Golden Retriever

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Golden Island of Love Gladys

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Golden Island of Love Gladys (FCI B)
MultiJCh, MultiCh, C.I.E. Golden Island of Love Giotto JWW, GJW (FCI A2/B1)
Golden Island of Love Geisha (A2/A2)
Golden Island of Love Gracia (A1/A1)
Dutch Champion Capital Kopenhagen Golden Robos (FCI A)
INT CH, LUX/NL CH, JCH NL, jWinner 2011 Break Dance Golden Robos (FCI AA)
Milburn v.d. Golden Angels (A)
Templeton v.d. Golden Angels (A)
Lemon Merinque Van De Golden Angels
Steal A Glance v.d. Golden Angels (FCI A)
Nobody Else Noortje Golden Robos (FCI AA)
Sweet Beauty Golden Robos (FCI A)
Karvin Black Jack (FCI A)
Karvin Bright Bonnie
Life Is Life Golden Robos (A)
Hr. Ch. Aida de Ria Vela (B1/B1)
Madame Butterfly de Ria Vela
Don Giovanni de Ria Vela
Senna De Ria Vela (FCI A1)
Loewe De Ria Vela (HD B 2014)
JEW'07, INT CH, SPA/PT/GBZ/DK CH, HR JCH Ritzilyn Rick O'Shay (4:5 BVA)
German Ch. & German J.Ch. Ritzilyn Jokers Wild (6/5 , C1/C1)
Vice-EW'06, C.I.B/C.I.E. FIN/EE/LV/LT/RU/BY MVA Ritzilyn Jimmy Mac EEV-06 EEVV11, BH, TK1 (B0/B0 (2002))
Ritzilyn Kitty Hawk for Redtowers (3:4=7)
SH CH Ritzilyn Jitterbug of Cherrygold (5:4)
Bundesjugendsieger '02 Ritzilyn Jigger (HD C1)
Ritzilyn Judge Jools at Cesarka (Unknown BVA 5:4)
German JCh, German CH Ritzilyn Passing Glance (C1/C1)
Eng. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Manhattan (BVA 7 - 7)
Ritzilyn Jimjams For Mousseglen (6:6)
Jr. Ch Ritzilyn Jiggery Pokery
Eng CH Ritzilyn Polly Esther (7:4)
Ritzilyn Pasadena JW (BVA 7-8)
Ritzilyn Rock Candy With Cesarka (4:4)
Ritzilyn Pizzazz For Eastbury (5:4)
Ritzilyn Sugar Bush for Pearlbarn (4:7)
Ritzilyn Charleston At Folderslane (6:3)
Ritzilyn Peachy Cream (4:4)
Ritzilyn Plain Sailing (4:6)
Eng Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon JW (BVA 6:5)
Ritzilyn Baileys Original Amsterdam JW (BVA 3:3)
Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz at Trewater (BVA Hip Score 7:4)
C.I.B & BALT & FIN & RUS CH & BALT VET CH Ritzilyn Blues Brother LV W-01, LV JW-01, LTU JW-01, EstW-05, BaltW-06 (HD-A 2001)
Ritzilyn Blue Chip (A1)
Ritzilyn Baby Bunting with Charmagen (3/4)
Eng Sh Ch Pearlbarn Periwinkle for Ritzilyn (BVA Hip Score 3:6)
Pearlbarn Pinball Wizard (HD grad A (7/1/2000))
Pearlbarn Prince Of Thieves (6:3)
JCH Pit Lane de Ria Vela (BVA 4:3)
Pole Position de Ria Vela
LPW2007 Lollipop de Ria Vela
Magic Alonso de Ria Vela (BVA 7:5)
Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Ch-Cr-It-Slo-Sm.Ch Marybel Fashion Guy Campione Riproduttore - Stud dog Champion (3:3 BVA)
Marybel Fashion Girl
Toscane du Bois de la Rayère (BVA 6/7)
WVW-06, Int. Ch, Fr/Lux/Ndl/VDH/Ger. CH & Trialer O'Connor Du Bois De La Rayere (A/A 1999)
Fr. Jr. CH., Lux. Jr. CH. Odyssee du Bois de la Rayere (FCI A/A)
INT CH, FR CH Singing In The Rain du Bois de la Rayère (A0/A0)
CH France, IB, Lux, Trialer Topaze du Bois de la Rayere (A/C 2003)
Out Of Africa du Bois de la Rayère (B/B)
The-Star-Of-America Du Bois De La Rayere
INT CH Opale du Bois de la Rayere (FCI A/B)
Tzara du Bois de la Rayère (FCI B/B)
Ursa Major du Bois de la Rayere (A/A)
Thimotée du Bois de la Rayère
Ultimate du Bois de la Rayère (FCI A/A)
Twirling with pop h Du bois de la rayere (FCI A/A)
Un Amour de Patou du Bois de la Rayère (FCI A/A)

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