Golden Retriever

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IntCh Seasons Golden Chaplain of the Stars

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

IntCh Seasons Golden Chaplain of the Stars (AKC SS02565803)
Seasons Golden Chizzelled By Stars (AKC SS02565804)
Am Ch Leongolden Forget About Rules Mr.Gold (AKC SR87249305)
AM CH Leongolden It's Time To Play With Gold (AKC SR87249302)
Leongolden Let Your Light Shine Luxe (AKC SR87249303)
BIS BISS AM GCHB CAN CH Paradigm's Field Of Leongolden SDHF (AKC SR87249301)
AM Ch Leongolden Love Me Like You Do At Everest BISS (AKC SR87249308)
Leongolden's My Angel In The Centerfold (AKC SR87249306)
AM CH GCHB Leongolden Wop Wop Huge Love (AKC SR82901501)
Leongolden The Diamond's Jaguar (AKC SR85566701)
leongolden you can do it
Leongolden Texas Secret (ROI1198228)
Leongolden Salsa Cubana (AKC SR83232501)
Leongolden Cha Cha Cha
MULTI EU CH Leongolden Blues and Jazz (AKC SR72595801)
Leongolden Rumba Africana (FCI LOI10171348)
Leongolden Opera Italiana of Golden Sunshine
Dreams Never End (Nevarez) OD (AKC SR85619901)
Mex Ch Simply Stunning Nevarez
Mex Ch The Show Must Go On Nevarez
MexCh Indiana Jones Nevarez
Classical Romance Nevarez
Very Irresistible Nevarez
Double Trouble Nevarez
Just For The Fun Nevarez
BIS BISS Am GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard OA OAJ AXP AJP NFP WC VCX SDHF OS (AKC SR086315/01)
Phil Ch Rush Hill's Run'n the Show (AKC SR08631502)
Rush Hill's Run Skooter Run (AKC SR08631503)
Rush Hill's Runnin Down Adream (AKC SR08631506)
MexCh GMexCh Queijeiro Matilda Ortiz (Other FCMR8769 E)
MEX. GCM INT. LATIN Don Corleone (ortiz) (Other FCMR5155-A)
Don Manzini (ortiz) (Other FCMR5155-B)
Mona Lisa (ortiz) (Other FCMR5155-C)
J.CH.PER. CH.PER. Queijeiro Macarena (Ortiz) MEX. FCI. (Other KCP-FCMR-8769-D)
AM CH BIS MEX CH Queijeiro Monalisa Ortiz OD (AKC SR496994/01)
queijeiro minisa (ortiz) (FCI FCMR8769-G)
Int Ch Seasons Golden Fine Finesse (AKC SR75406504 (11-15))
CanCH Glaciers-Millstones Pride, Honor & Dignity (AKC SR75406506 (2-15))
Int'l CH Seasons Golden Ambience (AKC SR75406505 (4-16))
Glaciers Summer In The City (AKC SR75406501)
Kor CH Glaciers Heroine In The Titanic (AKC SR75406508)
Glaciers Summer Romance (AKC SR75406502)
Int. Ch Copperfield's In High Command (AKC SR75406503 (8-14))
Glacier Summer Raine (AKC SR75406507)
Multi BIS BISS GCH CH Summits The Titanic OS SDHF (AKC SR48204105 (8-09))
CH Summits Carrera Something To Talk About (AKC SR482041/02)
Summits Conair (AKC SR48204103)
Summits Pretty Women (AKC SR482041/04)
Am CH Summits Annecy The Rock (AKC SR48204101)
Summit Sombra's No Small Affair (AKC SR48204106)
BIS BISS Am CH Summits MR. Bojangles OS SDHF (AKC SN57129701 (12/00))
Summits Only The Shadow Knows (AKC SN57129702)
Am/Can CH Summits Dancin'at Dustrax CD RE CGC (AKC SN-571297/03)
BIS Br/Ar/Int. Ch Golden Trip's Victoria Thanks A Million (FCI RG/SPAI/02/05093)
Gr.Ch.Int.Pan Golden Trip's Victoria Ultimate Sensation
WW'04, Multi Mini BIS Golden Trip's Victory Never Ends
BIS. Am/Br/Pan/Int Ch Golden Trip's Victory Vagabond Lover (Other RG/SPAI/02/05085)
BrCh PanCh Golden Trip's Victory King of All (Other RG/SPAI/02/05088)
Bras.Ch Golden Trip's Victory Thunder King Ovation
Golden Trip Victory Lap
Gr.Ch.Int.Pan Goldentrip Victory Case of Love
Gr.Ch.Pan. Goldentrip Victory Latin Lover
Goldentrip it Had to be a Victory
BIS BISS Arg Br Col Ch. Goldentrip Victory Love at First Site (Other FCA 22742)
BIS, BISS, Gr.Ch.Br.Gr. Ch.Pan. Ch. Arg. Ch.Ur. Goldentrip Victoria Go On (Other RG/SPX/05/05046)
Goldentrip Victory Japaxrappa (Other Spx/05/05039)
Ch.Ven.Pr.Pe Goldentrip Victory Beyond Reason (SPX/05/05044)
Ch Gr Int Golden Trip Victoria Hugs and Kisses
Golden Trip Victoria yo've got my life
Golden Trip Victory of Fire
Am CH Glaciers Summer Wheat (AKC SR59666101 (3-13))
KOR Ch Glaciers Journey to Ocean Palace (AKC SR59666102)
Int'l CH Glacier-Millstones Semper Fidelis UCICB (AKC SR59666104)
Glaciers Guinness Extra Stout (AKC SR59666103)
BISS Am. CH Hytree's Ryd-N- Out The Storm SDHF OS (AKC SN87709103)
Hytree's Rev'dUp N RarinToGo (AKC SN877091/01)
Hytree's May Bee A Classic (AKC SN911139/07)
Hytree's Quick As A Wink (AKC SN87709105)
Hytree's Just Maybe (AKC SN91113905)
Hytree N April's Pedal To The Medal (AKC SN87709104)
AM CH Hytree N' Honor's Mayday Malone (AKC SN91113903)
CH. Hytree's I Wish I May CDX TDX WC VCX (AKC SN91113901)
Am/Can Ch Sidekicks Third Bear's A Charm BPIS (AKC SR266349/01)
Can CH Sidekick's Luck Be A Lainey (CKC PN960467)
CAN CH Sidekick's Can't Dodgeit Ramit (CKC PN960482)
Am/Can Ch Sidekick Unleash The Hemi (CKC PN960477)
Multi BPIS GCH Am/Can Ch Sidekick's Ridin' The Rails (AKC SR48823901 (8-08))
Sidekick's Angus Floyd (CKC SA057879)

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