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Derrity Francis of Gospelash

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Derrity Francis of Gospelash
Derrity Sinckler
FTW Scrapple from the Apple Jack (BVA 0)
FTCh Endacott Shelf
FTCh Endacott Soames of Riversway (0)
Endacott Holly
Endacott Swift of Brindlebay
Endacott Seeka
Endacott Storm
Endacott Sweep
Endacott Sally
Endacott Seal
FTCh Glenbriar Solo
Glenbriar Polly Of Rockbracka
Glenbriar Shanty
Glenbriar Shandy
Glenbriar Shane
FTCh Glenbriar Solomon
Glenbriar Sabre of Follybreeze (1)
FTCh Glenbriar Pippit
FTW Endacott Spindle
GB FTCh Endacott Stoer of Quabrook
Endacott Piper
Endacott Fable
Endacott Fergal of Waterscot
Endacott Finch
Endacott Firecrest
Endacott Early Edition
Endacott Eider
Endacott Equerry
Endacott Sahara
Endacott Sandgrouse
Endacott Drummer
Endacott Nightjar
Endacott Truffle
Endacott Blewit
Endacott Artist
Endacott Explorer
Endacott Exchequer
Endacott Entertainer
Endacott Egret
Endacott Ebony
Endacott Furlong
Endacott Flycatcher
Endacott Fantail
FTW Winokapau Tide (BVA 0)
NORD JCH Middlegate Tinker
FTCH Middlegate Teal
Middlegate Tessa
Rosehip Bramble of Winokapau
Marsh Shot Teal
Derrity Kara (0)
Derrity Heidi at Jobeshill (0)
Derrity Odin (0/0, OCD clear)
FTW Derrity Thor (0)
DK FTCH DK TM Jobeshill Olof (0)
FTCh Jobeshill Lotta of Stauntonvale (0)
OFTW Jobeshill Valfrid of Avonford (0/0)
FTW Jobeshill Magnus (0)
Jobeshill Magnild at Hawkslow
FTCh Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch (0)
Jobeshill Alrik (0)
Jobeshill Gustav of Bedgebrook
NORD JCH FTW Tasco Brimstone (0/0)
Tasco Gold Swift (0/0)
FT Ch Tasco Saxon
FTW Collaroybanks Willow (0)
Collaroybanks Holly
Collaroybank Cedar
Collaroybank Guelder Rose
Collaroybank Oak (0)
Collaroybanks Hazel
FTW Derrity Rose (BVA 0)
GB FTCh Derrity Mustard of Balswad (BVA 0/0)
Derrity Basil (BVA 0)
Derrity Dill
Derrity Pepper
Derrity Spice
Derrity Juniper
Derrity Clove
Derrity Honey
FTCh Farmclose Paddy
Farmclose Willow
Farmclose Heather
Farmclose Jasmine Of Larkmeadow
Farmclose Swallow
Farmclose Black Pearl
Farmclose Holly
FTW Conneywarren Tammy of Derrity
Conneywarren Bromley
Conneywarren Chelsea (0)
Conneywarren Holly
Conneywarren Finchley Of Bedgebrook (0)
Conneywarren Anna
Conneywarren Finsbury
Conneywarren Danny

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