. Alicia (AKC A861923)
Pixie of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626665 (1/1943))
Sprite of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626663 (1/1943))
Waggener's Rusty (AKC S081596 (5/1947))
R. R. Dust (AKC S051505 (12/46))
R R Wing (AKC S051507 (12/46))
Ajax Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626666 (1/1943))
Aura Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626664 (1/1943))
Boots Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626669 (1/1943))
Hermit Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626668 (1/1943))
Kahn Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626671 (1/1943))
Mischief Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626661 (1/1943))
Nugget Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626670 (1/1943))
Puck Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626672 (1/1943))
Titan Of Rolling Ridge (AKC A626667 (1/1943))
RR Starlight
R R Boots (AKC S051501 (12/46))
R R Bruce (AKC S051502 (12/46))
R R Diana (AKC S051503 (12/46))
R R Echo III (AKC S051509 (12/46))
R R Ginger (AKC S051504 (12/46))
R R Nip (AKC S051508 (12/46))
April Showers II *** (AKC S178356 (4/1948))
Gin of Willow Springs (AKC S646466 (6/1954))
Gunner Of Orono (AKC S138422 (11/1947))
Brandy Of Orono (AKC S138423 (11/1947))

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