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Fast & Flying Mantis Gang Rudej Wydry (FCI)

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Fast & Flying Mantis Gang Rudej Wydry (FCI)
J. Ch. Pl. Delayla Explosive Trotyl Dancing with Fire
Club Junior Winner, J CH CZ, CH MNE, CH SM, CH AZ Kalmegess' Canadian Ranger
Kalmegess' Hold The Torch High
Kalmegess' Medal Of Honour
Kalmegess' Northern Lights
Kalmegess' King Of Prussia
Kalmegess' Lest We Forget
Kalmegess' One To Remember
Kalmegess Flower of the Forest CGN
CH SHR GAD's Quintessential KD Treasure JH CD WCX
GAD's Hidden Treasure At KD's
GAD's Special Treasure At KD's
GAD's Mystical Treasure with KD's
GAD's and KD's Treasure Hunter
Gads And Kds Present Divine Treasure
CH Kalmegess An Artzie Lass
Kalmegess Ferroust One of Aul
Kalmegess Who's The Boss Kid
CH Kalmegess General Morleigh
CH Kalmegess Lua With Brighteyes WC
HR UH Can.CH Kalmegess Notagucci SH WCX CD
Kalmegess Mini Austin Cooper
Kalmegess Smiley Miley
Dancing Queen vd Amandelgaard
CH Talitha Sterre v.d. Amandelgaard
Aida v.d. Amandelgaard
Toujour Sterre v.d. Amandelgaard
Takoda Tommy v.d. Amandelgaard
Taya-Happy-Indique v.d. Amandelgaard
Tender TiŽsto v.d. Amandelgaard
Theodor Thorben v.d. Amandelgaard
Thijs O'Conor v.d. Amandelgaard
Tiberus Tokay v.d. Amandelgaard
Tidal Bore v.d. Amandelgaard
Timo v.d. Amandelgaard
T'Noortje v.d. Amandelgaard
Toller Caesar v.d. Amandelgaard
Totaly Kaya's Dizzy v.d. Amandelgaard
Tricky Voxy v.d. Amandelgaard
Don Diego v.d. Amandelgaard
Flynt v.d. Amandelgaard
Jean Valjean v.d. Amandelgaard
Queen Sky v.d. Amandelgaard
Roxie Hart v.d. Amandelgaard
Sky v.d. Amandelgaard
O'Conor Spice v.d. Amandelgaard
Oranje v. d. Amandelgaard
Ocean Marijn v.d. Amandelgaard
Onda Marijn v.d. Amandelgaard
Onora Chelsie v.d. Amandelgaard
Onze Marijn TiŽsto v.d. Amandelgaard
Otje Spice v.d. Amandelgaard
Kaya v.d. Amandelgaard
Kadisha v.d Amandelgaard
Kane v.d Amandelgaard
Kasper v.d Amandelgaard
Kejimkujik v.d Amandelgaard
Kenneth-Kay v.d Amandelgaard
Kibo v.d Amandelgaard
King-Flint v.d Amandelgaard
Malinowa Panna Cotta Gang Rudej Wydry FCI
Miodowy Pierniczek Gang Rudej Wydry
Migdalowy Karmelek z Gangu Rudej Wydry
Marchewkowe Ciacho Gang Rudej Wydry
Morelowa Bajaderka Gang Rudej Wydry
AVA DAGOR Cleverred
AVA NUGAT Cleverred
AVA KINLEY Cleverred
AVA BAZYL Cleverred
AVA KUMO Cleverred
AVA STRUNA Cleverred
AVA TORA Cleverred
AVA JENNY Cleverred
C.I.B. C.I.E. PLJCH, CZ CJW, PL CW, PL CH, H CH, Rhineferry's Namid Indian Dancer KR III KT I PT
Rhineferry's Merenque Czardas
Rhineferry's Farandole Kolo
Rhineferry's Fandango Rigadoon
Rhineferry's Malaquena Farucca
Rhineferry's Kazatcka Zidanga
ACADIAN NUTKA Capella Vis Comica
Acadian Accord Capella Vis Comica
Acadian Aria Capella Vis Comica
Acadian Blues Capella Vis Comica
Acadian Foxtrot Capella Vis Comica
Acadian Mambo Capella Vis Comica
Acadian Rock Capella Vis Comica
Magic Carmen Capella Vis Comica
Magic Dancing Lady Capella Vis Comica
Magic Jazz Capella Vis Comica
Magic Maestro Capella Vis Comica
Magic Samba Capella Vis Comica
Magic Sweet Melody Capella Vis Comica
Magic Twist Again Capella Vis Comica
ChPL, JChPL Red Hot Chilli's Road To My Heart
Red Hot Chilli's Right On Time
Red Hot Chilli's Rock This Town
Red Hot Chilli's Ready For Love
CHPL, JCHPL Red Hot Chilli's Rise Like The Sun
C.I.E., RO Ch, EST Ch, PL Ch, PL JCh, TLNW-17, PL JCW-14 Red Hot Chilli's Right Side of Life
Shaggy Toller's White Banjo Boy
C.I.E., Ch SRB, VCh PL, Ch PL, JCh PL, CW, Poland Winner ILKA od Brendy z Serbinowa
INKA od Brendy z Serbinowa
IDA od Brendy z Serbinowa

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