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Night Single Great Genus Winners

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Night Single Great Genus Winners
Night Single Genuine Diamond
Night Single Galaxy Way (FCI UKU 0124786)
MD GCH/PL,SK,MD,CY,BY,GE,AZ,LT, CH. Tweedledum Good Vibrations WC (FCI FIN36782/07)
Tweedledum Groovy Evening (FCI FIN36786/07)
Mallorn's Ursus Arctos (FCI FIN12387/05)
Mallorn's Umur (FCI FIN12389/05)
Mallorn's Ursa Major (FCI FIN12390/05)
AM CH Visions I'm Able (AKC SN89683403)
AM Ch. Visions Cain's Mutiny (AKC SN89683404)
Visions Lubberline Graceful (AKC SN89683402)
CH Visions state of Grace (AKC SN89683401)
Mallorn's MMM Marabou (FCI FIN 41806/99)
FI MVA Mallorn's Mums Mums (S 35351/2000)
Mallorn's Mr Snowbusiness (FCI FIN41801/99)
Mallorn's Monkey Business (FCI FIN41805/99)
Mallorn's Mr Muffin (FCI FIN41799/99)
Tweedledum Purple Evening (FCI FIN46056/04)
FINW-03 Mailiksen Gentleman (FCI FIN39757/00)
Mailiksen Glamour Girl (FCI FIN39752/00)
Mailiksen Gentlemen
Tweedledum Curtain Call (FCI FIN 24029/98)
DE VDH/LCD CH CS(LCD)'02 Tweedledum Crispy Duck (FCI FIN 24024/98)
FI MVA Tweedledum Palabras Cleo (FCI FIN 24030/98)
Tweedledum Calling Texas
Tweedledum Clubburger
Tweedledum Crunchy Snack
Tweedledum Crew Only
Ch Holstep's April Smile
Ch Holstep's Adventure
Holstep's Adisson-Braun
CH PL SK Mallorn's Chocomania (FCI FIN11955/03)
Mallorn's Chocomotion (FCI FIN11958/03)
Dt.Ch. Mallorn's Chococrush (FCI FIN11953/03)
Mallorn's Chocoholic (FCI FIN11957/03)
SE U(U)CH Tjotte's Now or Never (FCI S 30388/2001)
Tjotte's Naughty But Nice Cassata (FCI S30392/2001)
Ch Tjottes Naked Nun On The Run (FCI S 30391/2001)
ChFin Boothgate Miz Showbusiness (Other KC X4593605X04)
Am/Can CH Boothgate Chief Producer CanCD WC (AKC SN65737601)
Boothgate Host with the Most
Ch Delightfull Lolita
Ch Delightfull Unbroken Spirit
Delightfull Underground
Int Ch Stenveyz Don't Stop to Dance
GrChRus, ChRus, Ch Lit, ChUa, ChBye Stenveyz Dessert Chocolate
Ch Stenveyz Living Melody
Int Ch/Ru Ch/Ua Ch/Bye Ch Stenveyz Red October (FCI RKF1239511 )
Ch Stenveyz Love Letter
RUS Ch Stenveyz Let It Be

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