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Burrendale Wookiee

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Burrendale Wookiee
Open FTW Burrendale Ace
Burrendale Runner of Leacaz
Burrendale Lucy
Burrendale Rocky Of Teywillow
Burrendale Tokyo
Burrendale Azzurro
Burrendale Rose
Burrendale Cruise
FTW Lowforge Glenaveigh of Leacaz
Lowforge Gabriella
Lowforge Galway Girl
Lowforge Gem Of Camusericht
Lowforge Guthrie
Lowforge Gretel
Lowforge Grenadier
Lowforge Goodfella
FTCh Lowforge Aragon of Leacaz
Lowforge Arkansas
Lowforge Ardbeg Of Dragonswell
Lowforge Amour
Lowforge Afton
Lowforge Ailsa
Lowforge Amelia of Russjancoe
Lowforge Amy
FTCh Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead
FTW Greenbriar Viva of Ffynongain
FTW Greenbriar Vogue
Greenbriar Victor
Greenbriar Valour
Greenbriar Vincent
Greenbriar Vodka
Greenbriar Vagabond
Greenbriar Vince
Greenbriar Verve
Greenbriar Vigour
Pittendreich Highlight of Lowforge
Pittendreich Halo
Pittendreich Harmony
Pittendreich Hetty
Pittendreich Hamish
Pittendreich Harry
Swaine Siskin of Lowforge
Swaine Tadders Buttercup at Thunderlands
Swaine Vireo
Swaine Pochard
Swaine Morillon of Quornline
Swaine Firecrest
Swaine Dunnock of Amancio
Swaine Chukor
FTCh Pocklea Adder
FTW Pocklea Abba
Pocklea Apache
Pocklea Amy
Pocklea Alex
Pocklea Adam
Pocklea Andey
Pocklea Asp
Gerransbay Solo of Swaine
Gerransbay Centurian
Gerransbay Gaffa
Gerransbay Emperor
Gerransbay Gladiator
Gerransbay Warrior
Gerransbay Gypsy
Gerransbay Moffat
FTCh Tyrrellison Star Dreamer
Tyrrellison Shooting Star
Tyrrellison Rising Star
Tyrrellison Star Cluster
Tyrrellison North Star
Tyrrellison Night Star
Tyrrellison Gold Star
Tyrrellison Starlight
Tyrrellison Star Marker
Tyrrellison Joe
Tyrrellison Final Star
Tyrrellison Bright Star
Tyrrellison Dazzling Star
Tyrrellison Little Star
FTCh Apache Joe (AH03978901)
Princess Viper
Lily Brook
Oakleaf Keano
Tidal Star
Bronte Maiden
Keeva Valenta
Crystal Gale Of Glenanne
Copperbirch Belle
Copperbirch Wyatt
Copperbirch Harry
Copperbirch Lewis
Copperbirch Nancy
Copperbirch Obi
Copperbirch Skye
Ir.FTCh Copperbirch Zeus of Glenanne
FTW Copperbirch Dione
Copperbirch Phoenix of Tyrrellison
Copperbirch Maximus of Glenanne
Copperbirch Metis
Copperbirch Calypso
Copperbirch Artemis
Copperbirch Apollo
Copperbirch Cronos
Shangarrilyn Kim of Copperbirch
Shangarrilyn Isaiah
Shangarrilyn Jeremiah of Johnorah
Int FTW Shangarrilyn Josh of Drumilt
FTW Shangarrilyn Ezekiel
Shangarrilyn Joel
Shangarrilyn Ezra of Premierleek
Shangarrilyn Jonah
Copperbirch Santa's Helper of Tyrrellison
Copperbirch Monte Rosa
ISFTCH Copperbirch Montanus
Copperbirch Sierra Madra
FTCh Copperbirch Dasher
Copperbirch Cupid
Copperbirch El Misti
Copperbirch Dancer
Copperbirch Olympus
Copperbirch Krackatoa
Copperbirch Killmanjaro
Copperbirch Montserrat
Copperbirch Errigal
Copperbirch Fuji
Copperbirch Comet
FTCh Donaghaguy Garnet
Donaghaguy Emerald of Copperbirch
Donaghaguy Topaz of Copperbirch
Donaghaguy Opal
Donaghaguy Diamond
Donaghaguy Saphire
Donaghaguy Ruby
Donaghaguy Amber
Brookbird Maeve of Copperbirch
Ir.FTCH Brookbird Tide
Brookbird Anna
Brookbird Apprentice
Brookbird Bracken
Brookbird Fowler
Brookbird Tam
Brookbird Zola
Brookbird Gale
FTCH Brookbird Daniel
Brookbird Cruiser
Brookbird Fern
Brookbird Paddy

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