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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Int FT Ch Danestone Tweed
FTW Danestone Ava
Danestone Clyde
Danestone Ebonstone
Danestone Lilla
Danestone Rocket
Danestone Trojan
FTW Levenghyl Baccarat at Lochmuir
Levenghyl Solitaire of Cynhinfa
Levenghyl Roll The Dice
Levenghyl Gambler
Levenghyl Vegas With Olivertash
Levenghyl Twist
Levenghyl Roulette
FTCh Levenghyl Isle of Aaran
FTW Levenghyl Isle of Mull
FTW Levenghyl Isle of Rona
Levenghyl Isle Of Staffa Of Birdsgreen
Levenghyl Isle Of Shuna Of Maswen
Levenghyl Isle Of Skye Of Cripsybrook
Levenghyl Isle Of Danna Of Glenpatrick
Levenghyl Isle Of Rum
Levenghyl Isle Of Davaar
FTCh Shadowbrae Mist of Levenghyl
Shadowbrae Musto
Shadowbrae Moonshine
Shadowbrae Maestro
Shadowbrae Marcus
Shadowbrae Mandarin
Shadowbrae Millie
Shadowbrae Maggi
Shadowbrae Melody
Shadowbrae Mango Of Flyline
Tweedshot Shingle
Tweedshot Shimmer of Haverholme
Tweedshot Shannon of Quornline
Pocklea Captain of Lincswolds
Pocklea Cole
Pocklea Connie
OPEN FTW Tweedshot Mango
FTCh Tweedshot Maximus of Blackharn
Tweedshot Masai
Tweedshot Melody
Tweedshot Mercury
Tweedshot Milo
Tweedshot Misteque
Tweedshot Mosquito
Tweedshot Musto
Be Naya Arlet Star
Be Harley Arlet Star
Be Lamborghini Arlet Star
Be Shadow Arlet Star
Be Butterfly Arlet Star
Be Zoro's Arlet Star
Be Pink Arlet Star
DK FTCH DK TM Jobeshill Olof
FTCh Jobeshill Lotta of Stauntonvale
OFTW Jobeshill Valfrid of Avonford
FTW Jobeshill Magnus
Jobeshill Magnild at Hawkslow
FTCh Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch
Jobeshill Alrik
Jobeshill Gustav of Bedgebrook
NORD JCH FTW Tasco Brimstone
Tasco Gold Swift
FT Ch Tasco Saxon
FTW Collaroybanks Willow
Collaroybanks Holly
Collaroybank Cedar
Collaroybank Guelder Rose
Collaroybank Oak
Collaroybanks Hazel
CZ FTCh Woodquarter Gundogs' Alabama
Woodquarter Gundogs' Angus
Woodquarter Gundogs' Anik
Woodquarter Gundogs' Ace
Woodquarter Gundogs' Akeera
Woodquarter Gundogs' Avalanche
Leadhills Hunting Amun
Leadhills Hunting Arkas
Leadhills Hunting Augustin
Leadhills Hunting Amelot
Leadhills Hunting Artus
Leadhills Hunting Alina
Leadhills Hunting Armida
Leadhills Hunting Always Joy
Leadhills Hunting Aella
Cleo von der Steinmauer
FTW Clark von der Steinmauer
Carlos von der Steinmauer
Calle von der Steinmauer
Carlson von der Steinmauer
Curley von der Steinmauer
Cathy von der Steinmauer

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